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All items include instruction manuals and paperwork. There is box wear, so don't buy if you want perfect boxes, All prices include shipping, CON US only. I accept Paypal gift or add 4%, thanks for looking.

For Sale:

Bandai 1/60 VF-25F with tornado parts gift set. Displayed for about a month then put back into box. *****has cracked left shoulder but not yet broken**** I originally bought it from a member here. as a bonus i'm including the super weapon parts free of charge. ----SOLD----

Bandai 1/60 VF-25G with tornado parts gift set. Displayed for about a month then put this back in box. has no cracked shoulders. I am the original owner bought it new. Never transformed, only far enough to check shoulders. ----SOLD----

Bandai 1/60 VF-27 Brea Sterne. Displayed for years, only transformed once to battroid then back to fighter. Has loose hips but it can be fixed by tightening the screws behind the upper legs. --SOLD--

Yamato 1/60 YF-19 V.1 first release. This the first release that had the crooked gunpod in fighter mode, and landing gear that didn't extend correctly. Never transformed, been sitting in fighter mode since i had it, there are stickers applied(from another sticker sheet) but you will be receiving the original unused sticker sheet from this YF-19. ----SOLD----











pic of yf-19 you will be receiving currently being packed into box.

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