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Found 71 results

  1. LEGO VF-1 A and S Battroid mode

    Hi guys ! So after finishing the SDF-1 I thought that something was missing. Of course the SDf-1 can't be without it's squadron of valks. I loaded up Lego Digital Designer and started on working on Hikaru's VF-1A from DYRL. I didn't want to spend all that much time, so I decided that I'd only build it in battroid mode, no transformation. Finished product sports approx 1030 bricks, a lot less than the 11.000 brick heavy SDF-1. Now it's time to start the actual build.
  2. Nanoblock VF-11B and VF-11C

    From the album Nanoblock VF-11

  3. LEGO Orguss Orgoid

    I taken at least one serious stab at getting a decent looking Orgoid put together in LEGO, but I was never happy with the results. The orgroid is a challenge because of all the organic looking curves it uses. While it's transformation is very Valkyrie like, it's easier to pull off if you have wide variety of Bionicle parts. Getting the look to come out right is the bigger challenge because Bionicle parts just really don't want to be combined with the classic LEGO system parts. Anyways here is the result of a few hours work, taking what I've learned from my previous attempt. I still need to come up with a head and figure out how to do the backpack hinge.
  4. LEGO VF-1S Valkyrie

    "This is my LEGO Valkyrie. There are many like it, but this one is mine..." The design is actually by a member of the Lego User Group of Los Angeles, Daikon Cat: http://www.daikoncat.com/macross-vf-1a-valkyrie.html I've taken some liberties mostly do to lack of correct parts often due to the wrong color. I thought the bionicle hands were fine and very evocative of the chunky monkeys, so I decided against building articulated hands.
  5. IMG 8072

  6. IMG 8071

  7. IMG 8067

  8. IMG 8066

  9. IMG 8064

  10. IMG 8009

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  11. IMG 8006

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  12. IMG 8005

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  13. IMG 8004

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  14. IMG 8001

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  15. IMG 7999

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  16. IMG 7998

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

  17. IMG 7997

    From the album Nanoblock VF-17

    vf-17, nanoblock, blocks, lego, vf-17S
  18. Nanoblock SDF-1 posted on FB

    I am posting more details on the Nanoblock SDF-1 I posted in facebook, I will post my official toy collection, but as you can see I have kept busy, now I need to buy more sets with blue mosaic parts to give it a smother finish. I also ran out of blue parts. this ting is bigger than I expected and actually in my first try I had to start over as I realize the size was way bigger,as I was putting too much detail on the bridge. I took the pics with my phone so WB is terrible I know
  19. IMG 6492

  20. IMG 6508

    From the album New nano block perfect transformation custom

    lego, nanoblock, VF-1S, custom, transformation, Roy Focker, Fighter, vakyrie, battroid, gerwalk