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  1. Okay the idea behind this thread is simple, users tend to ask questions that are, for better words, either easy to find common knowledge or sound pretty funny. You don't want to look stupid and we don't want to have mod a bunch of little topics. Examples: "Whose that green haired lady?" "What happen to Rick hunter?" "Did Minmay kiss her brother?" "Is this video from this country a bootleg?" "What's with the Zentradi elf-ears?" "Is there an official answer to <insert story="" or="" production="" trivia="" here="">?" "Where can I find a copy of this <insert product="" here="">?" "When will we see <insert product="" here=""> come out?" "What are this things?"/"Where are these things?"/"Who are these things?" "What <insert show or episode> did <insert event or item> show up?" and other newbie or short questions like these post them here. Ground rules It's only for newbie-type and short question/answer type questions about Macross. When someone post a simple question here hopefully one the more experienced posters will tell the newbie the answer. It's Question & Answer-format only. Nothing more. Newbies tend to be lazy and ask questions about everything. If you can point the newbie to the source it's better than just telling them the answer straight. If you see a newbie question about Macross somewhere else direct them here and their other topic will be closed/deleted. Search is a great tool. Useful links The Macross Compendium Mr. March's Macross Mecha Manual Newbie's guide to the differences between Macross and Robotech The Newbie and Short questions thread - Toy Edition Newbie thread, episode 2 Newbie thread, episode 1
  2. Torrance Cultural Arts Center October 3, 2020 10 am to 7:30 pm https://facebook.com/SuperDimensionConvention/photos/gm.4085241801501748/1222525664608949/?type=3&source=44 https://superdimensioncon.com/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0C2yjCZiBurM3nbYSfIiaJES2Yi-QZie6Uq5oMDvkh0Wj83g-aLtc6dDs
  3. Recently got back from a hitchhiking trip here in Japan, and on my first day came upon this poster at a rest stop outside of Tokyo.
  4. Apparently after the Robotech RPG Tactics debacle and subsequent loss of the Robotech/Macross IP from HG, Strange Machine Games now has the SDF-M/RT IP and has released a new RPG using their Advantage 6 (AD6) system. I have a copy and so far I like it. It isn't hard to make adjustments to run SDF Macross games, just change some terminology. An ebook copy can bought at RPG DriveThru. I'm strongly thinking of making some fan supplements for the RPG so GMs and Players can run games within other eras of the Macross canon (yes even the alternate universe of Macross II). Of course none of the RPGs mechanics or components can be published in the fan supplement except for stats and components not in the core book. Robotech RPG by SMG So what do you guys think? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit] General Review: I've analyzed the game after a run and mostly theory play, the game works mostly on the narrative style rather then simulation. Although there are various optional rule that allow for more simulation style play and high legality modes. The general mechanics are: Narrative > Conflict > Resolve > Narrative. Most RPGs operate or are supposed to operate in this fashion. Robotech by Palladium attempts to use a more direct direct approach to Simulation leaving the Narrative to abstract conflicts with some conflict resolution conducted with the use of skills. Much like how D&D works, the characters have stats that represent the physical and mental capabilities of the character. Skills and combat are derived off of those stats. This a stat derivative simulation where the data drives the character. When is comes to combat everything has a large number of damage points to represent the material health of an object. Although in Palladium there are some system consistency issues, largely it is ruled by the Mega Damage system and concept where a certain material cannot be damaged unless the weapon also deals mega damage. This, although not ideal, is fine for simulation of large advanced vehicles and assets. The biggest complaint with the mega damage system is number bloat for damage which tends to bog down the flow of game play. The other complaint I often hear is that Palladium is that resolution of conflict, especially in combat in where large numbers of combatants are present, aren't handled too well. The refers to swarms, as seen with tens of battle pods. This leads to numbers bloat and upkeep bog down during combat. Many shortcuts have to be created by the GM to resolve such battles. In Robotech by SMG, the system is much different. The game is described as a hybrid of narrative and simulation conflict resolution. There isn't any attribute stats to generate, as it is assumed that you are generally competent in the role you are playing. You are a hero after all. Instead of a series of derived stats there is a skill system. These skills are derived by the role the player has selected. Level of competency with in skills are regulated by a simple priority system. This ranges from Specialized, Focused, to Versatile. These skills are used for all conflict resolution. The two types of conflict are Social and Combative. The system, at first glance, seems very simple, especially to those who are used to such systems as D20 and Mega