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May'n - The Galactic Fairy

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C3+AFASG 2017 with May’n – 24th to 26th November 2017


This year, the Premier Anime Event on this side of Asia,  Anime Festival Asia had partnered with another popular Anime related event C3 (Chara Expo), combining the 2 popular events into one, making it into one big enjoyable event. This is the 10th year May’n has been making her appearances at AFA events (since 2008 and one of the Original AFA artist) and we managed to get an interview with her (with various other media groups) and attended her other public appearances during the festival.


Interview with May’n

Q          : Recently you have a collaboration with Wake Up Girls! for the song ‘One In A Billion’, which was the OP song for ‘Isekai Shokudou’. How did this collaboration came about and how do you feel performing with them?

May’n  : I was a fan of Wake Up Girls! When I saw their performance, I was thinking, they look so cute and cool and was hoping I could one day perform  with them. Then one day, I got an invitation from them and that’s how this collaboration came about.


Q         : You’ve recently released your new album ‘Peace of Smile’, what sort of messages have your put into this album?

May’n : The key word is Smile – to have fun. It has been 10 years, so Instead of producing something that is cool and so on, I wanted to produce   something that everyone can listen to everyday and that can excite and motivate everyone. Usually when we do recording, we have the head set and the mic infront of you. But I really like performing LIVE and in concerts and so we recreated that same environment when we recorded this album.


Q          : How do you feel coming back to Singapore?

May’n : Every year I’m back in Singapore and it has become like a second home to me. So much so that it feels like ‘Taidama!’ – which roughly translate to 'I'm Home!!'


Q         : Another new thing you’re trying is ACTING in – FANTASIA – Princess Kaguya, can you tell us about this venture? Did you get to sing in the production?

May’n : I like musical, so every now and then I would go and watch them. So when the opportunity came, it was like fulfilling another one of my dreams. It  was an eye opening experience for me and will incorporate some of it into my future performances. FANTASIA incorporated dance and electro music, though it looked like a modern poduction, but if you look into the Kanji characters, some of them are no longer used today. So it’s a fusion of traditional and modern elements. And YES, I got to sing in it.


Q       : In the ending part of the tale of Princess Kaguya, she returned to the Moon. So how was it depicted in the play? Did they have wires that they can lift you up to depict your character flying off?

May’n : They had a big picture of the Moon as the backdrop and I slowly walked towards it. As Princess Kaguya, she was hesitant to return to the Moon,  but at the same time she cannot stay on the Earth. So while I was walking, I have to show what my character was feeling hesitant and kept looking back.


Q         : As you are approaching ‘ARASA’ (30 years old), other than acting, do you have other goals that you would like to achieve?

May’n : In Japan, the number 30 is not a very positive figure, but when I was young I always wanted to be an adult. Now that I’m 28, I feel I’m more   mature. There is nothing for the time being that I feel like I would like to achieve before reaching the age of 30, but I do look forward to the new things or challenges that I will face when I reach 30.


Q         : How do you feel about the current Macross franchise which feaured Walkure?

May’n : It’s very amazing with what they’re doing which is singing and dancing. It was very hard for me. When I was doing Macross Frontier, most of the      time we (Megumi Nakajima) were doing solos. Now, they’re Seiyuus and singers, and they’re dancing in a group and I enjoyed watching them when I have the time.


Q         : What made you decide to change your stage name to May’n instead of using your real name?

May’n : When I first debut, I used my real name (Mei Nakabayashi). I was struggling to think what to do with my career when Macross Frontier came      around. So it was like a new chapter in my life, a new challenge and opportunity and I decided to change my stage name to May’n. When I first changed my name, I didn’t expect to perform overseas and now looking back, I am glad that I did as May’n was much easier to remember.


Q         : How was your experience collaborating with Wake Up Girls!

May’n : The age of all the members of Wake Up Girls! are a little bit different, they are all still younger than me. When I was collaborating with them, I    noticed they have the strong will to improve and even when they have a little bit of free time, they would still practice to improve themselves. So, it was an experience to see their strong wills and motivation to collaborate with me.


Q         : Among all the tracks of your new album, are there any outstanding tracks?

May’n : Hmmm…one of the songs on the Album - ‘Kimi to no Kyou, Watashino Koi’ (My voice with you today) featured in Aquarion Logos was a sentimental  and motivational song for me as I wrote it before I went for surgery. There was a lot of worrying, anxiousness and scared…of course. So this song was like, marking a revival and motivating me to go forward after my surgery.


 Q         : Sheryl Nome got a new song – Gorgeous as part of macros 35th Anniversary Celebration. How do you feel about this?

May’n : When this new song came about after 10 years and everyone was so excited not just in Japan, I’ve got people messaging to congratulate me. So I  was really amaze and happy that so many people still remembered Sheryl Nome.


Q         : Since you are active worldwide and have many fans overseas, do you have anything to recommend to your fans in terms of Japanese culture or  tourist spots?

May’n : Hmmm….as an Ambassador of Taiyaki, if you all have the opportunity to come to Japan, please try Taiyaki and try the stall at Azabujian, which  has a 100 years of history  and you can see it making it infront of you.


