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  1. It gets worse as far as the Mig-15 is concerned. I can't relate the story of how the US got their hands on one without someone chuckling. First at the planes Nato name then at the North Korean's name who defected in it, No Kum-sok.
  2. I'll admit this is the films biggest problem, the pacing is breakneck. Two hours and ten minutes was not enough time to tell the events of Pearl Harbor to Midway in a truly coherent way. It really should have gotten the three plus hours that that abomination Pearl Harbor got. As for Yammato's sleeping giant speech there is debate even among Japanese historians as to wether he said something to it's sentiment or not. The problem is he never wrote it down and the people he could confide in to tell likely like him died in the war. The main plot of the movie is split between the intelligence officers of Station Hypo in Hawaii, the carrier air group of Enterprise, and the Japanese high command planning the war. Showing the outcome of the first major strike back against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor that the Enterprise escorted and it's repercussions is very much in line with the theme of the film especially since the Doolittle raid was what prompted the Japanese to target Midway. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if those Chinese film credits weren't in the opening. Tom Garth and father Matt Garth didn't appear in the 2019 because they didn't exist. They were made up hollywood inserts to give Charlton Heston a bigger lead role and tack on a pointless love story/address Japanese-American internment reparations which was a hot button political topic in the mid 70s. The Matt Garth character in the 1976 film actually replaced real life people Edwin Layton and Dick Best who are the main focus of this 2019 film. As for the US Navy being "homogenously pigmented"... yes this was a time when the military was segregated. African Americans weren't allowed to be pilots, and asian americans weren't allowed to serve in the Pacific theater.
  3. You know, there's a saying. It's better to let people assume you are fool than to open your mouth and prove them correct. Maybe you should actually pay attention to those documentaries you mentioned and you might learn something, especially in regards to the " racist & nationalist propaganda". I've spent a lot of time and effort researching this subject over the years, and there's no sugarcoating it, the Japanese during WWII were b*****ds especially to the Chinese. That "token China scene" as you put it comes directly from Jimmy Doolittle's memoirs, and the reprisals against the Chinese civilians who aided in the aircrews escape. The Japanese military even summarily executed one of the crews they caught. The later scene where Bruno Gaido and his pilot are executed is also known to be true, as the source for it comes from the Captain of the IJN Makigumo's own log book. Do I even need to bring up Unit 731? The Bataan death march? The order to execute all allied pows in the Philippines during its liberation? The Manila Massacre? The bombing of Shanghai? Nanking? The Japanese news papers running stories of competitions between soldiers to see who can kill the most civilians? The Hellships? Comfort women? Human experimentation? Forced labor and starvation?
  4. Not really surprised surplus AH-1's made it into civilian use given the parts commonality between it and the Huey.
  5. As far as the "Endor Holocaust" goes one of the Stackpole X-wing comics back in the day has a flashback to immediately after the battle of endor and depics a massive fire fighting effort with starfighters modified into firebombers dropping retardant foam on the DS wreckage. This was back when Dark Horse and Bantam books were working close with Lucasarts on continuity. Before the prequels, before the novel rights went to Del Rey with them going "kill em all" Vong invasion, and before the whole damn thing got sold to Disney so take that for what you will.
  6. Do you guys remember Paul G. Allen, the billionare from Seattle with the interest in WWII aircraft and vehicles? His legacy foundation has been funding deep sea scanning to find historically significant ship wrecks via the RV Petrel. Not too long ago they found the USS Lexington from the Battle of Coral Sea. Well two days ago they found the Kaga after she was sunk at Midway, and as of about four or five hours ago they found the Akagi too. All that's left to find is the Hiryu and Soryu. Here's ROV footage of the Kaga.
  7. I'm willing to argue with you on the sound design point. It seems they went through the effort to record engine sounds for each of the different aircraft featured in the episode. A Supermarine Seafire's Rolls Royce Merlin has a distinctive sound compared to the Wright Cyclone the Dauntless uses or the Sakae engines the Zero's had. It looks like the got all three spot on. As for the cannon fire, a five inch naval gun(or any naval artillery for that matter) can sound very different and downright garbled or weird depending on where you are in relation to it when it's being fired. It's not always the Ka-BOOM crackle you'd think you'd hear.
  8. This hits close to home for me. Nine-Oh-Nine is owned by the Collings Foundation who have their armor museum and headquarters near where I live. The plane alongside their B-24, B-25, and several other vintage aircraft were on a "wings of liberty" tour of New England. I was actually supposed to see them a couple weeks ago before I went on vacation, but the friend I was going to take got sick and never went. I'm absolutely devastated and heartbroken right now.
  9. Funny you mention that exact P-51. It's out of the same museum.
  10. That museum I went to, the Flying Heritage one is working on a vintage ME262 with Jumo engine made to original specifications, but with modern longer lasting materials that supposedly prevent the engine from burning out after 6 hours. I really hope this doesn't end up like the N9M flying wing.
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