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  1. So I have just returned to Macrossworld after.. YEARS...

    I'd like to get the LE version.. but its too much $$.. I can live without all the paper stuff... and it looks like Flashback is gonna be upscaled/crappy looking..

    Is AmiAmi a legit place to order? They have a decent price on the regular version.

    I've never dealt with them or CD Japan.

  2. It is not as weak as the first release, but the right leg is slightly split, and the head is wobbly. But overall, I am pretty happy. This will be my 6th alpha, and this one feels more secure.

    The hand is made of better plastic, but the gun does not fit all of the way over the hand. Also, the gunpod fits securely into the peg between the arm thrusters where as my original shadow alpha does not do this.

    Oh man.... Beagle?? Are you there Beagle? Can you please make us an alpha?

    Seriously it looks like the alpha is never going to get the proper respect..

    BTW. Hesperia CA eh? Cool! I used to live in Apple Valley. Whats up?

  3. I really like the idea (mentioned several times) of just keeping the original story, character, and mechanical designs, and just animating them better. I think character designs have gone downhill since the 80s' (opinion only).. meanwhile a lot of the valkyrie animation in original macross was just bad.. disproportionate, comical, etc... I would hate to have macross go to CG tho.. even if it meant doing it all in CG and then painstakingly redrawing everything on top of the cg.. (This IS a 'dream' thread right) I'd just like to see a more 'perfect' original macross series.

  4. Has anyone noticed that Amazon.com says 'This item will be released after Dec. 24' for the Zeta Gundam box? I think i dug deeper and found out a date of Dec. 30 specifically (but i forget where i found it!)

    HOWEVER.. im not panicking yet, everywhere else i have looked still says Dec. 14.

    The real problem here is Bandai. I cant find Anything on their site. That would be the source to go to if they ever told us anything.

  5. I just want to see a Max TV VF-1A.. for just a little work repainting they'd create what alot of folks consider the ultimate VF-1A. After buying all those 1/60ths I can't justify buying DYRL 1A's just for a few different colored stripes.

    BTW I'd kill for a few more sets of TV Hands. I hope they include those with all future releases.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that it would be financially silly for them (in the macross universe) to bother making a GBP-1S at ALL? I mean.. here you have this most likely VERY expensive variable fighter, and you already have most likely much cheaper (simpler, no transformation, etc) Destroids. Why turn the expensive Variable fighter into a Destroid (bunch of ammo, no transformation) when you could probably buy 5 or 6 destroids for the price?

    Of course.. It's a cartoon, and GBP-1S armor is cool looking... is the reason I give myself.

  7. I bought a preinstalled DMS3 modchipped PS2 and it plays any and everything i throw at it. I have Macross VFX1 (dont have 2 sadly) and the Macross DYRL Side scroller, as well as a few Gundam games and even a Votoms game for PS1 (that one came with an awesome reissue of a really great Takara Votoms toy!)

    Anyhow, my opinion is DMS3 is the chip to get. If you are interested look it up on the net. I will be happy to tell you via email (or icq, or aim) of a reputable dealer, but i dont want to be doing an ADVERT for them on these boards.

  8. You know, if i look at it from what i THINK is a truly objective point of view... its not BRILLIANT, but its not BAD either.. MY all time favorite Flying game is Ace Combat 4 on PS2. I think it was just about perfect.. at least FUN-wise, for me...

    Macross could be a little more like it.. I think the controls are a BIT funky and the camera angles mess with my head a bit.. but this could change as I play more.. I think I keep playing this one more because its macross than for the fun of it. Ace combat became a literal OBSESSION for me. i *HAD* to beat every mission at every difficulty level and collect EVERY plane.. Hopefully as I make my way through learning the controls Macross will become like that too.

    Also, this has probably been answered, but is there ANY difference between the different VF's? VF-1A/D/S??? other than looks???

  9. On a completely unrelated topic to my last question all these swap tricks and stuff are such a pain:

    Get someone to install a DMS3 Modchip in your american playstation but then BUY the Macross game (I got my game from ncsx.com. Like a lot of folks here have mentioned.) I've been buying imports from them since i first modded my PS1 and never got burned by NCS. They are reputable in my book.

    DMS3 installation is a little pricey, but its great, and as a bonus you can watch your Region 2 dvd's in your Playstation.

    Graham: I'm with you. this game is not all THAT easy. I am 30 and having a tough time.. I wonder if these youger folks are just more used to the 3d games... I'm the master 2-d Platformers.

  10. What are you supposed to do to succeed in the "BLIND GAME" mission? The one where you are flying along with a Cat's Eye and the zentraedi capture it? I keep accidentally destroying the cats eye..

    Just trying to take out all the regults and glaugs just results in one of my wingmen repeatedly yelling at me to do something. Any attempt to get near the cats eye and shoot its captors results in my killing the Cat's Eye itself.

    Sorry if this has been covered, but in a 37 page thread i may have missed it. Has anyone written (or know where i can locate) a brief synopsis of the mission objectives for ALL the missions, in english? It's taking me a lot of time to figure out what to do in some of the missions.. and i've killed that poor girl in the cats eye so many times im starting to feel guilty. :)

  11. 1. I'd recommend you get a chip called the 'DMS3' It's the best out right now according to many sources. www.dms3.com shows the specs

    for the chip you have to buy it elsewhere. Email me if you want some sources to order from. I dont want to be a source of free or unappreciated 'advertising' on these boards.

    2. You can play all regions of DVD's on a DMS3 modded.

    3. You cannot* play imports on an unmodded PS2.

    * - actually some companies i think sell a 'boot disc' that lets you put an import game in. works kind of like the gameshark or action replay,

    you put it in first, it loads some stuff, then asks you for your disc. I have never tried one so i don't know how well they work.

    As for chips: I personally like the DMS3 a lot. It plays region 2 dvd's on my region 1 ps2 (My $98 japanese DVD edition of Macross DYRL plays great on it. It plays all my PS1 Anime related import games well. (Macross VFX, Macross Plus Movie Edition, Macross DYRL (2d shooter, forgot the exact name, its the one that was out for the Saturn too, Votoms, Gundam Char's Counterattack, Gundam Battle Assault II, etc.) I personally DEPLORE region coding. How many of those games have come out outside of japan? Exactly ZERO. The DMS3 is also flash upgradeable so it should be able to keep up with sony's anti-mod chip 'fixes' for a while. Eventually they will probably find a way around it, but i think that will be a while. (opinion, not fact) Basically the DMS3 will play anything you put into it. I do not know how well it handles the PAL/NTSC issue though, as I have only used NTSC equipment.

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