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Official MacrossWorld Convention 2010 Information Thread

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This is one of my favorite pics... Inbetween rocking hard on the registration desk and various volunteering activities, the JAC staff were studying for midterms...


Raffle contest and the huge crowd builing behind it as Mari's performance is scheduled right after







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Lens flare courtesy of JJ Abrams.






Jason C putting out his unfinished digital camo custom... (will it be ready for next's years contest?


Winner of the first silent auction for the Tenjin autographed Launch Day poster.


The pics online of that poster doesnt do it justice... I looked at it close up and bought raffle tickets... I'm not a poster collector.

its frustrating to post pics because it keeps merging the last 2 posts if you're the same person... and there's a 10 images limit per post.

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Ron5864's wonderful 1/5000 diorama... fortunately he couldn't stay for the custom contest... why? You'll find out soon enough... biggrin.gif

"'Coulda been a contenda.......

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Thanks for the CON guys. Finally settled in after arriving last night. Customs went back on the display shelves with the other novas. Great job on everyone who participated and helped out. Sorry i couldn't help out, had my hands full with other things. It was finally glad to meet some of you guys on the forums and to finally put some faces on your screen names.

Wife finally concluded her husband was a dork. LOL, but she learned to understand that I'm not the only crazy fan out there who collects things... ahem TONY lol. Too many Alex's to thank but you know who you are. If next year is 11/11/11 that might be a problem, I hope it isn't.

Thanks to Eric for directing me to Kinokuniya, picked up a Temjin art book there. Nice to meet UN Spacy finally, I'll try and get a chunky monkey and start practicing. Glad to meet some of the legends Tony, Major Tom, and Shawn.

I look forward to next year if I'm not in Japan =)during the CON.


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Hey guys, this Jack from the UCLA anime club. You probably remember me as the "Early Attendee Raffle Guy" or the guy who sang the manly Ai Oboete Imasuka at the karaoke contest XD

Just want to thank everyone from MacrossWorld who attended the con this year. It was great hanging out with huge Macross fans like yourselves, and I thank you so much for sharing with us your passion for Macross, whether it be displaying your customs/collections, singing, offering awesome DJ'ing, or ever singing karaoke. Being able to contribute to the event and to the happiness of the attendees has made volunteering very fulfilling; in fact, at times it was just as fun as the convention's events! I pretty much know people I met at the con by their real names, so I am still unfamiliar with your MacrossWorld usernames (besides >EXO< and KiriK), but if you remember me, please drop me a PM so we can stay in touch!

As a former president of the UCLA anime club, I couldn't be more proud of the work that Phillipp, Melissa, Jenny, and the rest of the club have put in to collaborate with MacrossWorld to make this convention happen. I feel the club has reached a new level in making its presence known in the community, and it has the potential to continue it growth. I hope you guys enjoyed your time at UCLA, from its facilities to food options and the overall environment.

I took around 200 pictures so it'll take some time for me to upload them XD

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Jack rocked! He not only volunteered but showed up in last years shirt! And Abe too.

If you want to send me the pics I'll post them. I can open up a dropbox folder for you. Let me know.

Thanks for everything!

And Kicker.... I'm gonna change my name to EXO permanently... there was a guy at the con with both my first and last name and my neighbor has the same exact freakin name as I do...

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It was my first time to a MWCon and it was great!!! The impressive customs & displays, the contests (thanks to those who voted for my art entry), the giveaways, the panels, Mari's concert... it was really, really fun! Big thanks to KiriK, EXO, Bigkid24, Maiden, Save, JAC, UCLA, special guests Mari & Tommy, the sponsors, and everyone else for putting this together and making it such a blast!

I really enjoyed meeting people and putting faces to names. Wish I could've meet more of you and had time to hang out. Until the mini-meets and the next MWCon!!! :)

ps - and lastly, thanks to Shawn & Graham for creating this community!

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Great looking convention MW! One day I'd like to attend since I'm in So Cal but the event dates always seem to be on days I've got family plans that I can't book out of.

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Okay I'm just going to put the winner's from the contests in this thread since it seems like it gets more traffic than the contest thread.

