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Need help with 1/100 Scale Missile Phalanx

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I'm totally a noob on this, but willing to learn and improve! :ph34r: I started to purchase Macross toys around half year a go most-likely all the 1/100 (I don't have much money for the other models -_- )

Here is my question, I need to know where to get the paint and also the tools to paint them (such a brush and pistol paint sizes types :wacko: etc) can someone please refer me a web site where to purchase them or a link or any source of information related to the paint job on these models. (because :p i don't even know what levels of red blue etc should i use)

I also have 2 1/100 Scale Attack Tomahawk and 1 and 1 1/100 Tactical Pod Glug besides the Macross Armored Factory.

I really want to do a good job on them and will post the progress here.

Thank You in advance.

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