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Jaren Castiz

Macross RPG unification

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Attention Macross Rpg Gms and Players
A new form of Macross Rpg has arrived... and one that you may be semi familiar with.

This Rpg of Macross is the unification of all Macross Rpg under one rule one that will immerse you with of players that have been gaming for over nine months and have all gained rank and merit through there goals and triumphs. Our actual session is still not at an end but we believe now is the best time to bring additional players in to work with us.
The Blood Letters invite you to join under one always expanding gaming session.

We welcome you to join in.

What to expect? This Mcross group has played together for nine months and now want to bring the fun and intense form of gaming to everyone else to help unite an actual Macross world.
What's something we could familiarize our self with? Most of our Macross information is from the Palladium rule, made more realistic and converted into a newly custom system avoiding the confusion that the palladium system might have given. When actual session gaming commences it will lead from Pre Space War 1 to the attack of the Marduk. Yes we understand how much gaming that is and that is why we want to bring it to a network of people that would enjoy playing there parts in the Macross Universe.
How do we join in? Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you more information on the progress of the Unification.

I go under the name of my Macross Playing character i have achieved many ranks in the UN-Spacy service I am more than excited in the possibility of getting new players to the cause.

In time i will post more and more information about the game in future weeks. For now i can answer questions about how we as the current players have played and how you as new players will come in.

Admins and moderators please feel free to message me about questions on the project.
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