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[Total] Macross F, DEBUGS!!!!

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I was gonna post in the Total Bugs thread, but it'll just get lost since it already got too many pages on it and that thread is much suited to bug-discovery.

So I'm starting the Macross F DEBUG-version!!! :lol:

A thread where we can post the animation-corrections found in the dvd and/or bd versions.

To start off, here's the infamous arm/no-arm shot of the VF-25 in ep2:

tv/broadcast-version (prolly upscaled):


R2J dvd (native-res/unscaled) version:


R2J dvd (xineplayer-scaled) version:


dvd time-stamp scene: 00:06:40

unfortunately, I'm not collecting the BD-version anymore, so somebody else has to post the much larger BD-version of this and other snapshots.

at any rate, I highly encourage and totally appreciate other MW-members who are also collecting to the dvd/bd of Macross-F to join this snapshot-orgy. B))

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I'm gonna use kresphy's snaps from the bugs-thread:

EP.03, 0444

There are two earrings, what is sheryl find?




EP.03, 0954

Where is left earring?





The Ranka-snaps from the Bugs-thread in ep3 were not animation-error since the stitches ("cross") were supposed to be covered by her ribbon that way per her swooning movement.


I'll see if i can get the ep4-debugs when I get time today.


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well, ep4 debug actually didn't take long. :lol:


EP.04, 1930

Left white big cover is missed??


dvd-version (ksnapshot):


dvd-version (native/unscaled):


the rest of the snapshots from kresphy's post remained the same in the dvd-version.


jpg-snaps sux. only png-snaps from now on.

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nice...wonder if they'll reanimate the low quality animations episodes

I find it unlikely....but surprise me.


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