Damage systems which are very simulation based. The system is designed to handle conflict resolution at a quick pace preventing choke points where upkeep bogs things down. This accomplishes many things: allows players who aren't familiar with the system to quickly generate a character, prevent people from becoming disinterested when bog down occurs while waiting for their turn, and maintain flow of the story and game. Combat in A6 Robotech is much like how the narrative role play works. Damage is more system function oriented and complete destruction of vehicles don't always happen. It comes down to what the character is doing or how they are behaving that dictates if they parish or not. This is the narrative aspect. Where as the system damage and structure points are a set of indicators to dictate the condition of the vehicle before it can no longer engage in the conflict and limps away damaged. The combat system has a few optional rules to increase and decrease lethality and also rules to make the game more narrative or more simulation based. You can pretty much say that SMG's A6 system is a middle ground between Palladium's simulation style Mega Damage system, and Mongoose Publishing's Paranoia which is solely a narrative system. I often compare A6 Robotech (A6 being the system that Strange Machine Games [SMG] uses) to Paranoia because of the narrative element and conflict resolution. Although, Paranoia's conflict resolution is handled by the whims of the GM and dice rolls are largely superficial. A6 Robotech keeps structured elements as seen in simulation based systems and unites it with narrative role playing. I have game-mastered many games in Palladium's system and in Paranoia. I personally like how this game works. It can feel over simplified at first, but the depth is created by the players though the system of skills, traits, career, nature, and stress which all guide its narrative play. I feel the system really fits with the Macross story narrative, and beside the nomenclature difference which is easily corrected by a GM that knows the pure Macross canon, can easily run games that have a genuine Macross feel. Overall, it doesn't matter what system you use whether it is Palladium, Advantage 6 [A6], or whatever system you want to run your game in, how well your game is played is up to the GM.
  5. Hi everyone! I decided to make a single thread in which I can keep people appraised of my future projects, links to my previous works, a place to post your MOSCATO HOBBY kit builds, and pretty much everything else related to my works. Links to previous projects will be added to this first post over time to help you find my older stuff. 1/48 Pinky Space Crab build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/40117-mo-suu-pii-dah-inbitoh-in-148/ 1/48 Blueberry Space Crab build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/40692-mo-suu-pii-dah-inbitoh-in-148-part-deux/ 1/48 KING CRAB build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41380-mo-suu-pii-dah-goh-suu-in-148/ 1/48 BABY CRABB build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41380-mo-suu-pii-dah-goh-suu-in-148/ 1/48 BUSTER build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/42190-148-mospeada-legioss-solider-alpha-battloid-kit/ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The following section deals with frequently-asked questions. It is advised that you read this before sending me a message/question, as it has likely already been addressed. If you don’t receive a reply, it’s because the subject has already been covered here in one form or another. Please be respectful of my time and attention, and I will show you the same courtesy. Q: hey bro, you’re a really good modeler! I have an old RX-78 kit that my grandma got me a few years ago, can you build it for me? A: I charge $40/hr CAD for my work. Building even a simple plastic/resin kit to any degree of competent finish requires at minimum 20-ish hours (and usually much, MUCH more) so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for you. I quote projects based on an estimated completion time, and require a 20% deposit. NO exceptions. This applies to my own garage kits also. Q: do your kits come with assembly/painting instructions? A: yes! I don’t print paper instructions, but rather create .jpg files of the instructions which you can download, re-size and print as needed. This minimizes paper waste and transcends the resolution limitations that most printed instructions are bound by. Q: can you send me a copy of the 3D files you used to make XXX model? I really want to 3D print my own. A: How would you like it if I came to your place of business and asked you to work 1-2 weeks for me for no pay?