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Found 48 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am not really sure if this fits in here, but the "off-topic" area should be good as this probably works under Science Fiction. Yesterday the trailer for the newest installment of Call of Duty was released. Except for the first Black Ops, Call of Duty was mostly a let down for me since Modern Warefare. Somehow this trailer made me interested again. Spoilers ahead if you didn't watch the trailer yet: I think I am going to try this one. Not on day one, but when it is on a Steam Sale or something else. What are your thoughts? PS: I know CoD is always something people start to argue about, so please be nice to each other.
  2. [RIP] Satoru Iwata

    The Global President of Nintendo is dead! http://kotaku.com/nintendos-president-has-passed-away-1717386412 Please Understand!
  3. Star Citizen

    I have been watching You tube Videos talking about the Game "Star Citizen" it looks interesting has any one on Macross world forum played the game?
  4. Pixels

    Coming to theaters on July 24 is Pixels, a sci-fi comedy remake of the 2010 French short film of the same name. Directed by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Bicentennial Man), the film is about an alien invasion in the form of '80s video game icons such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, it also stars Adam Sandler, which means this film will be a likely entry on the Worst Science Fiction Film of All Time thread. Pixels @ IMDb
  5. Ralph Baer, the man called the "Father of Video Games", has died at the age of 92. http://www.polygon.com/2014/12/7/7350497/ralph-baer-obituary While it's natural that we all pass, it's worth a moment to think about and celebrate a man who was instrumental in creating one of the great art and entertainment mediums of the modern age. Thank you Ralph.
  6. Blizzard's Overwatch

    New game announce with cool trailer "Overwatch" Seriously, why doesn't Blizzard go into films? Wouldnt you think this is from Pixar? I would totally watch this movie too! The gameplay trailer is pretty good too oh yea, they also announce a new Starcraft title too
  7. Looks like fun, especially if you are into SF or big-ass space ships :-)
  8. The Next Mass Effect

    Details from Comic Con's Mass Effect Panel This is coming from Game Informer, with more details to come this evening. Pics of the new Mako and the male and female armored character models shown. One report I read had the new game taking place during Shepard's lifetime, and that some old characters might appear. I suspect they meant era, as the designs shown seem more advanced then what we saw in the trilogy. More info should be out this evening as the gaming media's reports start coming in.
  9. Firefly Online

    There was some news from SDCC, and this is the first solid footage I've seen of this rumored game: Weird, the official website is now suspended. I can imagine the rage if this game sucks...
  10. It may have a name that sounds like a gay porn but it's actually just an anime video game. Just watched a video about a game called Astebreed and it's a very visually rich shoot 'em up in the anime style we've all come to know and love. The game is built in 3D with game play changing from side-scroller shooter to top-down shooter to 3rd person shooter as you move throughout the environment. Lots of trademark visuals, including a giant robot with a sword, lots of energy weapons and of course, an Itano circus attack. Check it out: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-astebreed/2300-9194/ Not sure if I'm totally sold on the game, but that name sure is giving me a chubby
  11. can anyone recommend any gundam related games? Online is preferred
  12. Saw this on Kotaku and it's real! 150 to Catch. Gotta catch them all! Works on iOS and Android Google Maps app. Found some at CN Tower x1 100 Infinte Loop (apple hq) x1 Eiffel Tower x1 Madison Square Garden x1 Sydney Opera House x a bunch. A bunch near Google park.
  13. Looking pretty sweet! http://gematsu.com/2014/01/first-look-mobile-suit-gundam-side-story-missing-link
  14. All Things Front Mission

