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  1. Anyone that thinks Picard working with section 31 needs to remember he took part in a covert espionage action against the Cardassian Empire whom the Federation was at "peace" with at the time. This event led to his capture and torture(the five lights episode). There was also the time where he faked his own death to infiltrate a mercenary crew who were after a vulcan super weapon. Also he was perfectly fine commiting genocide of the borg until he got talked out of it. He's a good diplomat, but he isn't above getting his hands dirty.
  2. In before the Sister of Battle ends up being the highest seller of the line because we all know how much the Japanese love their sexy yandere girls in loligoth attire.
  3. So I haven't been able to watch much of this, but I have a question. Have they addressed who or what Quaithe was, or did they just drop that entire plot line altogether?
  4. I was having a discussion elsewhere and I really want your guys opinions on the subject of space planes... We really aren't that far off from the point where airlines, corporations, and nations with small economies can afford to start sending up passenger craft, light transports, and generally putting whatever anybody wants into orbit are we? Ten to fifteen years maybe less? Just looking at that stratolaunch on the previous page got me thinking that the relatively low cost of essentially building a space X type space plane and staplegunning two 747's together isn't as insurmountable as say a orbiter shuttle or multi-stage rocket used to be.
  5. Another thing that makes that R1 scene absurd that I've comented on before is how he goes from being the first one through the breach smacking fools to in ANH being the last one through the breach calming surveying all the dead bodies. If this was the ship that blasted away from him just a short time ago you know damn well he would have been the first one through smacking head again. Now he just looks like a lazy chump taking his time boarding ESPECIALLY since the plans managed to make it off the ship. As for this remade duel it is just as dumb as the flippy dippy prequel stuff. This isn't a wushu martial arts exhibition with fancy splits and ribbons flying through the air, it is a DUEL. TO. THE. DEATH. Minimalism is good. Maintaing a solid guard and countering is smart. Attempting those sommersauts, backflips, and spins will just waste energy and get yourself killed.
  6. The narrator on that carrier footage... Was that the same voice as the snowman from the old Rudolph christmas special?
  7. This movie had its moments, but it felt way too much like a muddled mess for my taste. Especially how everything got resolved. Anyways, my question...
  8. They didn't bag one in Alien 4. What they did was reconstruct the xenomorph dna from clones of Ripley taken from dna samples when she was examined on the prison planet in Alien 3 after she was infected. Unfortunately the group doing it(Weyland Yutani is out of business at this point) can't get clean samples of either Ripley or the Xenomorph and their genetic traits are mixed. Hence we end up with superhuman xeno-ripley with acid blood and a queen with a vagina that gives birth to live young... Ugh.
  9. I have hopes now for new kits the RGM-109 Heavygun and RGM-111 Hardygun.
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