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1:1 SDF-1 MACROSS in Minecraft PS4 (kind of...)

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Well, the point is you could do whatever you wanted on the Playstation and then share your work with everyone else - who can then run it on a server. Also, PC users can do large, tedious editing work quickly for you and give it back so you wouldn't have to muck around with large-scale excavation, etc.

There's GOT to be a way. It's the same game - the format has to be close.

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Okay, as promised... here are some new pics.
Haven't spent a whole lot of time working on the exterior. Instead, been farting around with some interior of the ARMD mostly, to get a feel for what it is going to be like when I actually start to fill this thing in. Made sort of a makeshift elevator to the runway. Even though DYRL never showed the runway being used, I thought it would be cool to have one.
Other than that, began construction on the port-side leg. Trying to build the ARMD and the leg at the same time so one doesn't get overly big and throw off the scale of the other. Still, I wish it was easier to build a 1:1 scale. I can tell already that if I were to build the stadium that Minmay sings from in the beginning, it would span pretty much the full width of the leg, and then some. I'll have to shrink it down considerably to fit it in here. Not to mention that there is supposed to be a (freeway?) alongside that. AND, open space over towards where the large monitors are... Oh well. I'll cross that bridge when I get a little more of the leg completed.
Comments are welcome!

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193337

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193402

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193436

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193459

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193557

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193619

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193707

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193729

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193813

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193833

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193905

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201193924

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194015

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194042

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194130

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194338

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194503

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194613

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194637

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194705

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194729

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194816

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194838

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194913

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201194936

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201195045

Minecraft  PlayStation®4 Edition 20160201195157

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So, I haven't given up yet...but I haven't exactly been hard at work either. I continued to plug away, until I realized there was a cap on the amount of picture frames you could set. This disheartened me, as I was going to rely on picture frames pretty heavily for headlights, taillights, decoration, and, well, pictures...lol.

Anyway, I didn't touch it for awhile, and have resigned myself to the fact that I'll just have to make do. I've jumped back and forth from the ARMD-01, and laying out the amphitheater, and a freeway system. Also more mining, although sadly, it doesn't show much...

Again, if you know anyone with a ps4, that might be interested in helping, please spread the word. I will continue to build on it, but at this rate, it might take several years.

Anyways, I'll post some more pics soon

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Okay, well I really dropped the ball there... Soon? Not quite...lol. Anyways, many apologies, but the holidays seemed to get in the way, along with work, and life, and everything. Truth be told, I really hadn't messed with it much for awhile, but have started to get back into it as of late. In fact, these aren't even up-to-date, but they're close enough. The only major differences are that the road inside the leg has moved, I've made the cut-outs for the observation windows on the leg, along with a ladder system inside to help me determine how many levels I can have inside the leg. Pretty depressing really, as from the level of the observation window to the same level as the "highway," there will only be room for 9 stories. This thing is way too small! And still, it is way too big! lol

Anyways, I'm working on some kind of video footage. I look at some of the random stills, and I can see where if you don't have a bit of imagination, they just appear as random blocks. I'm afraid that's what much of the city will look like to someone who has no idea what they're looking at. As in the interior of the ARMD-1. I'm using some lineart, and some pics from the movie, but still, just kinda placing it where I think it would be convenient. For instance, I'm trying to have a mechanical/engineering deck below, with missiles, armor, and other such ordinance. From there, you'll have elevators which will bring equipment to the main deck where all the Valkyries will be stored. One of these elevators will also go straight to the top by the command tower for, perhaps Armored Valkyrie launch or something. I dunno, its still a work-in-progress.

Well, let me know what you think?

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192153.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192208.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192334.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192347.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192430.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192443.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192524.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192538.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192622.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192654.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192744.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192809.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192854.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209192942.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209193022.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209193051.jpg

Minecraft_ PlayStation®4 Edition_20170209193137.jpg

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Time? Yeah... at the rate I'm going it's gonna take 5-6 years to finish. I keep getting invested in other things. I imagine if I went fast and hard at it, I could finish in a year, taking into account work, chores, whatnot. Im afraid as cool as the idea seemed at first, I just don't have the drive I had when I started. Mostly, I guess I was hoping to find more people with a ps4 that were willing to help. To date, I've found only ONE. However, this person too is attempting the exact same thing. I'm quite a bit further along, but each of us want the other to help, without actually being willing to sacrifice the time to help, and instead wanting help...lol. 

Yeah, I imagine one o these days I'll finish. Gonna be some time though. I'll try to post some pics before the new year to show some of the things I've done. It ain't much though... sadly. 

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Funny...i joined my kids, then started this, and proceeded to scare them right the heck off...lol.

Pics soon. Took some, just gotta transfer to my computer and post. Video too perhaps. Wanted to make one with some music, but afraid of copyright issues. Probably just make a silent video. We'll see...

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