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  1. Member 'Valkyrie' got me a set of photoetch in record time. Very smooth.
  2. To me, it does not matter which company is right or wrong, I'd just like to be able to legally obtain subtitled and translated Macross video and Manga in the US, at US market prices. Its a shame that Frontier, DYRL, Macross 7, Macross the First, etc.. aren't widely available over here without importing. For example: I have bought Macross the First in Japanese, and while its beautiful, it sure would be nice to have some idea what they are saying. I really love my Vertical Pub. Gundam Origin Books. They are top notch high quality, properly priced products.
  3. Can we blame Harmony Gold? Kidding of course (NO really i am kidding don't hurt me) But I do have a LOT LOT LOT of legally purchased Gundam IN ENGLISH. and a lot LESS legally purchased Macross.. i wonder why that is. Anyhow. It is exciting news that a new volume of Macross the First will be published on paper. Maybe I'm just old, but online digital comics just don't do the same thing for me that a real book does. That 'japanese paper smell' I remember from hunting for things in Los Angelese as a kid, is so exotic.
  4. Me too! My faith in ability to sign up for the japanese account is no longer in question. It IS still odd I can't link the accounts. Oh well. Fun toy coming in the mail.
  5. Wow those fabric suits do NOTHING for me. :| Bring on the fibrerglass or thermoformed plastic! (and thicker fabric for the Spacesuit
  6. Tiny bit off topic.. are you using the new cordless dremel mini? Im using the regular dremel with the handheld attachment. i really like how well the attachment fits in hand. makes precision so much easier... but i am very tempted to buy the cordless mini
  7. I'm hoping they will someday send me replacement parts that are in good shape! Thanks for the comment. I hope you like dremeling. (Or your precision cutting tool of choice) the edges of the plastic add-on parts to the helmet need some considerable trimming. I used a dremel quick-change cutting wheel, on medium speed, with the handheld attachment, and moved very slowly and carefully. I think as the visor mods go one thing mine i not good with is the fact that it makes it obvious that the top shield needs to be longer/stick out further in the front. Which.. once my non-broken one arrives, I may work on modding this one to be longer. Time to get out the sheet styrene and possibly fiberglass.. Will require a lot of almost-from-scratch work. I REALLY like the bulbousness of the green visor but i want it higher up in profile view.. Don't know if i can do it. Clear stuff is hard to mod. no sanding or patching if you screw it up. :|
  8. Does the bubble helmet come with enough 'leftover plastic at the bottom so that i could cut an inch off the TOP and then redrill holes for the screws? I can't tell the scale too well from pics. (giving it a curve that more closely, from the side, looks like it's in 'plane' with the oval/circle shape of the round base helmet? (that sentence may be badly worded...)
  9. Well that was fun! I THINK i successfully ordered.
  10. I'm also curious how to order this. Definitely hope HLJ will sell it as i have an established relationship and know what to expect with shipping and payment. not sure how to do that with amazon japan.
  11. Any word on shipping of replacement parts yet? I have heard nothing. I suppose i will mail them soon.
  12. Looking good. Wow you are going for Shin Kudo Paint job on DYRL style? I just now looked his up to see your color scheme and he has significant cosmetic differences. Your paint application looks great! Have you given any thought to if/how to hide the screws? I have not come up with a good way yet.
  13. It doesn't look like they learned anything about shipping. I can't believe these are in the same size box. one layer of bubble wrap for a transcontinental journey? I'm glad I didnt go for the second helmet. Ok i was being an apologist before but seeing how they are shipping the 'better packaged' replacements is making me a little hotheaded.
  14. Glad to see you did it too Jasonc ... I definitely was more cavalier with these cracked parts than I would have been if they weren't damaged in the shipping. Once they send me good ones I will try to find a visor that requires NO modifications to the helmet plastics.. which will mean MORE mods to the visor I suspect. Still.. It looks SOOO much nicer on the shelf. I may redo those mismatched arrows on the side too... The shame of it is this is not at all a bad product.. its your typical scenario where everything gets hosts up in the last 5%/last mile. Finish and shipping are the issues. Oh.. I also am going to try to find and paint removable 'plugs' for the screw holes. Should I try to take nicer photos with more that a phone camera?
  15. Green EXISTS ..but i dont know about chrome.. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/saikosha/item/pump-shield/?s-id=borderless_recommend_item_en I did not find a green in my hunt on normal sites like amazon and american motorcyle shops.
  16. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006MNLCCY Note it took 'considerable' modding to fit.
  17. Ok this editor is weird.. Yea so i was saying i added the blue chrome lens it no longer flips up when installed here When they send me a new red visor i intend to fiberglass or plastic-work this chipped one, and extend it's length.
  18. lavinrac

    Macrossworld Stuff

    Stuff directly relating to Macrossworld
  19. From the album: Macrossworld Stuff

    Masei Helmet with Blue-Chrome Visor
  20. From the album: Macrossworld Stuff

    Masei Helmet with Blue-Chrome Visor
  21. From the album: Macrossworld Stuff

    Wearing Masei Helmet with Blue-Chrome Visor
  22. From the album: Macrossworld Stuff

    Wearing Masei Helmet with Blue-Chrome Visor
  23. I've still got to decide which to buy and then order. I may check local motorcycle shops and try to get a better look before i choose
  24. Ok here's some links: Picture modifications to put one or any of these on the helmet: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/65650/i/afx-flip-3-snap-helmet-shield http://www.amazon.com/Hydron-Anti-Scratch-Flip-Shield-Clear/dp/B001880FJ4 http://www.amazon.com/Biltwell-Inc-Helmet-Bubble-Shield/dp/B00DX8BZ6Y check out the blues and chromes.
  25. Anyone successfully tried to replace the clear visor with a rounded one? I am looking at these: (Not linking in case there's a rule against it..) afx-flip-3-snap-helmet-shield (check the blue, and see how it has the plastic part to make it stick out more on the top? that might look better on the helmet if all fits reasonably well.. also looking at hydron - anti scratch flip shield and hardest probably to adapt.. biltwell-bubble-shield I've done a lot of helmet modding for my 501st legion (built a vader helmet and stormtrooper) so I think its doable if the rounded plastic comes to me as raw material..
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