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Osato Summer Catalog

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Osato (aka Ohsato) was arguably the most prolific purveyor of Macross oddities during the SDFM era....they made epic use of their Macross license to sell everything from collectible cards to inflatable rubber boats!

For the 30+ years I have been collecting Macross, acquiring the various catalogs from the many producers of Macross merchandise has always been one of my most difficult and rewarding collectible hunts.

I have been lucky to find catalogs from Takatoku, Bandai and Yamato.....however, the most elusive so far has been finding a copy of an Osato Catalog.

I always knew there had to be one...if not several of them. Surely a company known to produce at least 4 different types (and counting!) of styrofoam Macross gliders had to have produced a catalog to facilitate the wholesale ordering of such "fine toys"!!

Well, the search is finally over....or at minimum, the proof of the existence of an Osato catalog is finally available!.....

Behold! The Osato Summer Catalog!!! Let the Summer of Macross begin!! B))







And if you find yourself oddly compelled to see pics of the actual fun pool products showcased in this catalog.....

....we have a thread for that!


The search for the Spring, Fall, and Winter (?) Osato catalogs is in full effect! ^_^

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