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Here is some stuff I have for sale. Prices are shipped by Fed Ex Ground/Home within the US. I'll ship worldwide if you are willing to pay the postage. Paypal fees if any are extra. Pictures are attached. I'm on the straight shooters list.


Bandai YF-25 Prophecy MISB sold

Variable Fighter Master File book

SDF-1 Macross VF-1 Squadrons

Asking $50 shipped


Virgin Road VF-1D Sold


Box is near mint and the valkyrie was only removed to confirm the contents. Stickers and instructions are still attached to the back of the package. Asking $290 shipped.


Nendoroid Ranka and Sheryl

Both figs are MISB. Asking $80 shipped.


Nendoroid Petite set of 7

The boxes were opened to verify contents but the individual figs are still sealed in their baggies. As pictured the set includes Sara, Sheryl, Sharon, Ranka, Minmay, Mylene, and (not pictured) Ishtar. Asking $60 shipped for the set.



MP-12G G2 Sideswipe (not pictured)

MISB Asking $70 shipped

MP-16 - Frenzy & Buzzsaw

They are MISB. Asking $55 shipped.

MP-19 - Smokescreen sold

Streak sold


Other Figures

D-Arts Pokemon Mewtwo (2nd release)

MISB $55 shipped

figma Dark Pit

MIB it was opened to verify the contenets $55 shipped

Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid Sneaking Suit Snake

His holster came unattached but can be plugged back in and displays fine $65 shipped



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