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A few of us MW'ers have gone to this, dunno if anyone else interested. Lots of customs and a couple of deals to be made.

Guest of Honor DERRICK J. WYATT at the L.A. Meet-Up on February 13th!

Hey Los Angeles!

We’re having another Transformers Meet-Up on February 13th from 2-8pm in beautiful Downtown Long Beach and we’re happy to announce that we have a very special guest joining us as our Guest of Honor!

Our Guest of Honor at the Meet-Up will be none other than… DERRICK J. WYATT!

Derrick was the Art Director, Lead Character Designer and a Color Stylist on Transformers Animated and he will be hanging out with us for our first Los Angeles Meet-Up of 2011!

We’ll have a Q&A with Derrick about anything related to Transformers Animated, which by the way is this year’s theme to Botcon, and he will also be available for autographs!

Other things to look forward to at the Meet-Up…

TOYARENA will also be there with the latest Transformers toy releases available for sale, such as Takara’s Transformers United and Masterpiece Rodimus Prime MP-09!

We will also have a STARSCREAM Exhibit on hand brought to you by our very own… MAIDEN JAPAN!

So if you live in or close to Los Angeles and you’re interested in meeting Derrick J. Wyatt, buying the latest Transformers toys, seeing the Starscream Exhibit and/or meeting local fans and collectors… PM me for more details!

I hope you can make it and see you on the 13th!

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If you guys are going this weekend, I may go out there. Is there a cover fee?

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I'd like to go, but it's in the air as of now. I probably won't find out if I'm going till friday, but looks like it should be a fun day.

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