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Where in the world are you?

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Estero, Florida. I know, you've never heard of Estero. We're between the much bigger cities (and still small in most respects) of Naples and Fort Myers.

I've been on the forms for a bit now. So far, so good. Good place to go when you are rendering and killing time. ^_^

I love Mospeada, Macross, and yes, STILL a proud Robotech fan.

Glad to be here.

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My name is Marco and I'm from The Netherlands and I've been a fan of this site for years and finally created an account. :lol:

I've been a Macross/Robotech fan from the beginning (watched Robotech on Sky Channel).

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Santiago, Chile,

Hi everyone

I be in Chile South America

in the city of Calama near to san pedro de atacama and Chiu-chiu beautiful places

At the end of the world ....CHILE :ph34r:

Hola, po - wasshhooOooOoo!!! Como tai po perro? Toda mi familia son de Chile, pero yo soy nacido y creido en Australia! Bienvenidos!

I'm from Chile too, specifically from Santiago!

Cheers! beer.gif

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Hello everybody

I'm in Portugal, europe.

Tried the map EXO, but can't acess it. :(

I joint last year, I think?, but never posted, hope to change that now.

My schooling came with "Roboglued" but the fan was born with the original and only Macross.

Thanks for having me.

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hmmm... map must be dead after all these years... never worked right anyway. I tried looking for a different one before maybe there's one now.

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