… That’s what I thought. Secondly, all my models are mastered by hand, using only basic computer-generated vector templates, so there are no 3D files to speak of. Q: duuude, do you sell pre-built/painted versions of your models? A: no. Q: Your work looks cool, how much do your kits cost? A: there are photographs of all my currently-available kits, their names and prices in the PICTURES section. Please take a moment to look them over carefully. Kits come unbuilt and unassembled. Prices do not include shipping, which is determined based on the serviced used and your location. Q: I don’t see the kit I want listed. A: that means it’s out-of-production and therefore not available. Q: will XXX kit ever be available again? A: I generally take a public poll to determine interest before re-issuing a given model. If there’s sufficient demand, I may issue another run, but no guarantees. Garage kits are like wild flowers: here today, gone the next. If you really want something, grab it while it’s available because it may never be issued again. Q: how do I order models from you? A: simply send me a private message regarding the model(s) you’re interested in, along with your name + shipping location. I will generally post shipping charges for the most popular destinations publicly, so please consult that info first. The rates I quote are for trackable services. If you agree, we can proceed to payment. When making a payment, please be sure that you provide: -your full name -full shipping address -phone number (for customs) -the name and quantity of kits ordered I get a lot of orders and I can’t always remember who ordered what, so help me help you. Q: how long before my order is shipped? A: in-stock items will ship within 3 business days of the order. Pre-orders, by their very nature, imply that much of the fabrication process is as yet incomplete, and may take several weeks. If there are important delays beyond the stated estimated timeframe, I will make a public announcement. Q: do you offer combined shipping? A: yes, of course! Especially when you order several, dissimilar items. Q: I live overseas and the shipping is expensive! Do you offer cheaper shipping? A: I quote based on trackable shipping methods. There are cheaper alternatives, but they don’t have tracking/delivery confirmation. If you select this option, I assume no liability for the delivery, intact or otherwise, of your order. Q: I placed my order yesterday but it hasn't arrived yet. Does my package come with tracking? A: I generally ship via trackable service, but I don't always provide the tracking info right off the bat, simply because I have a heavy workload. Delivery times can range from 5 days to 5 months, depending on the location. If your package doesn't arrive within the alotted time suggested by your local post office, send me a private message and I can provide the tracking details at that point. Q: I really love XXX mecha, I think if you made a kit of it, it would be really popular and sell like crazy! Can you make it? A: depending on the complexity of a given design, it can take anywhere from 100 to 500 hours to scratchbuild a set of masters for a given model. The investment in time, materials and capital are significant. Therefore, I will determine for myself whether a given mecha is worth making as a kit. You are at liberty to make suggestions, but ultimately I decide if I’m going to make it or not. Q: can I go asking around to see if anyone is interested in you building XXX garage kit so that I can get orders for you to build it? A: NO! If you want to gather orders for a specific scratchbuild project that I would be working on, consult with me first! It’s all too easy to be impulsive and misconstrew terms, make bold/unrealistic promises and use verbage that can lead to very real legal problems. I’m not opposed to you doing the leg-work to gather interest, but consult with me first and I will determine the specifics that you can cite for interested parties. I reserve the right to disavow/blackball anyone who does not abide by these guidelines and assume no liability for said conduct.
  6. Hi! here is my build of the bandai 1/200 kit (re-release of vintage imai kit) I am planning to make a diorama base for this one, still not decided if it will be an interior or exterior scene. I remember some time ago I saw a pic of one of these on a diorama base standing near a cliff with trees around preparing to shoot aiming high, but never found the pic again.
  7. Alguien que quiera vender su woodland color 1:48 aun usado pero en buen estado? vivo en Monterrey, México saludos!!!
  8. As promised ill be starting the ok im using a Tamiya Modellers Knife, Metal Ruler, adhesive lacquer, syringe w/ blunt needle, Cutting Mat, tweezers, cyanoacrylate Thin (Super glue), a dull needle or similar, and a pair of scissors for rough cutting. the syringe is for easy application and dosage of the glue of cause it doesnt have to Tamiya any model knife can be used, in the end its what you feel most comfortable with. now the super glue is not a must... but i find it very useful in certain situations! the needle is for bevel the paper on foldlines...(if u have absolute no clue as to what i just wrote, tell me and ill post a video of it) now first up, a little fun fact: These are in scale!! and remember: to those of you out there who is also building this model, ask me if u have any trouble with this build... or if you feel that i havent explained a troublesome part, thoroughly enough! what i did firstly was to scan the pages from the original magazine and scale them up from A4 to A3 which changes the size from 50 cm in length to 75 cm thats why it seems so big on my cutting mat, just an info so you dont get confused ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok here we go! First some simple parts should be straight foreward now this bigger piece, its important to start glueing the big flaps first, to make sure they lineup with the panelines. a friend of mine could not figure out how the next big piece would fit together, it actually to me a couple of glances.. the need to be seperated first this is it for today.....
