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Chrome and Macross World

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This one is confusing.

When I use Chrome to browse Macross World, periods do not render correctly after I reply to a post or create a new topic. I can type them, and they exist, but Chrome will not display them using the default font settings. I have to actually change to a specific font using the GUI drop-down menu (Arial, for example, but they all work), and then the dots appear as expected.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is it a configuration or font issue on my end? It does not appear to affect other browsers. As a test, I brought up the forums using IE, and took a screenshot of one of my posts. The results are below:

Here is the Chrome version. The spaces for the punctuation are there, but the periods are gone:


This is the same post but rendered correctly using IE:


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This was an issue on my end.

I checked a more up-to-date Chrome installation on another computer, and all punctuation is rendering correctly just like in the second IE example. The moral of the story is that I need to make sure that my browser is getting its automatic updates.

Apologies for the extra communication static in the feedback area.

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