With that, the interview drew to an end but her public appearance has just began.


Isekai Shokudou themed Food Stalls

This year, some of the food stalls at the event has a theme – Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World). The participating stalls has one or more posters displayed on their wall and some items on their menu mimic those in the Anime. At around 1.45pm May’n appeared with some ushers and video cameramen just before the food stalls. They walked down to the crowded food stalls to introduce the food sold there, surprising the stall owners and the public alike. After completed her walk, she went over to Aniplus (who is streaming the Anime) signed on the poster and went over to TV Tokyo’s booth to sample the food in front of the vid-cam. Once completed, she signed on the poster also before retiring back stage to prepare for her next public appearance. Fans flocked to these two booths to take photos of her signature. Incidentally, Isekai Shokudou’s OP was done by May’n and Wake Up Girls! while the ED was done by Kiyono Yasuno (Kaname Bucaneer of Macross Delta, she also voiced one of the characters in the Anime)

Stage Appearances

At 4.00pm May’n made an appearance at the main stage – introduction to the performers that will perform at the Anisong Concert tonight, which include Luce Twinkle Wink (girl group), Frip Side, Egoist Exhibition and Mashiro Ayano. At 4.50pm May’n came over to the Akiba Super Stage and performed LION, much to delight of all those who were there. Unfortunately, though it is a free performance, no photography and video recording was allowed. A friend whom I met in October was at the Creator’s Hub (quite some distance away), she heard May’n singing and practically ran like hell, zipped passed us and squeezed into any space she can find just to see her perform.

Anisong Concert

Setup took ahwhile, but not as long as Frip Side’s. Once the music started playing, those with their tired feet immediately stood up. May’n has brought with her 2 dancers and a four piece band. The concert started off with a crowd favorite – Vivid (OP from Blood Lad). The concert floor came alive and started vibrating from the fans jumping in unison. However, there was something amiss with the sound system – can’t quite pinpoint it but it’s like a feedback loop.

Next up was something we always wondered - whether there’s a May’n only version of ‘One In A Billion’. And that night the Galactic Fairy answered our question. Just as in the MV version she danced gracefully.

A short break and May’n informed that the next song is a very precious to her. Just as the music began to play, anyone whom recognized her from her Macross Frontier days would know this song – Diamond Crevasse! Some fans sang with her, while others listened intently. Once she finished, a big round of applause can be heard. May’n gave us a long humble bow! I think many of us in the audience were taken by surprise as we have elevated her to some goddess status and for her to do something like this, we certainly felt a little more humbled by the experience.

Song no. 6 was something I have not heard for some time now, but remained one of her fan’s favorite as well as ours – Northern Cross! It sure brought back fond memories of Macross Frontier and Sheryl Nome! Judging from the reaction of the fans, we were not alone.

Once she finished the 7th song – Taboo Tattoo, she informed that the next song will be the last song. The crowd moaned as the time with her felt really short. May’n decided to sing the lead song from her lastest album Peace of Smile - ‘Shine A Light’. We really hoped that she would sing for us and just then our wish came true! The stage was beautifully lit with the colors of the rainbow. The sound improved and the crowd was really happy with the presentation. She gave us another long humble bow as the applause and cheers continued. Once it died down, May’n called her dancers and her band members to the front of the stage. She gave a quick intro and when it came to vocal, she shouted her name ‘May’n!’ and the crowd responded in kind. With a big smile, she held hands with her band members and dancers and they formed a straight line. The stage camera zoomed in to her face as she was preparing for the final act. Just as always, the crowd got excited and you can see her surprised smiling face. She then gestured to the crowd to be silent. May’n shouted at the top of her voice ‘ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA!’ without the mic and they then bowed in unison and raised their arms high into the air, and the crowd loved it! With that, the concert drew to an end as well as C3+AFASG 2017.

Hope to see everyone here again, because next year is AFA’s 10th Anniversary!

Song List

1. Vivid

2. One in A Billion – May’n ver. (OP for Isekai Shokudou)

3. Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokorozuyosa to (Ultra Street Fighter 2)

4. Diamond Crevasse

5. ? A song from her New Album – Peace of Smile

6. Northern Cross

7. Taboo Tattoo

8. Shine A Light (Lead song from the ‘Peace of Smile’ Album)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank May’n, SOZO Pte Ltd and members of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd for arranging the media passes and the interviews.


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Wishing May'n and Everyone here a 'Happy New Year 2018' - and more great stuff from May'n!


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Posted (edited)

The 2nd OP of Mahoutsukai no Yume (The Acient Magus's Bride) - You


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3 hours ago, VF25-F said:

The 2nd OP of Mahoutsukai no Yume (The Acient Magus's Bride) - You


I just heard this while watching Magus Bride today. Keep going May'n!! 

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New song by May'n & Megumi featured at Tokyo Skytree - GOOD JOB! & AR card from Macross UTA!


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With the recent unexpected snow fall in the Tokyo region, some have taken the opportunity to make unusual things....


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Saw those headphones on her Twitter feed. Unfortunately 1) they're white and 2) they're on-ear headphones. On-ear headphones hurt after a while, I really don't like them.

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