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Found 47 results

  1. Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe thread for pics, news, updates, deals, etc.
  2. After just watching this show about a year ago on crunchyroll, Bandai decided to make some minipla kits. The brown one is a web exclusive and the other 2 are standard release. There weren’t too many designs in the series, but I figured starting a topic for this show may be fun. The kits look a bit limited in the upper legs, but may be cool for fans to display.
  3. Super Store 7 SDF, Regult, VF

    Anyone seen this ??
  4. Hello guys, I am a robot collector, new in this forum and I do not know if I am at right place. I want to sell this very rare Valkyrie. It has been made by Lansay with the Bandai Mold. (So technically it is possible to say it is a KO). The problem is that I do not have an idea of what price will be fair because it is very rare. According to what I read it is the rarest version for Valkyrie. Mine is in good shape but unfortunately on loose... if you can help on it it will be great !!
  5. Bandai Honke SD VF-1S

    Just finished building this little guy! The best part was building it with my wife. Although simple to build, it was the first model kit we've put up together.
  6. From Kirik: Boom, save the date! Register here: http://mwcon.ticketleap.com/mwcon2015/ see you there!
  7. Hulk Buster Toys

    Well There are three Hulkbuster toys 2 are from the last movie and very expensive and 1 just being stupid expensive and 1 affordable and pretty cool based off the comic I had the Hot Toys on pre-order but for around 1200 canadian, they can kiss my ass cancelled. Then there is the King Arts Hulkbuster, smaller version of the hot toys but diecast and 600 dollars. You can fit inside an actual 1/9 iron man https://www.facebook.com/kingartshk/videos/1018119884887343/ and then sentinels version Now I am trying to pre-order but not BBTS because I am not going to give BBTS 200 canadian to hold for 1.5 years. No way. That is bullshit. So I called my Hong Kong supplier and see if he can get it. But for sure the sentinel one is bought
  8. SD Battroids

    From the album Loot!

  9. First pics! http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/32804/first-photos-from-new-max-steel-movie Ok... is it just me, or anyone else think this will be a fiasco?
  10. Source http://newsbiz.yahoo.co.jp/detail?a=20140306-00010001-teikokudb-nb Translation CM's corporation Ltd. bankruptcy (TDB company Code: 981 484 996 , 50 million-yen capital ,address: Nishikanda2-3-4,Chiyoda-ku Tokyo,president"Ms.Kazuko Chubachi", 5 employees ) is , to March 3 filed for bankruptcy to theTokyo District Court . Application delegate lawyer"Kounin Mori"(office:Shinkawa 2-15-3, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, phone 03-3553-5916 ) . Their company , founded in 2003 in March. Developed Anime Figures and robot , the alloy is a character model and animation. In a manner thatdepends on the subcontractor in China , manufacturingand DVD game software mainly alloy modelof the original " BRAVE alloy" , synthetic resin model " GuttoKuru Figure Collection ," " Mecha Action Series "andthe " Rally Car Collection" series OEM product also manufacture as an appendi . While sales in the domestic toy retailers , and also exported to Asian countries , it was accounted forapproximately 600 million 59 million yen year net sales in the fiscal year ended February 28, 2007 peak . However , domestic sales tended to decrease around the robot figure , among disadvantaged also hit , alsoFebruary 31, 2011 are no longer able to develop new items at the disposal of dead stock , such as Rally CarCollection Series year sales down to about 100 million62 million yen there . This has been a debt exceeded state recorded an overall deficit of more than 100 million yen . There is also a demand decrease of the Great East Japan Earthquake after then , sales of the year endingFebruary 2013 was only about 100 million 72 million yen. For this reason , they were shelved , such as rescheduling of principal repayment to the financial institutionsfinancing is tight , it became this measure . Debt is expected to be about 400 million yen .
  11. http://www.toy-people.com/?p=24391 http://shop.toa-1000toys.com/?pid=1139362&force=pc
  12. Surprised no one posted these yet. http://www.figures.com/forums/news/49092-tf14-toynami-robotech.html Vinyl SD figures don't look too bad..
  13. Some pics of non-Macross related figures I took at Wonderfest today. In particular, I thought the Megahouse Dragon Crown figures looked amazing. And the Megadrive Megatron is, of course, a must-buy ;-) (EDIT: The uploader seems to have thrown the order of the pics into a bit of a mess, sorry!)
  14. Orguss is B A C K