Retro Gaming Contest - Each day we had a retro Macross game for people to play and whoever had the high score at the end of the day won a prize. On Saturday we had Scrambled Valkyrie but it was somehow tweaked so that the only way to die was to run into immovable objects. Oops. Sorry, I don't remember your name but it was the same guy that won the signed Macross poster in the silent auction that day. I think we have pics of him with KiriK earlier in the thread. He won a Ranka promo poster.

On Sunday we had the NES Macross game. Because of the hectic schedule of screening the Frontier movie and moving right into Mari's set, we didn't really hype the event on Sunday. I think it was basically people that were there the first day that knew about it. I think the winner's name was Michael. He won a 1/170 model.

Super Street Fighter IV tourney - The finals had bobe-patt (playing Akuma) and I think a UCLA student (playing T.Hawk). Well, Akuma was no match for the fury of T.Hawk and the UCLA student won his choice of the Transformers: War for Cybertron game on either PS3 or Xbox 360. As an exhibition, last year's winner (who was the MC and commentator all in one for this year's tourney) challenged the new champ to a match and fairly easily beat him. They both played Ibuki.

Karaoke Contest - We had a good mix of karaoke contestants. We had songs from SDF:M, Macross 7 and of course Frontier...still waiting for someone to do something from Plus. Anyway, it was popular vote and it was fairly close but it was hard to deny that operator7g kicked vocal ass. He sang the song from the opening credits of SDF:M. If you're weren't paying attention you would have thought he was just lip syncing. For his efforts, I think he won a poster donated by Otaku2, and a SuperNova t-shirt from Yellowlightman.

Chunky Monkey Transformation contest - we started out with 8 participants who went head to head and then the top 4 times went on to the semi-finals. The top two contestants were operator7g and Eternal D with Eternal D taking it by 2 seconds I believe. For his efforts he won the transformable revoltech VF-1S (donated by a boardmember) and a flightpost stand (donated by flightpose.com)

Cosplay Contest - Tim, a UCLA student, won the cosplay contest in his Basara outfit with someone dressed as Michel coming in second. Tim won a SuperNova t-shirt, Hikaru patch (donated by Blackaces) and a poster.

Live Art Contest - Also we had a live art contest where the participants had 15 minutes to draw a picture with some variant of Macross World Convention 10 and JAC @ UCLA. Grapetang won with his Minmay and banners in the background meeting the required elements. For his efforts he won the Frontier Movie Guidebook and a launch poster.

Customs - Okay so we had a good group of customs this year. In 3rd place we had KiriK who entered his valk and destroid girls which won him a 1/72 destroid model donated by a boardmember. In 2nd place, was nightmareb4macross with his Orguss Valkyrie or the Jotun. For his efforts, he won the Wonderfest 1/60 Zentran soldier by T-rex. And the big winner of this year's MWcon Customs Contest was >EXO< with his Super Happy Party sets of 1/60 scale character figures. The big prize this year was VF-171 kit.

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Damn, that dood using T.Hawk was bad ass. No way I could've beat him. I would've liked to have seen him play against Snip312 though. ^_^

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I just got word from one of our amazing sponsors, FlightPose.com, that they are offering a special 20% discount in celebration of MW Con 10!!!! Here's the word straight from Carlos himself!

Attendees are free to use MWCON10 for a 20% discount from now until Monday night. Feel free to pose the code on Macrossworld.com for forum members too if you like.

So take advantage of this awesome offer and use coupon code MWCON10 to order any of FlightPose's Flexi-Display stands for 20% off! Order by Monday, October 18th.

Thanks Carlos and FlightPose.com

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Karaoke Contest - We had a good mix of karaoke contestants. We had songs from SDF:M, Macross 7 and of course Frontier...still waiting for someone to do something from Plus.

Thanks for the recap. All the contests were fun and added a lot to the weekend. Thank you everyone who helped put it together and participated!!

Someone did "Voices" during the open mic karaoke portion but not the contest. Maybe I'll have to oblige for next year!

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Here's a quote from the article from Shawn:

"The people who go to the Macross World site, they're polite, nice, respectful," said Kluek. "People care about each other. It's a big friend site."

I think he is talking about a different website.

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Oh man, this years event looked like it was a right blast. Thanks a lot for all the pictures, that made me which i was there all the more. :3

Going to try my utmost best to make it to 2011. Hopefully it'll be my lucky year!

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