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I think it still works if you bookend the original tartakovsky CW with this series.

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Keith is right. Watch the Tartakovsky series until episode 21, then watch all of TCW then continue at episode 22. Apparently you can even go down to the minute mark on where you'rs supposed to stop. /nerrrrrds

I do feel very strongly that watching TCW in chronological order is important. A lot of people say it's not big deal but it messes with the overall feel of the story if you just power through it on netflix. Especially in S2-early 3 and the first episode of 5 if watched too early.

My thoughts after finishing it are that with knowing how E3 played out, the S6 Yoda arc didn't fit at all. It makes Yoda look senile and stupid. Everything he saw and experienced through the force, then along comes E3 and he's just as stumped as everyone else about what the hell is going on. It doesn't go well together in that aspect.

Adding to what's been said:

Anakin: Still fully believable that he falls easily. Why? He's selfish, proud, egotistical and quick to anger. Palpatine plays off all of those things and he sees his one reason for living die in a vision. Nothing else matters. I could go into EU explanations that make his fall in E3 much more believable but none of that matters anymore.

Ashoka: I think her ending might have been a "tv getting too far ahead of itself" kind fo thing to be honest. I'd have to look into it, but I bet they had grand plans for something later in the series and that "later" never came. S6 is a clear indicator of that.

Rex: Left hanging. Wookieepedia basically just has him not part of the 501st anymore. GG WP KTHXBAI. I don't know why, though I haven't really looked into it either.

The clones turning on the Jedi is explained as clear as day. While I don't necessarily like it, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than "they were just following orders." More like "you will do this because you literally have no other choice in the matter since before you were born."

Episode order guide spoiler'd for size:

1 216 Cat and Mouse
2 116 Hidden Enemy
T The Clone Wars theatrical release
3 301 Clone Cadets
4 303 Supply Lines
5 101 Ambush
6 102 Rising Malevolence
7 103 Shadow of Malevolence
8 104 Destroy Malevolence
9 105 Rookies
10 106 Downfall of a Droid
11 107 Duel of the Droids
12 108 Bombad Jedi
13 109 Cloak of Darkness
14 110 Lair of Grievous
15 111 Dooku Captured
16 112 The Gungan General
17 113 Jedi Crash
18 114 Defenders of Peace
19 115 Trespass
20 117 Blue Shadow Virus
21 118 Mystery of a Thousand Moons
22 119 Storm over Ryloth
23 120 Innocents of Ryloth
24 121 Liberty on Ryloth
25 201 Holocron Heist
26 202 Cargo of Doom
27 203 Children of the Force
28 217 Bounty Hunters
29 218 The Zillo Beast
30 219 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
31 204 Senate Spy
32 205 Landing at Point Rain
33 206 Weapons Factory
34 207 Legacy of Terror
35 208 Brain Invaders
36 209 Grievous Intrigue
37 210 The Deserter
38 211 Lightsaber Lost
39 212 The Mandalore Plot
40 213 Voyage of Temptation
41 214 Duchess of Mandalore
42 220 Death Trap
43 221 R2 Come Home
44 222 Lethal Trackdown
45 305 Corruption
46 306 The Academy
47 307 Assassin
48 302 ARC Troopers
49 304 Sphere of Influence
50 308 Evil Plans
51 122 Hostage Crisis
52 309 Hunt for Ziro
53 310 Heroes on Both Side
54 311 Pursuit of Peace
55 215 Senate Murders
56 312 Nightsisters
57 313 Monster
58 314 Witches of the Mist
59 315 Overlords
60 316 Altar of Mortis
61 317 Ghosts of Mortis
62 318 The Citadel
63 319 Counter Attack
64 320 Citadel Rescue
65 321 Padawan Lost
66 322 Wookiee Hunt
67 401 Water War
68 402 Gungan Attack
69 403 Prisoners
70 404 Shadow Warrior
71 405 Mercy Mission
72 406 Nomad Droids
73 407 Darkness on Umbara
74 408 The General
75 409 Plan of Dissent
76 410 Carnage of Krell
77 411 Kidnapped
78 412 Slaves of the Republic
79 413 Escape from Kadavo
80 414 A Friend In Need
81 415 Deception
82 416 Friends and Enemies
83 417 The Box
84 418 Crisis on Naboo
85 419 Massacre
86 420 Bounty
87 421 Brothers
88 422 Revenge
89 502 A War on Two Fronts
90 503 Front Runners
91 504 The Soft War
92 505 Tipping Points
93 506 The Gathering
94 507 A Test of Strength
95 508 Bound for Rescue
96 509 A Necessary Bond
97 510 Secret Weapons
98 511 A Sunny Day in the Void
99 512 Missing in Action
100 513 Point of No Return
101 501 Revival
102 514 Eminence
103 515 Shades of Reason
104 516 The Lawless
105 517 Sabotage
106 518 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
107 519 To Catch a Jedi
108 520 The Wrong Jedi
109 601 The Unknown
110 602 Conspiracy
111 603 Fugitive
112 604 Orders
113 605 An Old Friend
114 606 The Rise of Clovis
115 607 Crisis at the Heart
116 608 The Disappeared
117 609 The Disappeared: Pt. II
118 610 The Lost One
119 611 Voices
120 612 Destiny

121 613 Sacrifice

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The problem with Annakin turning is the same one that existed in Return of the Jedi, Lucas is NOT that good of a writer. What the Emperer/Palpatine was saying was just not believable enough to turn anyone. An example of this story (turning to evil) done right is "The Godfather", a little chip here and a little chip there...

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Im not sure it was so much Anakin having the ability to kill younglings as it was anakin accepting the dark side, for what he though was a necessity, which then allowed him to kill younglings. If you know what Im saying.

I mean the only reason he didn't allow mace to kill Palpatine was for his own selfish reasons and wanting to learn how he can save padme.

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Yeah, I have to agree, that his fall was horribly written, and poorly acted out. I tried to find info on what happened to Rex as well, but all I got was he left the 501st.....read somewhere that Cody killed him, but there was nothing official on it.

The Clones and Order 66 was explained, but what I was wondering was what happens to them after? When Fives lost his $hit and wanted to kill Jedi, he also lost his personality momentarily. If the chip in their head works properly, do they stay in that trance-like state for the rest of their lives, or do they revert and get their individual personalities back? If they stay automatons, then there's no worry, no questions, but if they revert, there's going to be a big WTF from the clones, just like Fives experienced after killing squid-head. Yeah, they're supposed to obey orders without question, but we've seen evidence of that not always being true.

The series built up a huge fan base for the Clones themselves, the writers went to the trouble to build them up, give them individual characters, likeable ones too, so to have them all instantly turn into mindless zombies after Order 66 kind of blows.

Watching the Jedi Order was like watching a victim in a horror movie going into a dark basement alone where Freddy Kruger is waiting to cut them up. You know it's going to happen, you scream at the television for them not to go there, but they do anyways and get *ucked, haha!

I can't believe they wasted two whole episodes on Jar Jar in that last season.

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