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Darth Mingus

Hasegawa SV-262 HS DRAKEN III

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6 hours ago, KOG Water Dragon said:

So Hasegawa has 3 variations of the SV-262 released/announced, but only two VF-31s so far. Kinda odd? I guess?

Still, given that it is Hasegawa, I have confidence that they will do a full series of VF-31s in time. Including the VF-31E which Bandai for some reason seems to have decided to skip.

And seeing so many versions of the SV-252, and Hasegawa's past releases of the SV-51, it seems all the more strange that they skipped the VF-27 entirely. Model companies can be inscrutable...

Yupp... forecasting Hasegawa's future releases is like walking into uncharted territory. I'm wild-guessing they put the VF-31 and Sv-262 in the middle of the path as an attempt to keep up with the latest TV Series. Logical next steps might be (have been) YF-25 Prophecy, VF-25A 'Canon Fodder Messiah', Armor-packed VF-25F/S, Tornado-packed VF-25F/G... all these squeezing every penny out of the existing VF-25 molds.

However, I do reckon Hase has stepped up on the frequency of issuing new models.... my wallet feels it that way at least. 

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In stock now at HLJ. Box art looks awesome as usual !!. Lil' Drakens are an interesting subject.... wonder if Hasegawa will ever issue Frontier's QF-4000 series UCAVs


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