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  1. Just got my Missile set from NY .. Took 2 months, but I expected that as a chose ferry. Arrived alive. I am a little hesitant to order from them with all these horror stories. but they did get me my products.
  2. I think maybe a month ago or so I had gotten through to them to ship it and decided to go ferry since I waited so long anyway. I have no earthly idea when it will arrive. Maybe 2021 sometime. That's not really on them.
  3. Who is this lance fellow and why does he look so much like Yellow from Mospeada?
  4. So, random a bit here.. I have been re-watching Mospeada.. im like 3 eps from the end.. and I see Yellow say 'when i was on Mars' . so it occurs to me.. I don't know the backstory.. Of course there's the episode where he gets the feminine disguise.. but he was on Mars? Was he a real soldier? Did he come in the first or second wave? Any documentation of this available?
  5. Thanks! I have both the censored and uncensored Blu-Rays. Course one of them never gets watched, but hey at the time I didn't know the uncensored was coming. I currently have older subtitles so why not give yours a try. Pix for the doubters. Oh crap I hope HG doesn't sue my arm.
  6. Ive got the old one right here. sounds like this (which i ordered and will keep too) is an incremental update. Always room for more Mospeada materials
  7. Playing with my Beagle Stick figure today... Do you think it hurts when you extend your leg six-eight inches in length when transforming from riding to wearing your motorcyle?
  8. One Tread here most likely. Blue. It's an easy line to draw since it's 'Anime Accurate' .. Been rewatching the show and they had the green legioss hooked up with the blue tread in an ep i watched yesterday. I'm a little concerned what a Sentinel Tread will cost. They are beautiful toys but they are investments and that thing's a lot bigger than legioss.
  9. I have not heard back about my request for price or if I could possibly get a new Pilot figure from Sentinel. I wonder if: a. they didn't answer on purpose b. I emailed the wrong contact c. they are on a holiday d. other. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Or just not having a pilot on the tread? I put the pilot from CM's in the Sentinel the other day. that was fun. Just to see. Yea way different scales though. but the plane itself is nearly the same. I think this is all just a simple case of 'anime magic' combined with 'it's a cartoon' I don't think the creators knew in the early 80's that near 40 years later we'd all be analyzing their work to this level. I am thankful to have a transforming Legioss that looks good in all three modes. It was overpriced, but then again, isn't everything?
  11. just attempted fix. hope it worked.
  12. Thanks for trying this out. I have contacted about a replacement pilot figure. Will happily par reasonable amount. I emailed from http://www.sentinel-toys.com/ form. the 'union creative' site seemed to be unable to process mail sends. In other news. I wrote it in English, put it in google translate, just to see what it would kind of look like.. and i am glad i did. "Stick" in quotation marks was translated as "f***ed" !!!! So i changed it to 'pilot' I took Japanese for a few semesters in college. i don't remember the words so much but i certainly know that error would not have gone d
  13. Let me know if you are selling those pilots. I may want to painte 1 up while seeing if i can get a replacement.
  14. Thanks I'll try to get in touch with them.
  15. So I know Bandai seems to hate us here in the USA, but I was wondering. Does Sentinel? I'd like to get my hands on a replacement for my 1/48 Legioss Pilot figure. He's too Flimsy and weak, and my attempts to improve him let do a better paint job. But tighter joints due to the paint. Head broke off and I pinned it like when you're doing a resin kit... Works but it bugs me. I have a friend who lives there who could probably 'receive' the pilot if I can figure out how to order one. Thoughts?
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