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Macross mod for Homeworld Remastered

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On 2/7/2020 at 1:30 PM, Lestat said:

At the risk of reintroducing myself and becoming invested in Macross again, I'm Ben, aka Lestat, original creator of the DYRL mod for HW1. I was ordering some Macross models from Japan and just happened to jump on here and see my old account still worked and that the team tried to get in touch a while back. Impressive job guys!

1. Fantastic job guys, you got so much further (and more ambitious) than the original team ever did! Looks fantastic!

2. I find your lack of meltrans disturbing

3. Ghost-series needs some more love too...

4. What are the poly counts on these warlocks? Ideal budget?

5. Are the export tools from maya? Otherwise, what format?

6. Does the new HW use normal maps?

7. I'm a busy man making spaceships all day long. :D No promises.

Lestat has been my brother in arms since the original mod. Back in the day when I thought I could be a texture artist.  I've always stayed true to a finished complete Macross Mod. Cooper Has stayed the course even though I mentioned it's going to be hard. I'm glad you've come back  to Macross fold, maybe we can bring some of the old boys back in time. 

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I'd be interested in a non-Steam version too. Got the GoG version of the game cheap, didn't know the Steam version even used the workshop. (Granted, I'm not sure if I'd install it right away, as I've just gotten started with the base game. I did download a DYRL mod and the 1.35 patch for it, but haven't tested them out yet either.)

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21 hours ago, redfox1524 said:

Any one who dose not have the base its on sale on steam for like $7.

@ShiftZero When might we see the DYRL ARMD in game?

Thanks!  Got it just now.  Really looking forward to playing it.

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Posted (edited)

Just going through my Steam collection and remembered I bought the remastered versions a while back, then saw that this was available and google pointed the no.1 search to here.


Looks like I might be doing a bit of Macross game play later..................................


Except Steam wont let me install the mod, it just says I need to subscribe to download.  did that !! now wheres my Macross fix darn you..



Added another mod and ... there it is all installed and waiting PC / Steam oddness

Edited by big F

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