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  1. You assume he wanted to kill Luke. By this point there's likely a huge bounty on Luke to be taken in alive from the Emperor or Vader themselves.
  2. Five bucks this film ends with Akeem rewriting Zamundan law to let his daughter take the throne, he is the king after all.
  3. No I don't care how she lost her arm. No I don't care about how she learned of the "green place." No I don't care about how she came to work for Immortan Joe. What I do care about would be a sequel featuring "Empress Furiosa" bringing law & order back to the wasteland.
  4. I didn't watch WW1984 because I'm a knuckle dragging hornball like Animal from the Muppets, I watched it because I actually enjoyed the first one and expected the same level of quality in the sequel. Boy was I wrong. That being said I'm still willing to give Patty Jenkins a chance, as even Spielberg has made some stinkers in the past. It's all a question of where she goes from here.
  5. My only complaint is he didn't pry open the doors with the force and say: "I'm Luke Skywalker and I'm here to rescue you."
  6. I never gave even one wet fart about Voyager because it's entire plot of "Will they ever make it home?" was boring and oppressive especially when it devolved into a worse species of the week than ToS or TNG. The refugees searching for home had already been done before better by Space 1999 and original Galactica and Voyager didn't have the interesting cast, or space battles to hook you like those did. As for Enterprise it suffered from the same problem all prequels do, in that we already know how this all ends so why should I care about what happens in the show? The only mildly inte
  7. That seems to be out the window now given what actress Letitia Wright did on twitter with going on a long rambling conspiracy rant possibly while high and or drunk like what Mel Gibson did except she replaced jewish people with transgendered people and blamed them for causing/spreading covid.... Yeah.
  8. This is all for nothing if Michael A. Stackpole isn't involved in some way.
  9. That was James Earl Jones choice. He felt at the time Star Wars and ESB came out his contributions weren't important enough to justify a credit. Back then Voice Acting didn't carry the same gravitas it carries today and was just something actors did to pay the bills until their next full acting role came in. By the time RoTJ came out the franchise was big enough and his voice role iconic enough that he was included in the billing for his work. That all being said Rest in Peace David Prowse.
  10. I said this before and I'll say it again louder. Predator. Pacific Island. WWII.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the plan in the end. Especially given... Edited to remove spoiler that didn't want to be hidden.
  12. One major reason this game wasn't well recieved had to do with the previous movie tie in game the studio developed... Rambo.
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