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  1. He already said no to that, but to be honest a show about a former stormtrooper breaking his conditioning and finding his way in the galaxy would be a cool idea... As long as he doesn't act like an emotionally stunted ten year old that goes "WOW!" at everything and everyone. Actually I'm begining to wonder if that last part was intentional for his character. He was pretty much kidnapped as a child and programmed to be a soldier so he has all these military skills, but no maturity once the programing is broken. So all his dopy actions kind of make sense.
  2. Try Rian Johnson's ass. This dyad dynamic got introduced in The Last Jedi with Snoke who is apparently being forced controlled by the Emperor now gloating about creating a link in the force connecting the two which the Emperor in Rise Of Skywalker was oblivious to. It's also the film that introduced the space teleportation gimmick during the scene where Luke interrupted their force mind meld and Kylo ended up back on his ship soaking wet from the rain.
  3. I can attest to this. Years ago the American Hockey League, the hockey minor league right below the NHL used to run a mascot of the year contest fans could vote on. It's since been cancelled because somebody paid a group in India less than a hundred dollars to stuff the ballot box with over two million votes. :P
  4. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it does raise an eyebrow when the audience Rotten Tomatoes score hasn't budged at all since release. It's currently sitting at 86% with over 80,000 reviews, the same 86% it was at with 8,000 reviews, 800 reviews, etc. Logic dictates that it should have fluctuated at some point, but it hasn't. As for all the one line indentical reviews? It's almost as if in all those accusations by studios that incel neckbeard basement dwellers were review bombing to affect scores they found out they could hire PR companies to game the system in their favor instead.
  5. I debated with my brother about paying extra for the cockpit tour back in September and ended up doing it. It was well worth the experience if you can afford it as they let you sit in the pilots seat and touch the controls. One of the best memories of the trip. As for the ME262 there, yes it's a replica. A good one at that. I think the only real one I've ever seen is the one at the USAF Museum in Dayton.
  6. No. If anything he regresses in TLJ. In TFA he goes from coward running from the First Order to finding something worth fighting for to the point he was willing to take up a lightsaber to defend Rey. TLJ sees him spending the entire movie either trying to run away like a coward or bumbling around like an idiot. The two times he gets to stand up on his own he gets upstaged by BB-8 in an ATST shell and by his forced tacked on romantic interest Rose. Yes. The romance between Rose and Finn was forced. The entire film he just wants to reunite with Rey meanwhile Rose is just constantly fangirling for his former FO BBC.
  7. That or "Baby Yoda" is playing everyone for a fool similar to what actual Yoda did to Luke in ESB when they first met.
  8. This is a good series, but I'll be blunt. The short 20ish minute length is starting to hurt the series. Everything happens too quick and not enough is fleshed out so it really hurts the storytelling. This really should have gotten the TNG nearly hour long episodes so things don't seem so rushed.
  9. Well, that's like your opinion man, you'd be wrong, but it's your opinion. See you post this.... Then you post this. I can't tell if you're trying to knock the EU or Disney's sequel trilogy, because with the exception of Luke losing his farmboy optimisim that's exactly what the house of mouse gave us. Leia's back to leading some rebellion against something and Han is a failed smuggler again. At least with the EU books published under Bantam the characters grew and changed. One of the first chapters of The Courtship of Princess Leia involves returning home from a campaign against an Imperial warlord and being shaken by the war crimes the Empire. He admits to himself he can no longer go back to being a carefree smuggler and rededicates himself to the New Republic cause. The only time he really goes back to being a smuggler and a scoundrel is in the later EU when Chewie's death breaks him mentally.
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