    Welcome to the MW thread for the under-appreciated SQUARE franchise of Front Mission. Personally, my first exposure to FM was FM 3 for the PS1. I was totally hooked on that game; the appeal of piloting a squad of fully customizable mechs in a world where such vehicles had actually succeeded in being an integral part of a modern battlefield added to an ungodly amount of hours to be spent on one videogame. After FM3, I went to play FM1, FM Gun Hazard, FM4 for the PS2, FM5, and just recently FM2. I would be remiss to not mention the small group of super-fans whose work allowed me to actually play these games in English. A thorough tour of their website will reveal exactly why FM did not get the attention it should have, not to mention the full reach of multimedia that the West did not get to enjoy. Regardless, I made this thread to gather fellow wanzer-heads, and to celebrate the acquisition of this bad boy, a hardly seen 1/35 scale resin kit of the venerable Zenith wanzer as depicted in FM2: This looks to be quite a build, so if anyone else has built this thing, I welcome your insight. In addition to FM2, I have also been enjoying the FM Dog Life & Dog Style manga. It seems to be a collection of vignettes that take place during the events of FM1. Its a great read, but it certainly deals with a lot more mature themes that none of the games have touched.
  15. http://page.freett.com/grape2004/index.htm Any fans of the old Sega Saturn games or good mecha games in general should totally check out this game! It looks a little dated (rather intentionally as it uses the 3d models from the Saturn games) but plays incredibly well and is a lot of fun! Forgot about those other games where the robots just fire ineffectual pew pews, your HIGH-MACS has a real tank gun, rockets, and missiles! I'm serious this game is freakin' amazing! While it is a Japanese game most of the menus are in English.
  16. There's enough interest from some in this site on the ongoing Monogatari series for it to have it's own thread and thereby keep it from monopolizing other threads. Let's keep it all here, TV series, films, novels and those fine looking 1/8 Senjougahara PVC figures too.
  17. While this announcement may be equal parts tech news and gaming news, the widely used Steam gaming distribution service by Valve Software is now going to have it's own operating system too. SteamOS was announced today and while it looks like it's aimed at consoles (and the Steam Box itself) it appears any PC can run the SteamOS. This is huge! http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/valve-has-its-own-operating-system-now-in-steamos/1100-4746/ Streaming games from your other devices...wow! My mind is officially blown!
  18. A few weeks ago Steam had a sale from which I purchased this game called Dust: An Elysian Tail for about $7 (regular $15). The game had some of the best reviews of last year. With the exception of Fez it had been over a decade since the last time a 2D platform game with brightly-colored anthropomorphic characters caught my attention in any positive way. Having just finished Dust, I have to say I am sure glad I took a chance to buy this on sale because this game is incredible. I sunk almost 30 hours into the game and can't recommend it enough. I'd purchase this game for $20 and have no regrets. The game play is very metroidvania, using that familiar style of map progression for each location you explore and featuring light RPG elements that enable the player to build the character of Dust and collect treasure and items to enhance Dust's abilities. You have a flying companion named Fidget who has some basic magical abilities which Dust can then interact with using his enchanted sword to create storms of magical attacks. The combat is fun, varied and extremely addictive. The game uses a combo system in which Dust can combine various types of maneuvers into strings of spinning, jumping and whirling destruction. When combined with Fidgets magic attacks, Dust can achieve impressive visual onslaughts that light up the screen. Thanks to a very simple and elegant control scheme, the combo system is very easy to learn and reliably perform from one battle to the next. As you progress, Dust will gain new abilities and while most are familiar staples of platform games (the double jump, the slide, etc) they are all implemented exceptionally well. Developer Humble Hearts knows how important game control is and has built the game in such a way that playing the character of Dust is like a dream; smooth, responsive and reliable. Graphically Dust looks, plays and feels like a 2D Platform Game given the Triple-A developer treatment despite it's indie origins. Dust enjoys similar benefit of modern technology applied to a 2D engine in the vein of Mark of the Ninja. Every screen is dense, filled with animation, detail and a deep illusion of dimension. Dust goes straight for high definition in all the character, level and effects design. This is a game in high resolution with gorgeous animation and effects of a level that we all desperately wanted 15 years ago playing our Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The player character, the NPCs and enemies all look fluidly animated and the levels and effects are given just as much attention. Locations with snow, rain, wind, fire, lava and other visually striking effects are fully realized in stunning detail, each of which have an effect on game play. Dust is also fully scalable and some sequences in the game have the frame pulled far back to display your tiny player appearing in front of beautiful, immense vistas or enormous statues in the background all displayed in sharp, high-resolution graphics. I give "Dust: An Elysian Tail" 5 out of 5. Immersive, funny, silly, gorgeous, exciting, challenging and non-stop fun: Dust: An Elysian Tail pretty much has it all. If you're interested in taking a break from all the dark, gritty and realistic modern shooters and RPGs to enjoy some lighter, addictive retro-re-imagined fun then Dust is just the game for you. Available on PC via Steam and X-Box 360 via X-Box Live.
  19. Ace Combat Infinity

    So, any Ace Combat fans in here? I'm kinda torn on what I think of Ace Combat Legacy...I mean, I have enough hope to make a fantrailer for it, but, still...Strangereal meats RL? I dunno. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5TWl1nQtYo&feature=youtu.be <- Just in case anyone is interested in the trailer I made for it.
  20. How many people here were fans of Bullfrog's Syndicate or Syndicate Wars? For me, it was one of the first games I ever played on the Amiga 500 that just sucked me into a world of cyberpunk and espionage - loved the atmosphere, music and feel of the game. So - long story short, my friends have put together a Kickstarter (went live yesterday) to fund the spiritual successor to Syndicate and Syndicate Wars - they're all going to be made redundant by August (game dev studio closing down, I worked with them at a previous game dev - when that also closed down several years ago), and they've even got one of the original creators on the team as well as the original sound designer and composer of they reach a certain goal - check out the link below and see what you think - hey even pledge a bit of change if u wanna see it become a reality! Even if they weren't my buddies - I'd still get this game :3 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5livesstudios/satellite-reign
  21. http://www.bhvr.com/eternalcrusade/# http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/06/11/e3-2013-behaviour-announces-warhammer-40k-eternal-crusade/ I'm ready to buy a collectors edition, rush to max, have the community fall apart because of lacking end game, and sell my character in the space of 4 months! Who is with me!!!
  22. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a standalone game chock full of 80's awesomeness. Starring Michael Biehn as "Sergeant Rex Power Colt" TAKE MY 15 BUCKS NOW! (Comes out April 29th for PS3, May 1st for PC and 360) Reveal Trailer First 15 minutes by IGN (SPOILERS! But totally awesome!)
  23. Playstation 4

    Anyone else checked out the big press announcement for the Playstation 4? There's actually a lot of good information in the announcement. Here's a breakdown of what was covered in the 2 hour presentation: http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/the-playstation-4-exists/1100-4583/ The big rumor going around now seems to be that "The Last Guardian" (the next game from the creators of "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus") is being delayed so it can be released on the PS4 instead of the PS3. Thoughts? Praise? Complaints?