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  1. renegadeleader1


    Cat's Eye=Sexy Aerobics Time!!! Seriously though its good to see these two series finally merge together after constantly making offhand references to each other. ☺
  2. Unless you are Sir Mix A Lot, because "Booty is booty."
  3. *cracks knuckles* As the resident fanservice expert here(seriously I host anime con panels on this stuff for fun) I have to say Keijo is very fun and entertaining little series. It's pretty much a send up parody of sports and fighting shows that is genuinely funny. A lot of the fights pay homage to things like JoJo's, DBZ, Street Fighter or One Punch Man.
  4. renegadeleader1

    GO-BOTS by IDW

    Road Ranger... What you get when you ask your mom for Optimus Prime and all she can remember is its that red and blue semi truck that transforms into a robot.
  5. renegadeleader1

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Went to US Airforce museum today. That collection is mindblowing, there is stuff there I never thought I'd see in person(Bockscar, Memphis Belle, B-36 Peacemaker, XB-70 Valkyrie. Pics to follow!
  6. To me it kind of felt like a pilot for an ongoing tv series.
  7. renegadeleader1

    ANIME Figures and Statues

    Well if it wasn't one before it is now. BAN! just announced we are getting a red recolor of this figure with dickgirl option parts and blonde hair. Actually its probably one of the most unique retooling of a figure I have ever seen as it comes with enough parts to simulate a full sex change from male to female. It has a bare male chest, covered busty female chest, naked busty female chest, and what looks like maybe two different dangly bit attachments depending on wether you like nuts on your sundae. I don't think I've ever seen a figure this extensive like this before. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-043431
  8. Out of curiousity do we see Goblin Slayer's face at all in the manga or light novels? I'm just wondering if there is going to be a bit of a Samus Aran it's really a woman under the armor twist.
  9. What made Boba cool was the fact he outsmarted Han by figuring out he was hiding somewhere waiting until the fleet left, Vader had to take a moment to personally address him regarding "no disintegrations, and he talked back to Vader without repercussions. This was at a time when all we knew about Vader was he had a habit of choking fools who displeased him.
  10. renegadeleader1

    Disney's live action Aladdin May 2019

    Will Smith is the only person who could do the Genie role justice after Robin Williams.
  11. renegadeleader1

    Venom - The Movie

    So Midnight's Edge shed a little light on why this film exists, and what they are planning to do with Spiderman once the Sony/MCU deal expires in 2019. Basically the Spidey actor Tom Holland is under contract to appear as Spiderman 6 times. Only 5 of those being under the MCU banner. The next will be under a Sony only controlled production. Sony doesn't like the fact they have zero control of the Spiderman character right now so they want to establish their own SpideyMCU with Venom then insert Tom Holland as Spiderman and pass their universe off as part of the Disney MCU in hopes of cashing in instead of letting Disney make the Spidey movies for them which they profit from despite having no creative control. TLDR: The same idiots at Sony Pictures that screwed up two different versions of Spiderman want creative control back so they can screw it up a third time. Nevermind the fact they take 100% of the profits minus production costs for each solo film Disney makes for them as part of the MCU.
  12. Sure. Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister before Churchill from 1937-1940. He was so desperate to avoid conflict after the the first world war with Germany he set up a policy of appeasement that outright ignored the Nazis rearming the country, threats against british interests, and the blatant aggression towards its neighbors. This culminated in the Munich Agreement over the Sudetenland Crisis(German territorial claims over Czechoslovakia) in which Chamberlain caved in to every German demand and sold out Czech sovereignty to guarantee "Peace in our time." That deal was in spite the german intent of the negotiations was to provoke a war up until Chamberlain basically gave Hitler everything he wanted without firing a shot. After that the Germans used the Czech industrial base to bolster its forces to the point they could invade Poland and trigger what many acknowledge as the official start of the Second World War.