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  1. Thats gorgeous! however for my project I need a smaller figure if that is as how it looks in the photo. The legs look way too long and to result in a very stylized version of the Bartley/Hoquet... to match and sit right next to my Yellow/Blowsperior I need a smaller, more human proportion fig. I an contemplating the bandai gundam fumina hoshino kit, but I am waiting for someone to get back to me about its exact height. Don't want to get it only to find it too tall ane end up building a weird 'waifu' kit (to each there own but im not into it. esp considering those are sposed to be high school
  2. The fun ones is I have the Bartley in 1/15 too and I have no idea what kind of figure to source for it!
  3. Not sure if this should go here or the plastic model posts, since it's Mospeada and not Macross.. Will happily move if it's the wrong spot. So I'm doing this thing with a 1/15 aoshima Yellow ride armor kit. I got one of those Star wars non-scale Finn figures to be a donor body. Because it's body was roughly 1/15th even though it had a giant head. Doing some work with epoxy putty to create proper shoulders and upper leg armor. That whole squarish middle place between the arms is going to be hidden, so it's not especially pretty. Progress coming along..
  4. Could KIND of go decently with 1/24 ort 1/25 model cars.
  5. Someone call for me?
  6. It's backward in the line art
  7. I get mails from Amazon Japan about my order from time to time. I can use it as a way to mark the passing of time.. daughter starts high school.. daughter goes to college.. etc.
  8. Good point. and whats worse is I have 2 of them and forgot!
  9. I'm waiting for this too. It's also got a different head than the TV VF-1A (and i like the movie version better) Regarding that photo. I was just thinking the other day one really cool thing they Have not done in any VF-1 toy yet is to make the nosecone rock forward so you'd have the dynamic 'crotch thrust' hahah
  10. Now that you mentioned it I am going to have to paint my beagle stick figure cuz he yellowed like crazy just the white plastic though. I took him apart took pictures of the whole disassembly and put the pieces in numbered bags I had forgot I'd have to paint that until this conversation
  11. I airbrush a lot, but no way am i repainting a $200-250 toy
  12. Repost of a screencap i posted in August:... No way the armor and Legioss are the same color.. at least in that scene of that episode (16)
  13. If it's not Day-glo, highlighter pink, I'll be happy
  14. The shoulders are tight. The wing still falls off. Everything feels a little tighter than my Blue Eta, I don't know if that's intentional or just cause the new ones only been transformed once.
  15. On the bright side. I posed her to put in the cockpit and not a single limb fell off!!
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