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DX Chogokin YF-29 (Alto) Durandal Valkyrie - Reissue

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Just now, Sanity is Optional said:

You need to select a domestic address to add it to your cart.

Gotta love Tenso.  Thank you sir.  I landed mine that way and landed Okini Land earlier.

Looks like AJ is Sold Out now indeed though.

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It blipped back up on AmiAmi about 15 minutes in. Managed to shepherd it through to checkout over the next 30 minutes. I swear they are running their webserver off a Raspberry Pi 1st edition. (just got email confo)

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2 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

I think I got one at AmiAmi.  Waiting on confirmation email :huh:

I think so too. after literally 40 mins of waiting for the pages to load I could check out

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Just now, jenius said:

Yeah, NY will eventually do us the favor of letting us skip the scalper and go straight to the scalper.... for a package you'll get some day.

You've summoned Slave IV lol

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