  9. Hi! just made a video review about my build and mods to improve the kit. I hope you like it!
  10. Just saw this on Reddit. Looks like a bunch of stuff was filed last week and Harmony Gold is taking legal action vs Tatsunoko, but for what? https://www.open-public-records.com/court/california-23006746.htm Please nuke this topic if this is listed somewhere else already I wonder what it is they hope to accomplish and what the possible outcomes could be O_o
  11. Hi folks ! Just passing by to introduce you a very ambitious mod called "MACROSS Univers" which is supposed to cover every opus of the franchise at its term. For now, it is still a WIP status and the first part of the mod is progressing very well, but let's take a step further into details if you don't mind ^^ First of all, I'm not the original modder, that guy is named "cooper59" on this forum, and you can contact him for more informations or simply use this thread just as we will do to keep you informed about how the mod is progressing. The mod is planned to be released by generation, the first one is almost done and right now cooper59 is having a hard time with A.I coding and I'd like to take the opportunity to ask the community for help. If someone skilled enough with coding and with plenty of time and passion for the Macross universe like us, might be up to give some advices or even be recruited to help us to achieve this project, he/she would be welcomed onboard. A good understanding/speaking of French would be a bonus ^^ MACROSS Univers is available on steam workshop, you can find it here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=581220784 The first part of the mod will cover both the serie and the movie "Do you remember love" KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS MOD IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. IT HAS BEEN RELEASED FOR TESTING PURPOSES. A lot of units are missing, only a few are available in deathmatch mode, no skirmish vs CPU support yet. Here's a little trailer to give you an idea of what it looks like, have fun and see you soon ! Edit : As you may have noticed, there is no description for the first updates within the logs, but it is about to change. First, I would like to detail how we are going to proceed. So, each update will start by a "0" and thus, until the final release which will most likely be "1.0" and should change again after that... The second digit represents the generation being developed at the moment, and the last part of the designation is the step-by-step evolution for the generation being developed. For instance, right now the mod has the current status "0.1.10", so this is the 10th update for the 1st generation. Here's the mini roadmap (subject to changes) 0.1.xx => Macross TV show & movie 0.2.xx => Macross+ & Macross7 0.3.xx => Macross Frontier 0.4 is under discussion for Macross Delta implementation 0.5 Going to BETA 0.X Fixing bugs/balancing > 0.1.10 - Fixed an issue with "ARMD cruiser" and "Oberth destroyer" building process > 0.1.09 - Added the ARMD class for carrier and cruiser > 0.1.01 => 0.1.08 - release of the mod under testing protocol - Add various units without A.I for deathmatch *SDF1 version TV show *Spider Bug *Lockhee SF-3A Lancer II *Northrom QF-3000E Ghost *Stonewell Bellcom VF-4 Lightning III *Shinnakasu VF-1J Super Valkyrie *Nupetiet-Vergnitzs *Quiltra Queleual And here's a little sum up of the situation : To make it short, cooper is definitely the brain of this project, he manages the models rendering, scripts edition, animations and FX/SFX integration all that kind of stuff that make my eyes crossing in only few hours On my side, I'm an "Ad Hoc" paintbrush and as it, I take care of movie making and test the mod before any update on steam (that's right I've got units to play with that you don't ^^). I also try to save cooper some time, for instance right now I'm isolating and gathering the maximum of sounds from the Macross series to build a sound data bank for him to quickly integrate SFX. The sad part is that both of us aren't skilled enough in coding for now and from here we have two options...either we can get into it, but not now because of the models priority, or, and it would be the better, we can find a nice and AI-skilled person already used to deal with those problematics. In the first case, it might grealty increase the delay since cooper would have to start coding from scratch :/ He is already in contact with people who might be helpful but beyond that I'm afraid I don't know that much about where it goes, I guess we'll see. See you guys !
