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Macross Fans of Malaysia - Malaysian International Toy Fair 2010, MId

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The Macross Fans of Malaysia would be partipating in the Malaysian International Toy Fair 2010 held on 24 & 25 July 2010 at the Midvalley Convention Centre. If you are a fan of Macross or the mecha genre, please visit us! We welcome all Macross /mecha fans to meet, discuss or showcase their own mecha collections at our booth! For more details on the fair, please go to



If you like display your Macross merchandise at our booth, please contact us :) !

See you guys there !

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Pictures of the Macross Booth are in the link below


Special thanks goes to Boyarque, Gordon, Wolf-X, Ikhii, Eddy, Wong, Yew Jin, Chew, Oon, Al, Syaiful, Zul, Kean and many others for their time and contributions making our 2 days Macross showcase a success. Without your help, our booth would not be as successful as it is.

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