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Yamato 1/60 Fan Racer - upgraded model crashed diorama

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Hi !

For the second diorama I made with another Fan Racer, I wanted to reproduce the well-known scene when Hikaru and minmey have crashed into the technical zone of the SDF-1 after the Pluton Fold.

I let you discover what I have done here

I built the diorama with Kotobuyika's Mechanical Chain Bases, diod-lighted the podium, and molded the two figures as I've done in the first diorama.

What do you think about this one ?

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Thanks :D

Here are the pics :p:

- The scene I wanted to reproduce :



- The final result :

LED-lighted in complete night black, or with flash to see all details. Scratched some accessories and podium.




- Crashed Fan Racer details :

detailled cockpit with photo-etched parts from 1/72 Tornado GR1, separate the flaps, separate the rear booster cones, scartched the model kit and hand-painted.






- Diorama details :

To respect the irregularity of the "butchers" as seen in the video I made them non-regular, a lot of details are scartched-made




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Thab=nks you guys ;)

I'm working on another custom by now... preview finishing end of week... the VF-1Z... heavy destroyer LOL

You'll see... if I want to :D

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I love it! Very unique, and well executed.

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