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Shoji Kawamori Dejitarukurieita Talk "occupation of a director of

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「マクロスシリーズ」を手がけるなど独創性にあふれた作品を多数輩出してきた、あの河森正治監督と、豊富な知識と内容の濃い語りで魅了するアニメ評論家氷川竜介氏をむかえ、アニメーション監督という職業についてとことん語ります。 "Macross" has produced many works 手Gakeru full of originality and a coach that Shoji Kawamori, Ryusuke Hikawa says pick the fascination with anime critic wealth of knowledge and eventful narrative, animation director profession talk about thoroughly.

「監督になるには?」 「監督に求められるものとは?」・・・そんな疑問に応えます! "To become a coach?" "What is required to respond to those questions directed ?"···! ! !

マクロスFの制作秘話も聞けるかも! ? Macross F could also hear the untold story behind the making?

開催要領 Riyou Kaname held

開催日時 Conference time 平成22年10月10日(日)10:00~12:00 October 10, 2010 (Sun) 10:00 to 12:00 会場 Venue あわぎんホール(徳島県郷土文化会館)5階 小ホール徳島市藍場町2-14

Penguin Hall millet (Local House Tokushima), Small Hall, 5th floor Town Tokushima 藍場 2-14 講師 Lecturer ヴィジョンクリエイター株式会社サテライト 専務取締役

Executive Director Vijonkurieita Satellite Corporation

河森 正治 氏

Mr. Shoji Kawamori コーディネーター Coordinator アニメ評論家

Animation Critic

氷川 竜介 氏

Mr. Ryusuke Hikawa 定員 Capacity 150名 150 受講料 Tuition fee 一般:1,000円/1人(税込)【おつりのいらないよう、ご用意ください】

General: 1,000 yen / person (tax included) - so you do not need a fishing, please have;


Students: Free - Please bring your student card student handbook; 申込方法 How to apply 当日受付(先着順)です。

Reception desk (in order of arrival) is.


Please come directly from the venue on the day.

午前8時から、会場前(国道沿い北側玄関) にて、入場整理券(兼「受付票」) を先着順で配布します。

8:00 am, the venue (Seki Gen highway north) at the admission ticket, (and vote "reception") will be distributed in a first-come basis.


The reception entrance, from 9:00 am to start a small hole in front of Hall 5 Floor millet bank.

お渡しした入場整理券(兼「受付票」) に必要事項をご記入の上、おこしください。

Admission ticket gave you (and vote "reception") Fill out the required information, please wake. 注意事項 Notes


☆ all night waiting for midnight to early morning visitors, is prohibited.


☆ ・ ・ recorded in the speech recordings taken ・ relay is prohibited.


☆ Waiting for the concert, please follow the instructions of the staff.

【※ 注意事項を守っていただけない場合、入場をお断りする場合がございますので、あらかじめご了承ください】

[if you do observe the ※, it may be refused admission Please note; お問い合わせ先 Contact Us

〒770-0902 徳島市西新町2-5 経済センター3F

〒 770-0902 2-5, Tokushima City Economic Center 3F Nishishinmachi

財団法人とくしま産業振興機構 経営支援部 Industry Promotion Organization of management support and comb foundation

TEL:088-654-0101 FAX:088-653-7910 TEL :088-654-0101 FAX :088-653-7910

We expect a session with the director Shoji Kawamori!

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He'll be in Tokushima? WOOT. Almost worth the trip across Naruto to it.

I've known for awhile that Tokushima City's been a big anime town (production wise), but didn't realize it has this kind of draw. Cool.

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