  12. I had some free time and decided to post some work I did. It was hard trying to sort and clean these all out. I wanted to share because I know alot of guys do modelling and have a hard time sorting out Hi-Res images of Macross Companies. I managed to find the majority of the FONTS that corresponded with the Company's Lettering. I apologize if it's not 100% accurate I used the Highest Res Scanner and cleaned them as best as I could. I've including some other MISC as well. I'm uploading all the companies including the fonts. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/fh42lu89t5c3rof/MAC_Company_Logos.rar?dl=0
  13. VF1_construction_2002251800A.mp4 VF1_construction_2002222100_1.mp4 VF1_construction_200220.mp4
  14. I am moving and can't take a majority of my models kits with me...no basement. I have tons of vintage Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada, and Orgus Kits. Sell them for what I paid for them. Lot's of kits are only $5 plus shipping. No kit younger than 20 year old, most are from the 1980's. You can find the collection at https://snarkylizard.com
  15. Hello, Cleaning out the closet sale for my duplicates, I've been buying and selling here on Macross World for close to (20) years. Many mentions on the Straight Shooters List. Reasonable offers accepted, Express Mail Shipping worldwide whenever possible. Please let me know if you have any questions via MW messenger. PayPal Friends & Family preferred, but if not please add 5% to cover the fees. Thank you in advance! 1.) Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S Super (Owned a long time, never transformed or displayed, complete nothing broken.) SOLD 2.) Club M 1/48 VF-1S Strike Ultimate Detail Valkyrie $275 (Amazing kit and rare.) 3.) Club M 1/72 Resin Kits $40 each (Some are still sealed in shrink wrap.) 4.) Arii, Bandai, Hasegawa & Imai 1/72 & 1/100 Model Kits $25 each (Arii silver boxes sell for good prices due to rarity as well as the Imai. Max 1/100 VF-1A Strike complete, but box not.) 5.) Toynami VF-1D Super Convention Limited $25 (Never opened, never displayed.)
  16. Super Dimension Convention Saturday, October 5, 2019 Torrance Cultural Arts Center http://superdimensioncon.wixsite.com/deculture/register https://facebook.com/SuperDimensionConvention/
  17. A few pages of Macross Perfect Memory (pp. 299~232) are given over to the episode-by-episode summaries of the series when it was in the early planning stages. It should be well-known by now that the original plan was for 52 episodes, then down to 48, then to 39, and finally down to 26 (before getting expanded to 36 after the series had started). The 52, 48, and 39-episode synopses are included in the book. The first two are very, VERY brief. The 39-episode one is much fuller. A lot of the info here was referred to by Egan Loo in both the Macross Compendium and the AnimEigo liner notes, but I don't think the complete synopses have ever been translated. So here's the 52-episode version (and yes, Ep. 31 is indeed left blank in the original). I'll be adding the other two over the next week or so. And hey... gotta love that ten-episode run from 34 to 43... Shoji Kawamori's 52-Episode Macross Synopsis #1 The Main Cannon fires #2 The Barrier is opened #3 The Megaroad launches #4 Warp #5 Pluto / Construction on the city begins #6 Transformation --> Robot #7 The birth of "Megaroadians" / The robot enters battle #8 A team infiltrates the enemy ship / They learn about the size difference #9 The battle in Saturn's orbit / The train line opens #10 Asteroid Cracker(1) / Transformation --> Battleship / Transformation warning #11 Mars Base / Female Miclone spy infiltrates #12 Spy Missile #13 Atmospheric re-entry / Brake-Parachute(2) #14 Resupplying at the undersea city #15 Sinking. Transformation --> Robot / The Megaroad floods / Rescue #16 Ground battle. Devil machine No. 2 #17 The group of three Miclones infiltrates #18 The Battle of the Grand Canyon #19 Japan completely annihilated by the Sunriser(3) #20 Transformation --> Battleship / Leaving for outer space #21 Near Venus / The enemy completes its Battlesuits / Battle operation of the new transformable robots #22 The Captain is kidnapped #23 Transformation --> Robot. Tentative rescue operation / The enemy missile counterattack (the right arm is lost) #24 Search for a deputy Captain #25 Great defensive battle at the Sun #26 Rescue operation for the Captain #27 The operation fails / Wandering inside the enemy ship #28 The Captain's special attack #29 The Chinese girl becomes a singer / The people from the beginning growing apart #30 The enemy's new troops / The man who controls a 200m robot by himself #31 #32 Back to the earth / Resupplying from the