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  1. Anyone successfully tried to replace the clear visor with a rounded one? I am looking at these: (Not linking in case there's a rule against it..) afx-flip-3-snap-helmet-shield (check the blue, and see how it has the plastic part to make it stick out more on the top? that might look better on the helmet if all fits reasonably well.. also looking at hydron - anti scratch flip shield and hardest probably to adapt.. biltwell-bubble-shield I've done a lot of helmet modding for my 501st legion (built a vader helmet and stormtrooper) so I think its doable if the rounded plastic comes to me as raw material..
  2. I really hope these 'kits' actually materialize in 3-4 weeks.. Getting a little nervous about the whole thing the more I read. Wondering I should just cut my losses...
  3. Did they ship your second helmet AND the extra visor in one box or do you have to wait for ANOTHER box in 3-4 weeks?
  4. Anyone successfully taken off the nozzle connectors, intentionally, without breaking them? How are they attached? FYI - Masei offered me A kit including "top shade and the back side cover.. and lower cheek part.. not including the open face helmet." $25 shipped. In 'within 1 month' If this happens in a reasonable time. I am pretty happy with it. I can replace the broken top shade, and will probably replace the other parts as they all had some minor paint scuffs from the shipping (not no dents or breaks on the other parts than the shade). Im thinking they will probably come through. They did come through with the helmets.
  5. Clearly the Masei is designed for a 'human' head. The Yamato is sexier but i don't know anyone with an anime head. ;)'
  6. Has anyone gotten them to fix it without paying for a second helmet?
  7. To be fair.. maybe worst shipping? I believe mine was in good shape when it left the sender. packaging was inadequate.
  8. Oh a few other notes. Its not too bad: - All the decal/lines are applied straight everywhere, no wiggly lines like I have seen on some samples here. - Unwanted skull (frontier style) decal can be removed with a simple scraping with a plastic scraper that does not damage paint - Side arrows lined up perfectly on one side, slightly off on other. really not bad. Can live with it. - Liner is 'luxurious' feeling and high quality, to my eye anyhow. I do not ride motorcycles, but it certainly feels plush and nice. Once they get me a new top visor I will be happy with it.
  9. Got mine today. The crack/chip on top-center that everyone noted is present on mine as well. I emailed and they offered me the $85 'deal' for another helmet and visor. I don't have the $$ right now for that. i just want the one I have to not be broken. I hope they can make it right. I'll hold out to see if they come through.
  10. That one looks nice. Closer to the movie and allows you to paint yourself. Would look good next to my vader and stormtrooper.
  11. Mines spent several days in New York at customs. Getting a little tired of that. No fault of Masei, but really, customs, get it together.. it doesnt take this long when i order from HLJ. EVERY month.
  12. Thanks for the binder info. Gonna have to order a few. My issues are definitely hard to dig through. Not to mention I will probably print out sketchley's translations and holepunch then and put them in there too. Might be nice to know what is going on. Just seems like sacrilege to take them apart.. but.. it seems that is what they are meant for.
  13. Do you leave them as issues, or have a binder for each 'colored section' ? What do other people do?
  14. Yep they have the regular binders. But there is a special binder to put all your COVERS in thats slightly bigger. I think its a japan exclusive or something. So did you separate yours out into binders ? OH BTW they always get back to me. Sometimes i just sense a bit of language barrier in the responses. but i have nothing but love for this great company.
  15. Yep HLJ got it straightened out. They are really great. I just wish it was easier to communicate with them in a timely manner. But they have always done me right. Oh is there any for those who live in the US to get the binders for covers? I cant yet bring myself to break my Chronicles up into pieces.. but i imagine eventually they will start falling apart as they are designed to be taken apart. at that point I may binder them.
  16. Seriously wondering if HLJ is stopping carrying macross chronicle? 53 is in stock and 54 is nearing a week late for their usual preorder. Anywhere else sell it? Naturally I want to keep buying from HLJ cause private warehouse is brilliant for shipping price on these thin magazines.
  17. Man I was just cleaning my shelf and i had forgotten these Garlands had a disintegrating shoulder problem cause it hadn't gotten me.. Ha.. I picked him up and his right arm fell to the floor. So I look at the left arm to see what I'm gonna have to do to fix it and that one comes off in my hand... So a quick search led me here. VF5SS I just ordered a red and a white set on Shapeways. Looks like you may save my toy here. Also looks like I need to figure out how to get started in 3d object design!! This is great! Thanks!!
  18. HLJ has gotten flaky on these. This no preorder thing is a drag. Anyone had any luck with another vendor on 35?
  19. That's Extremely helpful! Thanks! I will give mineral spirits on future a try on a couple pieces to see how it goes! As for grime.. It's mecha (macross, gundam, other), in bot mode, so not too grimy just yet. That grimy look will come in handy on the Votoms Scopedog though!
  20. Ok thats worth a try. It sounds like don't understand my thinners very well. I was thinking that mineral spirits would eat through future.. and acrylics, and anything, because they are a 'strong solvent' (in my mind anyhow) --- - So spray on future. Let dry, Then mix artist oils (from tube) and thinner to runny consistency for a wash, let dry, and rub off with mineral spirits? --- Correct? Do you add any detergent to your wash? (i have heard of this) Thanks!
  21. Ok So this is reviving a dead horse.. But I am experimenting.. - I have airbrushed a kit with Tamiya Acrylics. - I then Applied Future for gloss coat.. - Then a wash (Citadel Nuln Oil Shade), Unfortunately when I went to remove the wash i used rubbing alcohol and it ate through the future and the underlying acrylic got wiped away too. So, Now i am thinking I need to use a Lacquer clear coat instead of future.. I don't know exactly what i want to do there though. I dont run lacquers through my airbrush.. because the are a major pain to clean out. Any recommendations? I'm concerned a spray lacquer clear will go on too thick/orangepeel
  22. Im getting concerned about the same thing. Am I going to have to find a new place to order? 33 issues in? Hope not!
  23. They should just mold it in metal, then the scratches from transformation would be realistic
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