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Macross transformable Papercraft

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Hi, Im new to the forums. Some days ago I fond somethin incredible in this page I couldn't belive what I was seeing: A TRANSFORMABLE VALKYRIE PAPERCRAFT MODEL. But there was a problem...bah, 2 problems:

1)Bad quality: it is horrible scaned....so its hard to distinguish some borders...and also has a small scale

2)No instructions: I could make every part on my own without instructions, its not hard to get it done...but how to make all the joints, thats a mistery.

Here are the links of the model:



and I fond them in this section of the page:


I was wondering if someone has a better scan and instructions....it would be so awesome to havve a transformable valkyrie without having to spend so much money in buying one from ebay + shipping ( what makes it even more expensive for me :unsure: )

TNX in advance ! B))

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