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Where are they now? Spiritia Paradise

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When Gepernitch, Gavil, Glavil, and Sivil accepted music as the path to spiritia paradise rather than farming humans like cattle, they flew off into the glaaxy and vanished with a twinkle... but what next?

They formed a rock and roll band of course.

Here's Gepernitch's FZ-109 Kai SES valkyrie. You've even seen it before, if you've looked through Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works, but it never had anything but a battroid mode...




Why does an SES unit have real weapons? Because the only thing more metal than a giant robot, is a giant robot with flamethrowers, obviously. The head tips back like the original VF-14 while the spike rotates forward, and the SES speaker "ears" rotate 90 degrees or so to the battroid position shown. The domes on the arms and legs are probably smoke nozzles, 'cause a big cloud of fog is classic metal stagecraft, too.

B&W line art:

post-14864-0-77360600-1347413751_thumb.png post-14864-0-94381600-1347413763_thumb.png post-14864-0-03543100-1347413780_thumb.png





- dNN, cacking madly as he ducks and runs away

(Yes, March, you can host this art too if you want it for your fanart section, and/or linked from the page with the official battroid image)

(edit 9-12 to fix mysteriously vanishing line breaks and replace color fighter form with a fixed one)

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Indeed. Glavil does not spontaneously combust, but mysteriously enough any drummer they try to replace him with so they can play indoor venues does. Having him tapping his feet in time provides the 'seismic beat' Spiritia Paradise is so famous for anyway... and he inexplicably gets more groupies than the rest of the band combined, some full-blooded human who get themselves macronized just to be closer in scale...

As for colors, do remember that Gepernitch is a giant starfish and his medium is a woman. A bit of confusion over this hwole "gender roles" thing humans make such a fetish over is therefore understandable... I figured purples/roses were his favorite anyway, given all the canon Varauta mecha paints.

I think I want to make a couple changes (wing LE rose, connecting fusilage sripes white, yellow streaks at rear white) and fix a couple oopsies (visible feet should be rose, triangle at bottom near lower leg supposed to be rose too) on the colorized fighter though.

ETA: And now I've done so, and created a couple variations as well:


The darker colors version I mentioned before, and since that's close enough to Miria's, a Max Colors version!


Good ol' Maxed-Out Max, he flies EVEYTHING!

- dNN

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One more post, to bring you Lord Gepernitch's (as possessing whatshername, in an outfit designed to look as masculine as he ever does) stage costume. Since his fully awakened form uses massive amounts of spiritia to stay active, he usually reamains as the possing entity seen for most of M7 - which (Protoculture researcher whose name I can't remember) is surprisingly okay with, now that he's accepted humans as equals rather than cattle. She's in constant contact with one of the few possible primary sources on the Protoculture, gets to write her scholarly papers about it during downtime, and indulges the secret ambition from her college days to be a rock star the rest of the time. It's a win-win-win-OH-GOD-YES-WIN situation for her, and I don't ask what the last "win" is about because it's between her and Lord Gepernitch and I have a feeling it would be bad for my mental health.


This ... person... just screams "heavy metal" doesn't (s)he? Though Sivil handles the screaming in their act for the most part. Gavil writes the music, he's smitten with the infinite, eternal beauty of composition. Glavil still pretty much just follows the others' lead and hits stuff, and that's why he's the drummer.

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I don't think it was ever actually given a name, but all the other SES birds are called "Kai" and I had to use something. I'm still figuring out the lime green, three horned one shown to its left on both pages this one appears, that thing is badass. It's where I got the arms, hexagon shoulder plates, and barrier sword from for the original line art collage version Drachenjaeger.

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To contine the theme of cute bass players Sivil could play bass and scream. Gavil could have a pink and yellow FBZ-99 variant and occasionally shout "the beauty of synthesis!". As protodevlin i feel their music would naturally be intergalactic extreme black metal, and here's the perfect example of such music, they even have a screaming female bass player:

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No need to recolor Gavil's Zaubergeran, just build the new one with a double or triple "Spiritia spike" mount (Whatever those do...) in place of the yellow wing root missile launchers, and speakers in the lower chest ones. The twelve tubes over the shoulders can stay, just load them with smoke canisters, and put speaker pod cannons in the forearms in place of the beam guns. Give him a Mighty Wurlitzer style keyboard array in the cockpit and go.

Sivil might be LEARNING the bass, but she only sings/screams

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that we see and isn't possessing someone who could know like Gepernitch, and didn't show technical aptitude like mecha-otaku Gavil (why else would he use one, when he can and does easily survive and deal massive attacks after having it blown apart around him?) so there's no reason to think she knows how to use an instrument she's only seen used a few times.

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