    From Wonder Festival today. Variable Action High Spec. Details TBA.
  15. Full Metal Ghost?

    As far as I can see there isn't a thread on it, and there should be because it looks all kinds of awesome. not for everybody but it looks like its going to be sweet. its like a blend of super robot, mecha, and samurai-ish aesthetics. also robots with capes are almost always cool. toy wise its 18" tall and 100 points of articulation and includes the pilot figure (and will be wildly out of scale with anything remotely macross because it seems the pilot is between 5-6" tall or so).... i don't usually collect random stuff but sometimes cool stuff happens. gonna try to get myself one of these. i wish there was some supporting fiction or art other than that video. http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2013/11/bandai-x-threezero-x-kunio-okawara.html
  16. http://www.oritoy.com/en/newssub.asp?NewsYear=2012&NewsMonth=1 All good looking stuff!
  17. Play Arts Kai Thread

    Is there a thread for this line of toys yet? They seem to offer about 70% of enjoyment of what you'd get in a 1/6 scale hot toys/enterbay release in at about 33% the price..and they take up less space. Any fans of this line here? I don't really (or haven't yet) collect figurines/figma (whatever poseable high quality figures are called) but I recently picked up my first one...the Dark Knight Trilogy Batman...for all of around $60. Totally worth it. I'm tempted to pick up the Joker and Cat Woman from the same line....Shame they don't include an unmasked face for Catwoman and they totally animesized her umm boobies but those two look like winners too. They've also got the robocop license it seems and will release both classic robocop (1987) and the new one from the upcoming movie. I hope they get lots more licenses because I really like this scale (taller than a 1/60 vf-1, shorter than a 1/48 vf-1) and poseability. The only bad thing about I can say about the one i have is like eveything in this format...you can still see the joints if you are looking closely...they aren't covered by clothes like in the hot toys 1/6 scale figures. other licenses seem to be mostly from video games (which is cool), like their own games as well as stuff like street fighter ( i may pick up a ryu and some more) i do wish they'd make accessories, vechicles and playsets for this line though (square enix....can you say batpod!!?)
  18. Gundam Metal Build

    Any collectors here of this deluxe diecast gundams? As a Macross fan or chogokin lover whats your opinion of this toy line? Im planning to get this bad boy but first Im trying to find a comparison pics of it next to a Macross DX Chogokin which I think will look good next to it (even though their scale would be way off) but I cant seem to find any.
  19. Maybe I'm just on an M&M kick right now, but this caught my eye: new Tie Interceptor figures in the colors of our favorite duo, and called Imperial Aces, no less. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4357 (yikes.. um, mods/admins... can you fix my misspelling of Milia's name in the subject line?)
  20. Toy Notch toys

