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Mercury's Word (The Online Publication of the ARMD-08 Pegasus)

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I'd like to introduce those of you who haven't been by the Fan Works section to a little side project of the Macross Aria team.

The site is Mercury's Word, at http://mercurysword.macrossaria.com and it's an in-universe news site with all the latest happenings from the world of Macross Aria. Well, by latest I mean occasional. As we make progress on Macross Aria, occasionally we will be posting new stories on Mercury's Word. The site introduces users to the world of Aria, and the happenings of the Macrossverse circa 2014, particularly on or around the newly colonized planet Eden.

We intend to add video and audio content as our assets become available, so check back every so often. Of course, I'll likely make posts when a new "issue" goes live.

Thanks everybody!

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