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  1. So when I clicked on this thread and started to scroll through the pictures of the Minerva and other model kits I thought to myself "It would be nice to see them release a modern Cordoba kit." Then I reached the bottom of the thread and.... OMG! OMG! OMG! YES! YES! YES! MOTHER OF GOD YES!
  2. Girls Frontline Lee Enfield... Due out around my birthday in October(If I survive that long given my "essential" job occupation putting me at high risk). I think I'll get this one.
  3. Since this thread got resurrected I think now would be a good time to share this hilarious review video from stop motion artist DD Puppeteer of the CrossFrame GaoGaiGirl from Kotobukiya.
  4. The plot of the first Mass Effect game involved interacting with things called Prothean beacons, ancient relics from a long extinct species that gave flashes of an impending doom from outside the galaxy should civilisations become too advanced. The main bad guy is special forces intelligence operative corrupted by these visions and brainwashed by coming in contact with a ship left behind by the impending doom into doing their bidding instead of preventing it. You initially try to stop him, but no one in the high council believes you at first until you rescue a mysterious girl and end up with a small ragtag crew on a tiny ship to stop him. There's also a race of people called the Quarian who have lost their homeworld and are bitter no one is helping them with a mysterious connected past to a race called the Geth a synthetic hivemind lifeform who assimilate their enemies, but end up not being so bad in the end. Did I mention yet that true A.I. is banned and punishable by death?
  5. I can't help but wonder if this was hinted at in King of the Monsters. The main bad guy, the Jonah character seemed to have an overly irrational hatred of humanity that goes beyond just his experiences as a mercenary and his obsession with Ghidorah through the film always struck me as odd. The thing that really stands out for me though is the scene in the elevator where he's rubbing his eye as the girl watches him. It seems off to me. Like he does it for a little too long like his skin isn't fitting right. The reaction when he realizes she's staring at him is odd too. He pauses, his expression goes blank, and then after another pause he smiles and makes a face at her. Maybe it's me reading too much into it, but who knows? :P
  6. Seeing that clip again I'm reminded about something I really hate about the sequel triology's film making and cinematography. Flashbacks. The original trilogy and prequels always took place in the present of the events that were happening. The past was talked about, but never actually shown because it never had to be. To a lesser extent we never really saw the force visions either, just the effects it had on the people experiencing them. In the end it's just another stamp on how inconsistent, and bad the sequel trilogy's poor storytelling really is no matter how "badass" the scenes are.
  7. I offended someone last year doing my air combat panel at a con because I featured the Strike Witches Funimation trailer in my presentation. The woman got up and walked out to complain to panel ops about me because she took her five year old to a panel that was rated 16+ in the guide book, online, and the board outside the room. The thing is I specifically asked for that age disclaimer because of the nature of what I would be showing(graphic violence, swearing, nazis, etc) from things like Area 88, The Cockpit, Izetta, Pilot's Love Song. and yes Strike Witches. Con ops said I wasn't in trouble or anything, but after four years of doing the panel with no complaints this really put a damper on my enthusiasm to where I just don't want to do it anymore.
  8. Coming soon to theaters Greyhound. "Inspired by true events" in the way that, yes WWII happened, but everything you see in the trailer is complete B.S. made up from historical fiction from C.S. Forrester. So much wrong with the trailer in regards to real life it's giving me a migraine. If they really wanted an action packed over the top movie about U.S. destroyers that was stranger than fictiom they should have just made a film about Taffy III and the Battle off Samar during the Leyte invasion.
  9. Winter isn't an Organa by birth. She was brought into the household after her mother died when she was one year old. What you're thinking of in regard to Winter in the X-wing novels is her growing close to Leia because they were both adopted and had their original mothers die very young. That gave them a common bond.
  10. I don't think it's an inverted gull wing. It only looks that way with how the wing root is shaped as it meets the fuselage. I think Sildani hit the nail on the head with KI-44. Everything matches from the shape of the wing, the stub nose radial engine, and the cannon emplacement. Makes for interesting imagery and symbolism with planes from the big three Axis nations flying overhead while an allied plane sits on the ground looking up in defiance.
  11. Your instinct would be wrong. Both in the EU and "Canon" Breha died when Alderaan blew up. Leia knowing she had been adopted has never really been an issue because her memory is very vague and in her own words she just remembers "images" and "feelings", and that she was beautiful, kind, but very sad. Never enough detail to compromise her own safety or identity. It wasn't until Obi Wan basically spelled it out to him as a ghost in RoTJ that Luke was able to piece it together and compromise her when he let his guard slip confronting Vader.
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