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1/60 Custom Hanger Diorama - One-of-a-kind Display

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FOR SALE: Custom Hanger Display that has no rival - 1/60 / 1/100 - Lights, Camera - ACTION

Fully painted and weathered - comes with opening hanger doors and working boom claws.

Observation deck area with control panels lights up - as well as assorted lights throughout.

Breathtaking in person.

$1,199 PRICE REDUCED - $799 - INCLUDES ALL 1/60 Figures & Vehicles - ON eBAY

(unless you want to pay $150 shipping and assume all responsibility for anything broken in transit)

I might be able to drive part way - PM me if interested...





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I was debating that.

How about YES, but tack on another $99 for all the vehicles. Lift Truck, Jeep, Gun Pod Loader, Fuel Trailer and Cola Machine.

There is a 5 man flight crew as well not shown in these pics, plus 2 drivers, Minmay Saluting, Hick wrapped up for Tuna Fetching and a few more . . .



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HANGER MEASURES 30.5 x 12 x 12

Shown here is what you get with the purchase of this one-of-a-kind display.

Not only are these items rare - but they are painted, weathered and customized.


Lift / Boom Truck - added glass, removable driver area, working boom with metal pistons

Jeep - Added glass, driver included

Working Forklift

Working Maintenance Platform - 2 Raising / Lowering Platforms, Macross Kite emblem added (not seen in photo)

TUG - Comes with Gun Pod Loader, Fuel Trailer, and VF-1 Landing Gear Pull, Driver (steering wheel would need to be removed and driver mounted - then SW replaced ( tight fit ))

Fire Hose Cart

Ammo Cart


Lubricant / Maintenance Pack - Features one coiled hose and one extendable hose

Various Tool Kits and Pouches

Tire Stack

Fuel Canisters

2 Command Chairs for Observation Deck

Petit Cola Machine


Global, Misa, Claudia, Sammy, Exedore, Mars Misa, Sammy, Minmay, Wrapped Hikaru, Roy, FanRacer Hikaru, Jason, Minmay, 2 VF-1 Green Suited Pilots, Green Female Junior Officer, 6 Man Flight Crew, Workman Carrying Supplies

NOTE - if you do not want these accessories but a lower price on Hanger - PM me

NOTE - I will drive and deliver Hanger and Full Accessory Set within 3 hours of Cleveland for $50 additional - PM me

NOTE - Airfield BASE shown in photo is for sale (never used) - 16 x 2 - $29.99 + $9.99 SHIPPING


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