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Forum Changes!

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Some of you may have noticed that we've been working on re-skinning the forum lately. We're happy to report that it is officially done!

Aside from the obvious banner and background color changes, we've also redone the ranking system, and updated the standard post icons.

Here's a rundown of what you'll see, and what it means:

New Forum and Thread Icons

f_unread.png - Forum with new unread posts.

f_read.png - Forum with no new unread posts.

t_unread.png - Unread post in a thread you haven't participated (posted) in.

t_unread_dot.png - Unread post in a thread you have participated (posted) in.

t_read.png - No new posts in a thread you have participated (posted) in.

t_locked.png - Locked thread.

t_moved.png - Moved thread.

Blank - No new posts in a thread you have read.

New Member Ranks

The ranks emulate the insignia found in a variety of sources, mostly from SDFM, DYRL and Plus. Incidentally, they are the same ranks we used for the old MW Nexus boards but we felt they would fit better here in a simplified format. IIRC, we found them in an artbook somewhere and cleaned them up a number of years ago.

Here's some reference info on them...


The post counts that will advance you to the next rank .... we'll let you figure that out as you post ;)

They are as follows:

Cannon Fodder - No Image

ARMD Deck Swabber - No Image

Destroid Armor Waxer (Corporal) -corporal.png

Sharon Apple Concert Attendee (Staff Sgt) - staff_sgt.png

Skull Leader's Lackey (Warrant Officer) - warrant_officer.png

Global's Pipe Holder (2nd Lieutenant) - second_lt.png

Bridge Bunny (1st Lieutenant) -first_lt.png

Pineapple Eater (Captain) - captain.png

New Edwards Test Pilot (Major) - major.png

Alaska Base Survivor (Lieutenant. Colonel) - lt_colonel.png

SMS Squadron Leader (Colonel) - colonel.png

Galactic Diva (Brigadier General) - brigadier.png

BOMBA! (Major General) - major_general.png

Super Dimension Member (Lieutenant General) - lt_general.png

Hory Froating Head (General) - general.png

The Mods and Admins have different rank images as you've probably noticed.

Mods - mods.png

Admins - administrator.png

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With new toys comes new features. Tagging threads has been expanded. At the bottom of some threads, you will notice links to other threads with similar tags as the one you are viewing. Searching has also been expanded upon thanks to thread tagging. We are hope our users will start tagging their threads and that we don't have to enforce it. Think of tags as Twitter hastags. The space below the thread title is not to be used as a topic sub-description as in previous versions of our forum software.


They can be any words about the thread subject. Here are just a fraction of samples:

  • names of cast, crew, or recurring characters (i.e., Jennifer Aniston, J.J. Abrams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lawrence, George Lucas, Sharon Apple, Darth Vader, Samuel Jackson, Minmay, Roy Focker, Basara)
  • titles of films, TV shows, comic book/manga (i.e., Macross, Macross II, Southern Cross, Transformers, Battlestar Galactica, BSG, Ranma, Star Wars, Yamato, Halo, World of Warcraft, WoW)
  • names of companies producing the topic (Yamato, Yammies, Disney, Revoltech, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Fox, Warner Bros, WB, Hasbro, Bandai, Hasagawa, HBO, Cartoon Network, CN, MBS)
  • Names of places where events are taking place (Singapore, Malaysia, Los Angeles, New Zealand)
  • subject matter relating to(i.e., VF-1 Valkyrie, VF-1, YF-21, Destroids, ponies, jets, aircraft, fighter jets, PC, Xbox, PS3, Playstation, cars, bikes, guns, music, decals, 1/48, 1/6, magazine, books, movie, TV, Chogokin, Hi-Metal, DVD, Blu-Ray)
  • Descriptions of the thread (i.e., sale, trade, customs, customizations, UK, US only, USA-only, MSIB, remakes, reboots, newbie, podcast, streaming, weird, WTH, jpegs, HELP, BOMBA, Youtube, Macross Chronicle, translations, 30th Anniversary)
This is just a sample of the many tags already in use and we hope our users will use it more.

Example format:

Jennifer Aniston,J.J. Abrams,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Macross,Macross II,Southern Cross,Transformers,Battlestar Galactica,PS3,Xbox,Xbox360,Yamato,DVD,Youtube,US-only

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