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1/48 Milia VF-1J w/super parts

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This will be a long post, sorry. :)

Just to start off with---while I much prefer postal money orders, I do now accept Paypal. Asking $170 *or best offer*. Seriously, make an offer, I'm looking to sell. Now for the description:

Long story short: It is not strictly MISB, but it *is* better than new! I opened up the box, transformed it once, then went to work fixing the flaws the 1/48's tend to have, like a weak BP8 piece and the gap in the forward fuselage halves. I took it apart, tweaked all the hinges so everything transforms smoothly, made fillets of superglue inside the backpack to reinforce the infamous BP8 hinge joints, tweaked the nosegear hinge so that the fuselage no longer splits apart when the gear retracts, removed and reinstalled (in the correct position) the aux air intakes, tweaked the airbrake hinge so it closes perfectly flush, etc. But since all the work is "inside" you'd never know anything had been done My goal was to try to make everything transform "just right" so that it'd (hopefully)never break, while keeping the outside "factory fresh".

Just a bunch of little tweaks, to try to make it "perfect". It's only been transformed maybe 3 or 4 times since reassembly. Stickers etc unapplied, except for the cockpit instrument panel stickers, which were carefully trimmed to size then sealed. It's been a couple years and it hasn't peeled at all.

The only visible difference is that I painted the landing light on the forward nosegear door silver, then put a coat of clear over it for a lens. This detail is overlooked on every toy, but it's blatantly obvious in the animation and Kawamori's sketches---plus wm cheng always does it like this on all his models. (I mean, they actually mold the landing light in the door---but then they paint right over it)

I also painted the very tips of the barrels inside the gunpod muzzle in silver, to highlight the edges of the barrels just a bit. (otherwise you just see blackness).

As I said--it is not technically MIB, but it is IMHO "a better toy than when it was sealed". Those 2 spots of silver (landing light and gun barrels) are the only visible changes. Everything else is just "internal tweaks to make parts fit better, transform easier, and prevent any future breakages". I also fiddled with the gear door hinges inside so they don't jiggle around in battroid mode, etc--they stay in place. Just lots of little tweaks at pretty much every hinge the toy has.

Small missiles never removed from sprues, most large missiles never removed from tray.

And now pics:













Basically, I tried to make a "worry-free" Milia, that you don't have to worry about having any issues with. Everything is smooth yet tight---things stay in place, yet you don't have to force it to move it.

I'm of course on the good seller list here for multiple valk sales, and have 150+ flawless feedback on ebay.

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