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F/A-18 CAG colours for Valks

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those are some pretty Rhinos...

I have Hase's 1/72 Black Lions Rhino-F, and it's such a pretty scheme...

I think most of these would be gorgeous on a VF-4.

I'm particularly enamored with the Vigilantes, and of course the World Famous Golden Dragons

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I have a VF-4 I'm stuck on as you cant get the 1/72 Black Lions scheme decals any more so its about to become the VFA-41 2015 scheme instead.


I wanted to make it like this image and started with the base colours but the decals are unobtainium!


What I wanted but you cant get it anymore, nice decals too!


So while I keep searching for those decals... this arrived today


So I'm stealing the decals from it for the VF-4


... this turned up today too...


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Brilliant! Just bought 2 sets! Need two to be able to piece together the chin stripe with the yellow stars to allow the US emblem to be cut out and tossed.


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They dont have the VFA-312 Black Lions sets anymore.

Jasmine did the best set but as we know they dont make second runs of anything (think the awesome VF1 photoetch sets), Twobobs made the second best set and they also dont have those ones anymore and finally Fightertown made a set but they have stopped all their 1/72 sets and only focus on 1/48 now.

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