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  1. All Things Videogame Related: EXTREME VS!!

    Great looks like they're going Wolfenstein alternate history with this stuff. Then again they already did that on the last one introducing powerarmor dudes with miniguns in the first world war.
  2. The Happytime Murders

    All I know is what I saw in the trailer was a hell of a lot funnier than that fur tv dick joke garbage Old Nash posted.
  3. Deadpool 2

    I have a questionfor those who have seen this before I see this and a simple yes or no will do...
  4. People who whine about Ray annoy me and forget that Star Wars has a long history of strong capable women. If you take out the two Death Stars and Alderaan blowing up you'll find Leia is actually responsible for more kills than anyone else in the original trilogy.
  5. The Predator (2018)

    The predator series has so much possibilities for potential films. So many different time eras, locations, and warzones you could set it in and still be compelling. Instead we get this turd. It's much worse for the Alien franchise. After Aliens showed what military grade and some civilian grade(pump action shotgun) weaponry could do to a xenomorph the consensus among the the film makers was "How do we gimp the humans to make the xenomorph a threat again?" They answered this by at first rehashing the original by placing it in a confined setting with little to no weaponry, but that didn't sell so they just decided to make everyone dumb as bricks with as much life preservation as a lemming pretending to be the dumb bimbo that always dies first in a Friday the 13th film.
  6. The Predator (2018)

    Reminding people that this film is being directed by the guy who did the one MCU film the other films like to pretend doesn't exist is probably not a good idea. This movie looks like a** and changing the basic Predator plot from alien hunting humans for sport to using humans to advance their own genetic evolution is dumb.

    Having just watched Retaliation again the other day I can attest to this. All in all it's not a bad action movie and the plot is 100% GI Joe schlock. The three things it had going against are its connections to the first movie instead of starting fresh, the meager budget it had, and the decision to kill off 99% of the named Joes in a hamfisted attempt at a soft reset 5 minutes into the film.
  8. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    As long as Lady Armaroid and Cobra are still the drivers!
  9. Having been to San Francisco, it won't be the city workers, but the zombie horde level of homeless people there that will strip that stuff down for what ever they can get at the recycling center.
  10. You're complaining about this when Dr. Strange had a single origin film, then a small cameo in Thor Ragnarok, and yet went on to play a massive part in Infinity War?
  11. You want Silver Surfer? That means introducing one of the worst and most annoying of Marvel's villans, Galactus! Me hungy! Me eat planet om nom nom! Me invincible! Yeah no thank you.