earth's surface. Population increase / A feeling like Noah's Ark #33 The Sunriser activates / Certain death plate tectonics(4) #34 America is completely destroyed / The secret of the Supervisor #35 Husband and wife crisis (The Captain married couple) / The Panama Canal ruined #36 Fake kidnapping / Machu Picchu destroyed(5) / The heroine changes assignments #37 The Pyramids smashed #38 Macropolis destroyed #39 The Arc du Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower pulverized #40 England vaporized #41 The Caspian Sea evaporated #42 Everest collapses #43 Complete destruction of Earth / The heroine returns #44 The enemy's main fleet draws near / To space #45 The right-arm capture operation #46 The city region of destiny #47 Unrequited love. Devil machine No. 2 #48 The genius. Wedding ceremony #49 The Supervisor and the female captain get married #50 The genius falls #51 The civilian escape operation #52 The final city. To Earth (1) The anchor rockets from both of the Macross's arms smash into asteroids, and the fragments destroy the enemy ships. (2) The soften the shock of re-entering the atmosphere, the Macross deploys a parachute 10km in diameter. (3) A weapon which destroys everything surrounding the Macross, making no distinction between friend and foe. (4) As a result of the Macross's crash into the face of the planet, the earth's crust has to be defended against the enemy's attack. (5) The Mayan holy place, located in South America Shoji Kawamori's 48-Episode Macross Synopsis #1 And after 10 years, the Megaroad is activated #2 The Barrier is opened #3 The Megaroad launches / Aircraft carrier cruise #4 Warp. Warp engine vanishes #5 Pluto orbit / Construction on the city begins #6 The ramen restaurant comes to the bridge / The birth of "Megaroadians." Meeting with the heroine #7 Transformation --> Robot / Some houses get sucked outside #8 The robot enters battle / Rebuilding of the Megaroad City / Battroids become more energetic due to rewiring #9 Battle operation breaking into the enemy ship / They learn about the size difference / The woman gets rescued on Titan #10 The battle in Saturn's orbit / Asteroid Cracker #11 Transformation: Robot to Battleship / Transformation warning. To the Transformation Team. #12 Spy missile operation / The main characters visit the Chinese girl's home #13 The infiltration of the enemy's main fleet operation. A battroid in disguise / Harnessing the technology of the warp system equipment. #14 An escapee without a space suit blows up / The Miclone operation commences / Miss Megaroad #15 Atmospheric re-entry. Brake-Parachute / A detached part of the city lands in the water / Sinking. The inside of the Megaroad floods #16 The deep sea rescue operation / Transformation --> Robot #17 The Chinese girl becomes a singer / Resupplying at the undersea city / The female Miclone spy sneaks aboard #18 Megaroad battle athletic meet #19 Date in Chinatown / A small enemy force spends the night not fighting #20 Real ground battle. Devil machine No. 2 PART 1 / The group of three Miclones infiltrates #21 New recruits / New training #22 Christmas #23 New Year's Eve / The movie premiere #24 The new model robot is deployed #25 Japan completely annihilated by the Sunriser / Devil machine No. 2 PART 2. The secret of the Supervisor #26 The Captain is kidnapped / In the confusion, transformation --> Battleship #27 Rescue operation for the Captain fails / The enemy missile counterattack #28 Search for a deputy Captain / The enemy attack en masse #29 Rescue operation for the Captain / Use of the Jump Door #30 The rescue of the Captain fixes the enemy's stance #31 The Supervisor arrives #32 Valentine's Day operation / Transformation warning / The hero and heroine return #33 The Captain's special attack / The man who controls a 2000 ton robot by himself #34 Unrequited love. TV aboard ship is broadcast / The Chinese girl and her cousin make their relationship public #35 Earth, again / Resupplying from the earth's surface / The heroine changes assignments #36 The Sunriser is activated / Certain death plate tectonics restored #37 The Pyramids smashed #38 New York demolished #39 Battle to the death at the Grand Canyon #40 Complete destruction of Earth. Underground cave base / The heroine returns #41 Fake kidnapping #42 [it says "32" in the book, but I think that's a typo] The right-arm capture. The Captain, again / The Titan Tribe. A battroid in disguise #43 The battle in the city region of destiny #44 The genius's wedding of duty / Wedding space suits #45 The universe draws near / The Supervisor gets report of the main body of the army #46 The genius falls / Defensive battle at the Sun #47 The civilian escape operation #48 And after 10 years, humanity again / The final Sunriser inside the enemy ship
