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  1. If that patch is his father's what was a navy fighter pilot doing onboard the USS Galveston, a light cruiser in 1963-64?
  2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. A man so charismatic he can inject entertainment and enjoyment into some of the worst, most cringy films ever made.(Doom, Baywatch, San Andreas, the Die Hard meets Towering Inferno crossover)
  3. Oh boy, where do I begin? The golden circle is good, for all of the first ten minutes where it picks up right from where the previous film left off. Then it goes into an immediate death spiral once the main villain and her plan is introduced and never recovers. If you're wondering the plot is what's left of the Kingsmen after drone strikes wipe most of them out joining forces with their US brethern the Statesmen to take on a Martha Stewart wannabe to make the world safe for drug addicts to get high.
  4. They botched the sequel so badly the only way they can move forward is to go backwards with a prequel.
  5. This is my exact issue with Starship Troopers. The various adaptations have warped and corrupted the source material so much they completely miss the point of the book and almost everything is taken out of context. Even the more faithful ones like Roughnecks don't do it justice. People seem to think adding power armor or big flashy propaganda eyecatches(a Verhoven creation going back to Robocop) are somehow doing the source justice. The book itself is a memoir and the framing is Rico recounting the experiences of his service in the bug war, why he joined, and how he coped with day to day military life in and out of combat. Everything in it is from his point of view and how he sees the world. That is the context that's lost on people and where accusations of militarism and fascism come from. Things like federal non military civil service get mentioned but are glossed over because that's not why Rico joined. He joined specifically to follow Carmen into the Navy and after testing and failing miserably he was inducted into the Mobile Infantry(essentially the Terran Federation's Marine Corps).
  6. I was going to let this go because I didn't want to hijack the thread, but the more I think about it the more I'm certain you never read the Starship troopers book. The book is no more about fascists than the Honor Harrington series is about pushing Monarchists. There are no pointless life is cheap bloodbaths, and Rico is actually punished for seeing his troops as disposable during a training exercise. There is no "Argentinian setting". Rico has a latin name because he is Filipino. The only time Argentina is mentioned was when the bugs attacked Buenos Aires with ships and troops(not an asteroid drop) killing Rico's mother who was visiting there at the time. If anything the novel spends most of it's time in the Canadian Pacific northwest apart from Sanctuary, Planet P, Klendathu, and the skinnie homeworld.
  7. Yeah Hideaki Anno was complaining about this as far back as 1996.
  8. So... The trend of a Midway film cribing battle scenes from earlier movies continues. :P
  9. Sorry about the B-25 rant guys, but I've noticed something else that's kind of nagging me. For a movie called Midway there's actually very little of the actually battle shown. Everything we see in the trailer is either Pearl Harbor, Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea, or the Air Raid on Rabaul that was launched over the Owen Stanley mountains. Only the last five minutes with the Dauntless dive bomber are of the Midway battle. If they spent that much money for sfx on things that aren't the actual battle I really have to wonder how much of it we will actually see.
  10. In regards to the Midway trailer F*** Emmerich and F*** the SFX guys. These dumb***** still can't get the right model of B-25 for the Doolittle Tokyo Raid just like they screwed it up in Pearl Harbor. They're never going to get it right because film makers are too lazy to ever visit any other airplane museum than Chino's Planes of Fame so everytime a B-25 it's modeled off their B-25J with its tailgun position and side cockpit gunpods. Nevermind the USAF has a perfectly fine B-25B that is the exact same type used on the raid and bearing the raiders livery.
  11. This is the answer whenever we look at box office returns and wonder how a garbage film that made only 20 million domestically makes 400 million there.
  12. Meh. Winning 1-2-3 at the 1967 24 hours of Daytona means little when you went on to get curb stomped by Ford at Le-Mans the next three years.
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