    Not really into Lost Planet, but for those that are or just love mechs, here's new comer, "TOY NOTCH". 3.75" Articulated figures that don't look like crap. more pics here: http://www.figures.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=9152
  21. "The Super Assault-Speed GALVION" revival-fever in Japan Hobbylog-news: Megahouse Corporation's "GALVION toys" development! Shin-kigen (Translation:NEO-Millennium) Co.Ltd., scheduled publishing "The Super Assault-Speed GALVION art-workS book"! Megahouse Corporation held "The variable-action series festival 5th anniversary"! MEGA-HOUSE variable-action series perfect-transformable "GALVION"(A.k.a.:"CIRCUS-01") development announced ! T-REX TOYS perfect-transformable "GALVION"(A.k.a.:"CIRCUS-01") improvement version-1.5 / price 30,000 yen. T-REX toys development-laboratory:perfect-transformable "GALVION" pictures with light-gray surfacer Shin-kigen (Translation:NEO-Millennium) Co.Ltd., scheduled publishing "The super assault-speed GALVION art-workS book". Release-date July 2013,A4 book-style,112-Pages /2,940yen. Such as excavation zealously the first time in alarge amount of design-sheet material.
  22. Hey guys, I think this might be the first topic I've ever actually started on macrossworld. I've actually been contemplating to do a thread on Kaiju for a while especially since there really hasn't been one that I recall. I just couldn't decide on a way to kick it off. What changed? Well with Pacific Rim coming in a couple of months, and next year the american Godzilla reboot now is as good a time as any. That and thanks to Media Blasters, and Miramax releasing Godzilla Vs. Megalon and Godzilla Vs. Biolante respectively I now own all the Godzilla films on dvd.* Of the two I have to say I enjoyed Megalon more. Yeah its cheesy, but its entertaining as hell and Media blasters did one hell of a job on remastering it. Biolante while it has amazing special effects(the G suit is the best of the heisei era) the story isn't that great and I'm still trying to figure out why people over at tohokingdom.com think its one of the great G films of all time. Its still not as bad as the garbage that is Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah. What's the worst one to you guys? Aside from the 1998 american film? Speaking of the 98 film, its actually enjoyable as giant monster film, as long as you don't think of the monster as Godzilla himself which is what the Japanese have done with several of the millenium era films. Anybody else here like Giant Monster figures, toys, and etc? Feel free to discuss them. I've been buying the U.S. Bandai vinyls off and on since I think 2000, but lately it seems they've gone to crap. The latest run is a bunch of reissues with the exception of I think Showa Mechagodzilla. The paints are all wrong(spacegodzilla is black instead of blue) and each figure comes in both a normal version, and a lame gimicky version that feels softer and has sparkles. The only one I picked up was the GMK Godzilla since I missed it the first time around. *(All the films have been released in the United States on dvd with the exception of 1984's Return of Godzilla. I broke down and imported the original Japanese version because it was subbed, and is very different than the american Godzilla 1985 cut.)
  23. Presenting the thread dedicated to Bandai's high-end action figure lines: S.H. Figuarts S.H. Figuarts is Bandai's answer to Kaiyodo's Revoltech and Max Factory's Figma lines, with figures that boast extreme detail and poseability, coupled with a vast array of features and accessories. The line consists mainly of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai figures, but there are also figures for anime characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Tiger & Bunny and Doraemon, as well as Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here's an example: Juzo Fuwa from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (a.k.a. Deker from Power Rangers Samurai), a Tamashii Web exclusive: The line also includes S.H. Figuarts Zero which consists of non-poseable anime statues that are well-detailed. Here's Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin: D-Arts D-Arts focuses on video game characters, as well as the Digimon series. The D-Arts line was dropped after 2014, with newer video game character figures being released under the S.H. Figuarts line. Here are Rockman X (MegaMan X) and Rockman Zero (MegaMan Zero) (1st Version): S.H. MonsterArts S.H. MonsterArts is for the kaiju fan who demands a lot of detail and poseability that normal monster figures lack. Here's Godzilla: Ultra-Act Ultra-Act is for hardcore fans of the Ultraman series, as well as Tsuburaya Productions' other works. Here's Ultraman: Post your collection here.
  24. Went to Target this morning to look for the Transformers Prime Season 1 Blu-ray set. No dice. They can stock stupid crap like The Tooth Fairy 2 on Blu-ray, but not Transformers, I guess. They did have the DVD version though, if you need that. I wound up ordring it on Amazon. I'm using to paying more for Blu-rays than DVDs, but double? Yeesh.