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Cleaning out my closet: Rare models, toys, and games on EBAY now

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Hey guys,

I'm selling everything in the photos here currently on ebay.

Some good, rare stuff in the mix :)

Here's the link:


All auctions have no reserve. If you live in Southern California I'd be happy to arrange a pick up.

I have a good record on ebay with no negative feedback. Almost everything is in awesome condition, feel free to ask me ANYTHING if you have questions.

Hope you see something you like here.

Happy bidding~

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48 hours left in these auctions

come on guys i need more for the vf-4!

Problem is, I just noticed a few mistakes in your listing: the Repptu VF-4 is soft vinyl, not resin cast, and both Musashiya and Club M have released resin kits of this in the same scale.

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duly noted, i wish i had known earlier. sorry if this affected anyone it doesnt say vinyl anywhere on the box, at least in english... but still a rare item you wish you had :D. good luck finding the club m and musasahiya kits anyway hah

auction ends tonight everyone

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