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New Custom 1/60 Vf-0 And 1/48 Stealth Stickers

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I also decided to go for the GBP armor sheet. It does not have all the markings but I think they are enough to decorate the GBP and the price will be cheaper.



Looks great. But personally I'd rather have you make all the GPB stickers like on the Yamato sheet and pay a little more for them.

Random thought-And I wonder if the upcoming LV GPB will have different colored stickers?


Stop complaining and just buy it.


Complaining? I was just stating an opinion. I have 14 1/48's and 9 fast pack sets, all stickered with Takatoys stickers. I know it's a good deal. I've been waiting to sticker my GBP with his stickers and I'd love to have all the options that yamato has from them.

That's not complaining.

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Damn nice stickers.  I would want to get those.  I would love to get some kind of Vietnam era scheme on the LV2.


The more I see the LV2, the more I like it. I don't think the original LV2 stickers will come up with a new insignia, so I had to make a new one that will go on the stealth sheet.


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Would it be possible to just have the 1/48 VF-1S/A/J stickers as i dun own any 1/60 VF-0S? Adding to that would there be any 1/48 Fps sticker be made available as well?

Would be interested in the following:

1) 5 x 1/48 VF-1S/A/J

2) 4 x 1/48 Fast Packs

3) 2 x Stealth stickers

4) 3 x 1/48 GPB

Do give me a pm if you see this message as i had been trying to contact ya via pm and email. Tks


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Just got my GBP today. The one decal I would really love would be a big one to go on the inside leg armor, like minmay art or maybe a big skull rose or the west wind blowing guy one.

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Hot diggity damn that VF-0A looks nice! :D  A bit plain, but still really nice.  I love A style heads.


Oops! I think you posted this in the wrong thread! But yeah, it does look pretty cool. And so do takatoys' stickers.

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Taka, with the VF-0A comming out, are you going to make a set for it.....maybe aVF-0S and A sheet, instead of the 1/48 and Vf-0 combo sheet? That would be perfect for me because I don't need anymore 1/48 stickers.


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