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VK's Closet Cleaning Sale

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My wedding anniversary is in a few weeks and I'm selling some of my stuff to get my wife something nice. Please take a look if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Shipping is not included but I have been known to wheel and deal.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Voyager Class
Soundwave w/ laserbeak, ratbat, ravage, rumble All lose but complete. $25
Soundwave w/ Laserbeak MISB $25
Soundblaster w/ buzzsaw misb $25
Tape Sets
ratbat/ Frenzy $15 mosc x2
ravage / rumble $15 mosc x2

TF: war for Cybertron
Bumblebee complete loose $10
Shockwave Complete loose $10

Bruticus all 5 MOSC $55
Amazon g2 Bruticus MISB $55

Classics/Chug/Universe 2.0

Warpath MOSC $15
Perceptor Loose complete $10
Prowl no weapon $10

TF Prime
Prime Complet w/ box $15
starscream 1st issue loose complete $10
vehicon loose complete $10
cliffjumper complete $10
wheeljack mosc Sold to Dyno
knockout mosc Sold to Dyno
dreadwing loose complete $15
Prime 1st edition Arcee MOSC $15
Prime Terracon Cliffjumper MOSC (card has damage on one end) $20

Prime Japanese
AM Darkness Megatron MISB $50
AM Dreadwing MISB $35
Am Jet Vehicon MIB Sold to Dyno
AM Vehicon MIB $35

Mask Jackhammer complete minus pilots mask, toy still works good stickers and chrome $20

Will post more as I unearth it. Payment is paypal only unless specified, Add 4% unless sending as a personal gift. I do quote exact shipping based on box dimensions and weight for your choice of shipping service. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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