  18. https://kawamoriexpo.jp/s/ex01/ https://mobile.twitter.com/kawamoriexpo
  19. Super Dimension Foto's Patreon Page Photography is a hobby of mine. Doing Macross themed Cosplay photo shoots seems like a good idea to me. I'm starting things off with a series dedicated to Misa. This project will emulate classic imagery of character in photographs (and possible video). I picked Misa because she’s a strong female character that doesn’t get that much attention. In the future I'd like to include more characters from the series or pop culture. I've already did the first shoot. You should be able to match most of the poses up with the line art. It was simple shoot with a real model. Her name is Lee and has agreed to portay Misa for several shoots. You will see more of her and hopefully others. I ask that you don't say anything disrespectful about her/them or attempt to contact them in private with the intent to harass. I will take steps to remove you from Macross World if you do. This thread will be periodically cleaned up. Why focus on one character? It is simple economics. I like to include more characters but resources are limited. I'm going to stretch my dollar by getting the most mileage out of each character. These shoots will be primarily self-funded. On my own I can afford a modest monthly/bimonthly photo shoot. I know people that will want to see the pictures will also want to see more elaborate photo shoots with more extras like new characters. If you're willing to be a patron in supporting this project we can increase the production value. Here are 2 sample pictures. I will share 1 more every other day for a total of 5 freebies. If you want to see rest of this photo set click on the link above. (Click to see bigger) (Click to see bigger) For those that don't want to sign up for a Patreon account I will accept direct donations for each set. I can also arrange things by private request for very generous patrons. Cosplay photography isn't cheap. If you're willing to donate more to help fund things we can include your requests in a future photoset to be shared with the rest of the patrons. If you don't want to share and willing to pay for everything that can be arranged as well. Special Note: None these photo sets will be pornographic or show extreme violence. This includes private commissions. I photograph clients of all ages and that is not the type of photographer I want them to see me as. Some of the photos will be very SFW and others may border on being NSFW. If is it acceptable to a museum than it is acceptable to me.
  20. There is a sketchup file floating around for the MAC MK II monster. I've been working on it to make it 3D printable for a while. Then about a month or so ago, grimmindustries on thingiverse put out an articulated version. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1461419 (note the other monster pictures in wip 2-21-16 was from Macross VOXP) I had printed out a prototype of the original file for the torso in ABS on my Raise3d N2 printer. many print issues, the door ended up breaking off. I was working on fixing it up. grimm put out his version and I tried rescaling it down but it wasn't reliable enough to get the scale correct. the parts didn't fit together right. I discovered though I could import the STL files back into sketchup and rescale it in there. Layed out the parts and printed them off. Far cheaper then shapeways. Ended up having to super glue it together because the parts were still too loose and I had to use a dremal tool on a number of the joint sockets to make them fit. Made an 80mm base for it. I laid out a battle force of the various factions I have stuff for to take some pictures. Did a Monster verse BT as well to show the scale of it to BT mechs Close up of it before I painted it. and painted. It still has many issues which have to do with how my printer is printing it, I'm working on enhancing the torso section by splitting it in two. The joint parts in his model don't fit in their sockets completely. Not sure if it is an issue with my printer or his model. I am going to add details below the loading door and add in the front access door in the front. Here is how I split the original in two to fix it,
  21. Anyone else see this? https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ NHK is running a full Macross series poll for favourite: Series, Character, Mecha and Song The halfway announcement has Nekki Basara as 2nd most popular character which was actually a pleasant surprise for me.
  22. hachi

    HMR VF4

    From the album: Macross Stuff

    HMR VF-4 Lightning III
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