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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for this set of decals: If anyone has one available and is willing to sell it, please let me know. It may even be incomplete, I just need the YF-19 decals. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! Might anyone know of a source to get custom waterslide delals printed? I need to be able to print white (as well as other colors) for a small run. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I searched in this forum to check if this had been posted somewhere else but I didn't find anything. I just found this last night, there is a German company making white printer toner cartridges for numerous HP, Canon and Lexmark laser printers. https://www.ghost-white-toner.com/ You just swap out the black cartridge for the white, I've seen printed examples on a railroading site, and there are several YouTube videos about it. The cartridges are a bit expensive but one should last you several years.
  4. So I've got this idea for customizing a figure but it's somewhat unusual and I can't seem to find much information through google that would help. Since there's so many skilled model builders here I thought I'd ask for some advice. What I'm trying to do is make a tattoo for a vinyl figure and since I'm not that confident on my ability to freehand a graphic on a complex surface; I was hoping to create the design in photoshop, print it as a decal, and apply it that way. My first question is what type of decal paper to use. This is going to be fairly large (about 2 inches tall and an inch wide)
  5. Howdy good folks of Macrossworld! I haven't been on here for a long time so not sure if y'all remember me. This is Tamim and I used to run Twin Moons Anime many years back. Recently I was digging through my garage and ran into a stash of some goodies, namely a nice stack of Takatoys/Anasazi decals. I am making these available for sale for anyone interested. I no longer have a store, so payment will have to be sent to me directly via PayPal. If interested, please PM me with your name, shipping address, the items you are interested in, and the quantity and I will provide shipping costs promptly
  6. Hi All, I recently purchased Moscato's 1/72 Glaug and 1/72 Regult. These kits did not come with decals, so I am wondering where I can get some custom made decals for these kits? Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello all! I've been searching the net for countless hours trying to find a decal set for a 1/3000 Macross by Yamato... I can't believe with all the detail they went into on this great product, they didn't have the numbers on either of the ARMD's... I imagine one exists out there somewhere, as Yamato released a 1/3000 model that you completely construct, right? Anyone with any info on this, please let me know, thanks!
  8. $3 EACH shipped in the US. International $3US EACH plus how ever much to send a letter to your country. All prices USD. Canada - 85¢ Malaysia - $1.05 HK - $1.10 Check 1 oz. postage here - https://www.usps.com/ PP email - exoscale(at)gmail Hase Ver. Yammie ver.
  9. Picked up the Minmei Guard 1/72 Strike Battroid kit for cheap for use in 2 upcoming projects of mine, and I don't need the decals. $20 $15 and they're yours, includes shipping from Japan. Also, adding in a set of the Yellow Submarine/Club M 1/72 VF-1 decals. So that's now 2 sets of decals for $15, shipping from Japan included.
  10. I recently finished up on Yamato 1:3000 scale SDF-1 'boxs-o-parts' model kit and after putting it together, lightly detailing it with paint and some decals i find that I like it the way it is and have no interest in putting on the resin parts or the photo etched embellishments. So i'm sell'n em along with the rest of the decals and the glowy stickers. Here's what you get: 1-Full set of Resin 'damaged' parts in unopened bag. 1-Unused sheet of Photo Etched embellishments. 1-Leftover sheet of Glowy Stickers (see picture for how much is left, which is definitely enough to go crazy with) 1-Le
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