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  1. So when do we get MG/HG releases of the RGM-109 Heavygun and RGM-111 Hardygun?
  2. Not quite a space battleship, but I figured you guys might like to know about this. Cobi Bricks partnered with the game World of Warships to produce building block kits of famous warships including the IJN Yamato. https://cobi.pl/en/world-of-warships/battleship-yamato,art,11392.html
  3. So what type of camera would you guys recommend for someone relatively new to photography? EDIT: More specifically what camera would help with cutting down on lighting and lense flares so my photos don't end up looking like a JJ Abrams film?
  4. Man that trailer reeks of the production trouble they've had making this. "We're behind schedule and don't have a proper trailer so here's some BTS mixed with random shots of the Jamaican night life brought to you the Jamaican Tourism Board featuring new 007 and Felix Leiter!"
  5. Considering Neo was using Matrix super powers "outside" of the Matrix during the final battle I'd say there's a good chance of that.
  6. So I mentioned briefly on the previous page that I was heading to the Seattle area for vacation at the end of next month, well it looks like it's going to be a doozy as far as aircraft are concerned. First stop is heading south into Oregon to visit the Evergreen Air Museum where the Spruce Goose is kept. Then heading over to the coast to the Tillamook Air Museum since my brother wants to see the Pacific Ocean and I want to artifacts from the Hindenburg dirigible. After that we head north to see the B-23 Dragon at the McChord AFB Museum. Then in Seattle proper we're visiting the Museum of Flight. Continuing to head north to Paine field we have the Boeing tour, Historic Flight Foundation, and the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. The final place we are visit once we get back to his home in Montana is a 3 hour trip north of his house to tour Malmstrom AFB and their museum. AVIATION VACATION! YAY!
  7. You know what the best thing about those filler episodes of B5 were? The little things going on in the background or passing references that had huge ramifications in the final seasons.
  8. Back before the dark times, before the Last Jedi news of potential Obi Wan Kenobi and Han Solo movies were met with general optimism. Then TLJ dropped and we saw who was cast as Han Solo. In a moment it was as if millions of voices screamed out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Any faith in Disney doing anything right went right into the trash compactor.
  9. To drive the point home once again, most of the resistance dies because two idiots illegally park on a private beach, are too lazy to find the correct hacker that Maz specifically told them to find, assume any hacker will do including sleazy ones that straight up say they have no loyalty, and proceed to let him hang around while discussing the resistance's ultra top secret plan that trigged a mutiny because the purple haired idiot refused to tell anyone about it.
  10. Kind of like how TFA explained Luke went to find the first jedi temple and left a map behind in case he was needed, but in TLJ he went into exile to die and didn't want to be found?
  11. I see. Context is everything. I never really got into this show, but when this show started getting popular I looked it up on youtube. Most of the clips tended to be amv's, transformations, or things like that Chris scene. I pretty much passed on it.
  12. I may be wrong, but wasn't this the show where one of the characters was in a lesbian BDSM relationship that involved electroshock?
  13. Anything HG would do wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as Tatsunoko hiring a pedo with a diaper fetish to do Southern Crosses' original character designs.
  14. From what I understand Paine Field in addition to the factory tour and small museum dedicated to the field's history there's also two other museums, Paul G. Allen's Combat Armor & flight museum, and the Heritage Flight Foundation. The former has a Panzer IV that was originally supposed to come east with the rest of the collection it was a part of, but the people in charge of it accidently put it up for auction and Allen bought it. The later is a small place basically a vintage aircraft flying club, but it has some unique aircraft like a F7F Tigercat and F8F Bearcat that the tour guides let you actually get up close to. Since you're familiar with the area do you have any recommendations on other places I should visit? Any good import toy stores? Big problem with the Defiant is it's entire design was based around a flawed concept. A defensive turret makes sense on a bomber where it's manuverability is limited by it's size and payload. Adding a turret to a fighter negates its advantages of speed and maneuverability. Compound that with the fact there were zero forward firing guns it shouldn't be any surprise that within a year of being introduced the RAF had lost every example that had been delivered to them. It's biggest success was as a night fighter which is kind of humorous as they were essentially flying blind without search radar that would be common to the planes that succeeded it. You'll love the new hangar. On one side is the prototypes, one offs, oddities, and experimentals like the Goblin parasite fighter, SR-71, YF-23, Kestrel vtol, and the RCAF's attempt at building a working flying saucer the VZ-9 Avrocar. The other side is the Presidential wing with all the various Airforce One's and the couple of planes that predate the designation. My brother who is in his late 30's was giddy as a schoolboy finally getting to go inside them. I felt bad for him though when he got to the back of Kennedy's plane and realized where he was standing. I've never seen a smile disappear from someone's face as quickly as I did when he was in the middle of reading the plaque.
  15. Yup. The forgotten designs, the one offs, the planes with brief service life , and the utter failures have started to become more and more interesting to me lately. When I visited the USAF museum in Dayton last October I think I squeed more for the interwar era planes like the last remaining intact Martin B-10 or the Douglas B-18 Bolo than I did some of the other planes like the Memphis Belle or Bockscar despite them being more famous. The B-58 they had was pretty amazing too. Along those lines, this October I'm also heading to Seattle for vacation and I'm making a note to stop by McChord AFB to see the Douglas B-23 Dragon they have before going to the Seattle Museum of flight then Paine field in Everett. The dragon was a relatively obscure redesign of the B-18 Bolo, which itself was a militarized version of a DC-3.
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