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  1. New one In box? I also dont have any 70's furniture. anymore. Did you know that 'RoboStrux' next to me was Zoids, rebranded for US in the mid 80's? I'll see what I can do this weekend.
  2. My friend had the Elint Seeker 1/55. I was SUPER JEALOUS... and we. *gasp* played with our toys. Elint was where i found the stub nose that was on my Jetfire. Before that i thought the US version just had a stubby nose no one else got. Even at that age we were already griping about our missile toys not shooting or being super weak.
  3. It almost HAD to be 85 or 86.The movie came out what.. THIS week in Japan in 1984? I was still watching Robotech and it didn't come out til March 85 according to Google just now. It was bought at Fuji Oriental Market in Palmdale CA. Shortly after i got the Shogakukan Macross DYRL Photo Novels. The shop also had a VT-1 Ostrich, in a glass case, not for sale. Other than a small anime toy section, they sold food and groceries from Japan.
  4. Very little English there and it's too late at 3am to translate. Can you get a new Hikaru Valk monthly with a Dash button? Thats a pretty nice deal!
  5. Constantly questioning. I won't pay $300 in 2020 for a single Valk. Both for OMG $300 for a valk and to not feed the scalpers. I guess i have $300 tied up in a Valk and Armor Just at MSRP tho. DX 1/48 line seems to be worth i.t. Still. im my last post. that 1/55 with armor. in.. musta been 1985? Was $40. Still in great shape but a bit yellow. To get back on track as a derailed a bit there. I just got my reply from N-Y and they are ready to change my shipping for a $50 box of Plastic Missiles (just missiles!) I can have them sent by Ferry, or I can pay $40 more for UPS.. for plastic missiles (Overpriced by bandai, overpriced shipping by Covid/UPS) *** What are you guys picking? Is Ferry trackable and just slow as heck? If its not trackable I'd probably pay for UPS. I don't have to have them NOW. but no tracking means i might never see them at all (im my experience) I trust the USPS about.. well none.
  6. Robotech is approved by this child, on Christmas morning with the only gift he really cared about and still has to this day, who turned into me, now aged 47 and with a massive collection of macross and a reasonable collection of Mospeada: this kid would not see DYRL in motion for another 3-4 years, or Macross TV in Japanese for. god.. mid 90's?? Anyhow. I would not have begged my parents to take me to Smith Brothers Hobbies in Lancaster CA (outside Edwards AFB) or Fuji Oriental Market (Palmdale) Or Books Nippan (LA) if not for Robotech... I can't hate it. Now HG on the other hand.. they can **** right off the planet.
  7. Same as above. they are amazing. I've been shopping with HLJ since at Least.. Well i got married in 2001 and before that. I think my first order from them may've been when i lived in San Diego. so. 1997 or 98. at any rate. they've always been fantastic. I consider them the gold standard. Yes, their current website performs poorly. (I was a web dev until 3 yrs ago.. i could go on.. it sucks) BUT They do not charge you for things until they have them in their hands and are ready to ship to you within a couple days. This is a sign of a good company IMHO. They do not overcharge. They do not play scalper games. you will never (so far) pay HLJ $300 for a 150000 yen item. They pack things well. I have never received destroyed merch from them. they are my first line to buy something from Japan every time. Did I mention they read and *gasp* ANSWER their email/support? HLJ is the best.
  8. "I haven't had Covid-19, therefore Covid-19 doesn't exist" is a popular one these days
  9. Nah mine is: DX Chogokin - Missile Set for VF-1 - Limited Edition (Reissue) Release Date 2020-06-26 1 So.. it they had them in hand yet I'd be surprised. But pleasantly. I got those ordered WAY late.
  10. You're right. I got it mixed up. The DHL shipments were from HLJ. NY sent UPS.
  11. hmm. I got DHL from them for my SSP a few weeks back. It was $40 but . eh. whatever. I'll email them. Thanks!!!
  12. Speaking of NY and Extra parts, have they received their Missile sets (June release) yet? Wondering if i need to email them to get them in gear. It seems the polite mails are working for me. I dunno if that is a fluke or not.
  13. Could some kind soul please point me in the directions of a thread that has the ins and outs of ordering through Mandarake? I've never dealt with them before. There must be a thread.
  14. Completely agree. I didn't see a pilot name on the tv show. This is good enough for me! Heck maybe he would have left Roy's name on there in honor anyhow. Who knows. As far as pilot figure.. Sounds like a good excuse to convert a figure from a plastic model to tv Hikaru.. Or recast Roy and then make him a bit smaller. Could be a fun little project.
  15. Just had the most random thing happen.. So i build GunPla.. and I have a lot of friends who used to be in a club with me but now scattered everywhere.. Right as i have this thread open and like 3 other tabs open to find these Super Packs.. someone wishes one of my friends happy birthday on facebook.. and all the sudden my brain says "He lives in Japan right now."
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