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Your favorite Macross toy -hands down

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You don't have to own it, you just have to love it. (and you can only state ONE toy type)

Pour moi, believe or not, if I was pegged down to only one, after much difficulty, it would be Bandai's chunky monkey, the VF-1j.

Gods I know, I can't help it, I just love this toy.

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Probably the low visibility 1/48.


Even though the battroid mode isn't as good as the 1/60 yammies, the slightly more appealing plane mode and larger size = more visibile details on markings, and finer details which you'd miss in a smaller toy.

Why the low visibility: it just looks cool to me because I'm not a big fan of the DYRL "white" planes flying around.

I know I know. NASA shuttles are white and all that, but it's not civilian craft. You should look like a fighting machine. Especially in battroid mode. DYRL with color-coded trimmings and skull and bones on every character is not as good as the paint scheme in the tv series.

I like the DYRL details, but tv schemes more.

And I like the LV because it brings the valk closer to being 'real' to me. (realistic pilot, no indication that its trying to show off that it can transform etc)

The grey Low visibility valk is like the macross equivalent to the transformers BinalTech/Alternators when they wanted to make the car mode look like something that exists for fans of the car. (going to the roots of TF again)

That's why I think, if only VF-27 had a black paintscheme and more stealthy look to it, I would have bought it instantly. Not wait for the green and then be dispointed I can't get it because it's exclusive. Argh. I guess it's like the green robotech Alpha/legioss from mospeada: people like that one the most just because it looks less like a toy. :p


also like to add that grey makes a robot seem more 'mass produced'.

The grey vf-0 just looks good in robot mode and it's not symbolic of anything.

It's not a white knight against a black knight. There's no "star wars" black against white theme going on. The robot can be used for both good and evil.

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This is a hard call, a VERY hard call . . . . :unsure:

But, yeah I have to agree with you lurker.

The VF-1A Low Vis has to be my fave,

- followed by a tight 2nd VF-11B

- and 3rd stealth VF-1J

Its in the look of the birds when sitting on a shelf.

Sure they are all from an anime but those 3 look the closest to something you'd see on a flightline.

(In truth that is why I love Macross so much cause the tech seems so close to plausable)

Also following those would be the VF-0A's line.

But if they ever do make a VF-0D, everything gets kicked down a notch. :p

The F-14 is and will always be my favorite real AC so I guess the look just appeals to me.

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The SDF-1 OF COURSE!!!! :o TV or DYRL model...doesnt matter. The idea of a giant alien ship that humans get a hold of and put a city inside of AND it has devastating weaponry and aircraft carries attached to it is just epic. Ever since childhood I've wanted to be crusin the galaxy in the SDF-1! B))

*edit*---I only have the old Matchbox version, but it is in good condition and on display with all my newer Yamato stuff, and I can STILL remember the day I first saw it at Toys R Us back in 85-86, and HAD to have it for x-mas that year! (And Santa HOOKED it UP! thanks mom and dad!!! B)) ) 25 years later, I am anxiously awaiting the Yamato DYRL 1:3000 version this x-mas!

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For me, it's got to be the 1/60 Yamato Destroid Tomahawks. I've been a fan of the design for ages, and Yamato's version is about the best toy I've seen. Accurate proportions, even with the shoulder missile launcher (something that's been radically oversized on other toys I've seen), and the articulation in the toy follows all thhe line art (what little there is) I've seen.

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After a long hard look at my display...I'd have to go with the 1/60 Roy VF-OS. If ever there was a revisit of the original VF-1 design, this would be the closest thing to it. What I mean by that is that the VF-0S closely follows the look and design of the VF-1S, being a supposed predecessor. But ironically, it has many of the modern trappings of later VF's, such as those "imaging cameras" on the sides of the nose.

Also, I personally prefer the more rounded, robust look of the -0S, as well as it's head design.

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1/55 Super VF-1S. For me, it's the essential Macross toy. There are a couple others that run really close for me. But if someone said "You gotta sell all your Macross toys except for one," that would be the one I would keep.

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VF-22 Gamlin is my favorite Macross toy right now. Runner up is my v1 Low-Viz 1/48 VF-1A

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The designer wants another shot? Care to elaborate? What else did he say, and when?

oh you know, this can't be made any more substantial, think of it as a friend of a friendofafriendofaformerroomate thing, for the fact it's possible it is just too cool.

I mean think of it, how the hell can you fit anything else in such a sleek beast, it's perfect, well the VF-19 is getting done, i've got hope for a v.2 1/60 yf-19 as well. Sorry! i'm just that die hard of a 21 fan, i got nuts at the very sight of it.

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1/60 YF-21. Until they best that (with another YF-21 sculpt which i hear the dude wants another shot at it) it will always be the best.

Give the dude another chance. I love the yf-21 and vf-22. But there is something about the feet and legs in battroid that I think isn't as good as the old 1/72 for some reason. haha If they can solve that without compromising fighter mode that'd be great. I know people hate this idea but: you know how the legs were removable as part of the gimmick of the toy? (the movie edition shows guld ejecting his limbs to shed weight) Why can't they just have some kind of removable feet which allows yo to change those for the more lineart accurate feet? People who dont like this idea are not hurt in anyway, they just ignore the extra feet that come with it like you might ignore the bonus clown hands (which are not able to be used in perfect transformation) that you get with the tv version of 1/48 valks.

Same with yf-19. That thing need chest lock, bigger gunpod, (make the wrist more stiff for the right hand to be able to suport weight) and solve the fat gut. Do this one first I reckon.Actually from now on what I would like to see is perfect transformation hands and beefy hands just like we got with the 1/48 tv valks. (yes and the sidecovers for any vf-1 in future.)

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As noted, my VF-22S Gamlin is still my favorite, but Bug/flaws that I'd like fixed for YF-21/VF-22 would be:

1) locking rear landing gear,

2) nubs on the front landing gear cover so that it won't droop open when the joint gets loose (I have a small piece of blue painters tape on my YF-21 with small corners sticking out, barely visible but stops that flap from opening up).

Additional upgrades/improvements:

1) ratcheded 2 piece feet, not so much for transformation as for posability

2) canopy heat shield (clip on addition would be fine)

3) Movable head laser (ball joint?)

I'm one of the few that is still fond of the YF-19FP, apparently... That said, my biggest beefs are the cockpit (love the 2-piece... hate the weird dislocation you have to do to get it open. I think a push-down/collapsing piece like the in front of the nose is needed between the two canards. I also hate the codpiece and how out of place it looks in fighter. That whole section needs to be rethought. Should be interesting to see what the Kai is doing with it.

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