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One thing I haven't found on this forum (maybe my search fu is weak) is information about good sources in the U.S. for the paint and tools, especially Japanese brands, that a lot of members use to build their Macross models. As I get back into this hobby, I've been searching for U.S. dealers to buy my supplies from and thought I would share what I've found so far.

Obviously Amazon and eBay are good sources for many Japanese products, and I've bought a bunch of Hasegawa kits from both sites. Paint such as Tamiya and Mr. Color is another matter - you can get them from those sites, but I prefer dealers that have a large selection so I can get them all from one source. There's a hobby shop in Fairfax, VA called Hobby Works, which I believe is a local chain, and they offer general hobby products, including Japanese paints. However, they are out of stock of about 3/4 of their colors, so I went looking for another source online.

I found a shop called Red Frog Hobbies in New York that has a pretty good website with lots of paint and tool brands listed, including Tamiya, Mr. Color, Alclad, Testors, and Vallejo:


They have a decent number of tools, and some model kits, although not everything you might be looking for in one place. I ended up ordering 30 different Mr. Color paints and clear coats (33 bottles for $2.99 ea) and 2 bottles of Alclad ($7.59 ea), with $9.95 shipping down to DC. The prices were better than my local shop, the selection was much better, and I thought shipping was very reasonable. The Mr. Color paints arrived in 6 packs as shown in the attached photo - I'm guessing that's how they're shipped from Japan, and the store just repackaged my order in those boxes.

EDIT (Mar 2, 2016): I just received an order of more Mr. Color paints, including some Mr. Base White and Mark Setter, from HobbyWave in Blaine, Washington. Shipping time was a little slow (ordered on Feb 21 and received on Mar 2), but their prices were good ($2.99 per bottle and $12 flat shipping rate for 13 bottles). Here's their modeling supply page:


Some colors, like Mr. Color Tire Black, seem to be out of stock everywhere. I ended up ordering that one off eBay from some place in Hong Kong. Hopefully it's legit...

Just thought I'd share a couple U.S. sources for modeling supplies that I was satisfied with. I'll continue to add to this list in case the info is useful to others. Any other good recommendations out there?



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Look up Piper Hobbies in Chantilly, just off Metrotech Drive. Tamiya and Mr. X products are always in stock.

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I went out to Piper Hobbies in Chantilly two weekends ago. It's a nice general hobby shop, but they unfortunately don't seem to have any sci-fi models and don't carry Mr. Color paints. They do have Tamiya and some Alclad, plus Vallejo and other U.S./European paint brands. They told me that Mr. Color paints are getting difficult to order in the U.S., so they don't carry them.

I received a paint order with HobbyWave - added the info in the original post.

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