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Capt Hungry

Xenoforce Mod for CNC Generals Zero Hour

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Just stumbled across this mod at moddb.com. You will need CNC Generals: Zero Hour to use it. Just install the files directly into your Zero Hour folder.

All your favorite valks are there, as are the destroids. The SDF-1 is your command center and there is an option to build the Macross 7.

Also, you'll hear Macross themed music! The VT-1 Super O's are the resource gatherers. The models aren't that highly detailed, but it is fun to be able use the mecha from the series.

The mod also includes two Gundam themed generals.

Go here: http://www.moddb.com/games/184/campc-gener...ef&type=def

Having some trouble creating the link, just copy and paste the above link into your browser.

edit in: Now that I've had some time to spend with this mod, it is a little buggy. I couldn't build a strategy center and skirmish AI isn't very aggressive.

Also, the game minimized itself and I couldn't get back into it.


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Link for your convenience, my post back in August:


Includes motivational posters I made from Xenoforce screenies and my observations about the mod.

I ran teh mod for months on XP with few problems (mostly overheating and crashing) but I won teh generals challenge no problem with the Macross General.

Now that I got a NEw computer and Windows Vista my folder wont run right and I fear I will need a total reinstall of both the Zh game and the XF mod. Will post results in a few weeks. I'm a little busy with mod projects right now to get back into ZH tinkering.

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Didn't realize that this was old news.

My apologies.


Nice motivational posters Stardragon!!! I do like how the valks transform to battroid mode when firing.

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