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  1. Nevermind long time Trek fans, I'm pissed the lazy hack writers ripped off the first Mass Effect game's plot right down to using a million year old beacon to summon a giant space robo tentacle monster that will wipe out all life in the galaxy.
  2. I'll say the same thing I've said before, Boeing screwed themselves. They showed up with an incomplete model that didn't meet the competition parameters, and made a bunch of promises that they would fix the issues later if it got funded. It's a no brainer they lost this competition.
  3. Yeah, sorry if I confused anyone. What happened Brian May watched the British dubbed version of Starfleet X-Bomber back in the day with his kid and became obsessed with it to the point of cutting a mini album covering the music with other musicians like Eddie Van Halen and the drummer from REO Speedwagon. At first he never intended to release it, but in the end did and cut that promo video I posted for it. It ended up making it to Japan where Go Nagai(The robot's creator) saw it on tv. The world is a better place for it being released.
  4. All I can think is North Koreans finally got to see a bootleg copy of The Fast & The Furious.
  5. Van Halen was the guitarist on this with Brian May. It's still not the weirdest thing he ever did.(that might be doing the sound track for three different adult films)
  6. Does the Eborsisk from Willow count as a dragon?
  7. That's how I pretty much remember it. Boring as hell, characters do obviously stupid things that get themselves killed, and the most entertaining thing was storytelling time with the Star Wars re-enactments.
  8. I was looking at the wooden mock up prototype and I have to ask, have you ever considered offering a polished wooden desk top model like the high end ones we typically see on general's desks?
  9. This actually got debated a few years ago and it was decided that the next version of the thread would be retitled "What Anime Are You Currently Watching?" because even back then the thread was being used to talk about what ever anime people were watching at the time wether it was current or not.
  10. The first 3 seasons of TNG were, with the exception of a precious few notable episodes were still entertaining scifi television and fun to watch. If those episodes were objectively bad as internet revisisionist cool kids like you claim they are, TNG never would have made it out of it's first season let alone get seven seasons total. When all is said and done I can go back and watch TNG's early episodes and be entertained. I can't say the same about Discovery.
  11. Lets face it guys most of the tie in merch so far as been kinda meh, but the good news is Cobi Toys is releasing sets for the movie. Thanks to Lego and it's anti war stance and Megablox being a hot mess right now Cobi got the license and are releasing a P-51 and F/A-18 as tie ins!
  12. Ironically this happened to the Russians a couple years back. They put up billboards to recruit sailors for their navy using the USS Missouri.
  13. Good lord, someone really should have told the artists that the mutation in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn't down sydrome.
  14. Anyone that thinks ST:Picard was good should just play Mass Effect. It's the same plot without the self loathing.
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