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Jeff J

In search of: Former alt.fan.macross regulars

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Newbie (sort of) here. Allow me to introduce myself. Name's Jeff. I was one of the first regulars (if not the very first regular) on the alt.fan.macross usenet newsgroup, circa 1997-2003. In '03, I was moving around, couldn't log into the newsgroup, and just kind of let it be. Five years later, I got back into Macross, thanks to Frontier (I blame Macross Zero, in part, for driving me away from the series, but that's another story altogether). Macross World guys Shawn and Graham used to post there a lot. So did guys like Windjammer, Paul, Keith, and many more. Anyway, I don't bother with usenet anymore, but I was wondering if those guys were still around, as well as into Macross. I wouldn't mind "reliving the old days," for lack of a better expression. I hope this kind of topic isn't inappropriate, but before Macross World, alt.fan.macross used to be the best place to chat Macross, and I think it's worth giving the old board a nod.

BTW, my last name is Jhee. Just in case that helps ring a bell.

Thanks, and hope to see some familiars down the line.

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A lot of them are still here. I think we had a alt fan memories thread somewhere.

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