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9 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

Can’t imagine how big a YF-19 at that scale and how expensive it’s going to be. :rolleyes:

... and then there's me just going "WANT!" at the prospect. :good:

Assuming the date doesn't get pushed back, two weeks until the book drops... I'm glad I got my preorders in in the first wave.

I'm surprised and slightly gratified to know it has English text.  It'll save me some time. 

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3 hours ago, Captain Global said:

Hi, after knowing it will have english text I'm definitively grabbing one. Amiami seems the best place to grab one so fat, is there any other good option?. Also, are any delays expected with shipping as the release date falls in the christmas season?

If you want it shortly after release, hope for Amazon.jp to open it up for overseas delivery....if that happens I will be switching my HLJ PO and hope to get it in my hands via Amazon's DHL shipping in no time!

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On 11/20/2020 at 9:51 AM, no3Ljm said:

Ofcourse! One to read. One to keep pristine. And one to sent to CGC for grading and framing. :rolleyes:

Hahaha! J/K :lol:  Don't mind me, I'm just messing with JVM.

Are you sure? Read my comment above. :rolleyes:


Back to the topic though. I hope the english content are not limited to the image captions.


It's really tempting to get another copy to keep 'pristine.' :lol:

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