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Got this crazy idea to hold a BBQ for members in Tokyo?

I can book a BBQ area next to Inokashira Park for FREE at around the Sakura Blossoming time, car parking included.

Just need the numbers, meat I can get from TheMeatGuy in Nagoya or Hanamasa they also do overseas meats, etc

Any takers, might have some surprise visitors too but again depends.

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Date is open so far but around that time, booking is open to all residents so date needs to be fixed.

Alternate venue(no booking) would be Musashino Chuo Koen. BBQ area below the trees.

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Sounds good, and Inokashira or Musashino park would be within cycling distance for me.

However the end of March will be quite a busy period so I am unsure if I can commit to this right now.

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So far too little interest for it. Sorry, maybe we can meet up somewhere.

In Osaka this weekend with my GF, had to postpone my trip to Sano because of it.

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