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  1. I ordered Strike packs a bit after NY put them up the second time, for April. Should I be concerned about whether I will get them AT ALL? I can wait, but I'm a bit concerned they will not come through and by April it will be too late to get them without a huge scalper markup.
  2. Subscribe to this thread with email. its the only way I can keep up.
  3. That's gorgeous! The price is a lot of money, but certainly for the amount of hours that goes into it, its probably fairer to the customer than the artist. (I don't do a lot of art for commission for that reason... too much of a perfectionist to break even!) I wonder what kind of paints LEK uses. I'm guessing if he hasn't found some magic elixir these can't be transformed much without serious damage. And if he HAS.. man I'd like to know what kind so I could repaint my yellowed Yamatos!
  4. Looks sharp! What did you add besides the Skulls behind the cockpit? (I am at work and don't have my toy onhand to compare) I don;t remember the triangle warning below the cockpit being on the toy but it could be foggy memory.
  5. I shall never manage to be as excited about a new toy as the guy in the video! Wow!
  6. HLJ Managed to get my VF-1S order out. I ordered the other night when it was released, not months ago. It made it to my Private warehouse and now it's in FedEx's hands. I consider myself extremely lucky.
  7. My order from last night showed up on site pretty quickly, despite bugs. That's how I was able to lower quantity from 2 to one. Credit card was charged charged and item put in private warehouse while I slept. What's this about an item limit of 1? The site has been showing a limit of 20 to me for weeks. I remember well cause I thought that's was insanely scalper-friendly.
  8. Just -successfully- changed my order quantity. Hope one of you gets it. I have no interest in trying to resell and up the price for my shipping cost
  9. Welp, I just accidentally got TWO from HLJ cause their website is terrible and I was so afraid the cart would get shipped I didn't check my order carefully!
  10. I think for a lot of us who discovered Macross through robotech, and I know many people didn't even see the DYRL movie for a long time, Effectively, Roy's VF-1S IS Hikaru's TOO, so it's a favorite over where we were denied exposure to DYRL. Hikaru's movie version happens to be my favorite because that final battle is just SO awesome and iconic, but I'm also left with the memory of Roy's death and Hikaru's 'inheriting' his aircraft as the first time I'd seen a cartoon where anything warlike had any real consequences for the characters, and as a 12-13 yr old that was powerful stuff.
  11. This preorder madness has gotten so out of hand. I'm not a collector of multiples. I've got the VF-1J, and preorders for fastpacks and missiles. Gonna look weird if I don't manage to get ahold of a Hikaru VF-1S. Wonder if they will reissue the valks like they are doing with accessories.
  12. This is a very achievable thing for web coders (which i sadly am not skilled enough!)
  13. The folks you have to deal with to get this done seem shady to me.. I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to do some kind of negotiation with a vendor months before a release to hold some stock. I have no idea, just throwing out a random thought.
  14. The frenzy finally got to me. I ordered the super/strike packs.. Now I will have to somehow find a Hikaru VF-1S, god help me. (No Preorder) If any of you fleet builders have a spare I'm desperate, though I'm hardly alone there. Now that I've got these I'm thinking of painting my Yamato 1/48 Roy. It has yellowed a good bit.
  15. Well I finally got my vf-1j in. I waited a while to get it shipped since I had it in my hlj warehouse. So far after the first day it is the best of the VF ever. Still definitely for adults. This is too complex to 'play' with. I wish there was something with the chunky monkey sturdiness.
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