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Oops...didn't notice this - so anyways... here's my Macross site (although other anime and stuff are here too) :-)



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thanks, cool site!!

i just read your reviews on the first few eps of Haruhi Suzumiya series.

GEEZ, i REALLY want to give the series a shot, for at the very least nothing else

than to see my little princess Mikuru Asahina walk talk and breathe,

but every time i hear something about the series, something about it scares the s#$t out of me.

i almost picked up a copy of the season 2 complete collection at the local WORST BUY

a week back, but i ended up chickening out. well, that, and i had something else

that the $48.n'changeUSD that BB was asking had to go to, so i walked out without it.

regardless, i think i just might bite the bullet next time... :wacko:

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Thanks. I guess if you have an image of Mikuru in your mind then you are afraid of being dissapointed by the "real" Mikuru in the series... That's understandable.

I had a similar problem with Transformers: Beast Wars. First I got the toys, then I read the TMUK fanzine Beast Wars comics (drawn by Nick Roche - who a decade later would be drawing for IDW), which were a continuation of the TMUK TF: G2 comics (which itself were an unofficial continuation of Furman's TF: Generation 2 from Marvel). And the characterizations in Beast Wars there were totally different - a kind of murky "state of nature" thing...sort of like what was suggested by the original toy designs in general....

Then I watched the show many years later and it was totally different - not worse, I loved it - but totally different... and sure, there was this initial apprehension...

Although Neale Davidson's BW fanfics helped iron things out...


anyways - go watch Haruhi :-)

and thanks for checking out my web site! I really need to get down to reviewing the rest of season 2 - I've only reviewed Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody...


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