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  1. Discotek really is becoming one of my favorite anime companies. They license classics that have never seen the light of day on the States that other studios would pass on for being "too old" or "too obscure". The best part is they are being successful at it and making a pretty good profit that keeps them in the black.
  2. I'm not sure if many of you remember the El-Hazard: Magnificent World OVA's from back in the 90s, but to me it was a classic. It looks like AIC is trying to get funding for a direct sequel to the original OVAs featuring the offspring of several of the original characters plus a new one from the school where the story originally took place. I'll be supporting this one with what I can. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-08-12/aic-plans-crowdfunding-for-el-hazard-sequel-project/.135364
  3. renegadeleader1

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    I hate to admit it Old_Nash, but that thought did cross my mind. It would make one hell of a surprise if it was true. Still it probably is Mothra.
  4. renegadeleader1

    James Gunn's Berserker?

    So... Safe to say this project what ever it actually was is now dead in the water given what happened?
  5. renegadeleader1

    Robocop is back

    *cracks knuckles* You know what I want? Robocop VS Terminator. I don't normaly make these types of posts, but here's my pitch. I'd make it a stand alone film using the original classic Robocop design and setting, but the plot would be a corrupted retelling of the original terminator film. The Movie would begin with Murphy and his partner responding to reports of a muscle bound streaker raising havok in the middle of the night. Confronting the streaker Murphy tries to apprehend him when he notices something isn't right. After a brief but brutal fight Murphy manages to disable the Terminator and takes it back to the station as evidence. We then cut to an alley were the classic terminator time warp happen and an old man appears in immense pain with a surgical scar down his chest. A voice off screen says "Kyle Reese?" To which the human replies "Oh god no!" Before being disembowled by another terminator and a futuristic pulse rifle is ripped from his body. We then cut to a news broadcast in typical Robocop fashion about a serial killer on the loose killing anyone named Conner. Watching the broadcast on a tv is a couple of gang bangers outside an electronic store. One tells the other she needs to watch out or she'll be next to which she responds she doesn't give a **** and shoots up some nuke before proceeding to trash the store with her accomplice. Back at the station Murphy and Lewis try to figure out what it was they just took down. After finding maker marks for Cyberdyne industries Murphy decides to use his computer probe to jack into the terminator and is hit with a wave of fragmented information about Sara Conner, John Conner, and Judgement day. Before he can properly sort out the information OCP comes to claim the terminator as they had bought out Cyberdyne in the 90s so its their property. Robocop is powerless to do anything due to his prime Directives. He is also starting to glitch due to his jacking into the terminator. Lewis and Murphy leave then respond to reports of a mutilated body. Identifying the remains as Kyle Reese through his database Murphy notices the ages don't match so they decide to visit Kyle's home address. A young man who matches the database answers leaving Murph and Lewis at a loss. A child starts to cry in the background making Murphy nearly pull his sidearm. Shaken they leave Kyle and his kid behind to return to the station to get Murphy a check up. That's were Sara Conner is being booked for wrecking the electronic store. Skynet starts to take over Murphy and he nearly kills Sara before his human side forces a hard reboot and shut down. While he is down Lewis interrogates Sara, but she acts like a punk and knows nothing. That is when the other terminator attacks the police station and kills Sara in a call back to the original terminator film. Lewis is wounded but aids the other police in fighting off the terminator before an OCP controlled new model of the ED series finishes it off. OCP again claims the terminator remains. A now rebooted and reawakened Murphy protected from skynet and without prime directives decides to track OCP back to an automated factory where OCP is manufacturing the ED and what appears to be endoskeletons. Once again using his probe to access a computer he now realizes what is happening with regards to Skynet, the terminators, and judgement day. The final battle of the film begins with Robocop being discovered and all the terminators and ED series activating. Using heavy firepower like a minigun from the trunk of his patrol car proceeds to destroy the factory and the remaining terminators. The final scene is of young distraught Kyle Reese putting his child down to sleep telling him to "Grow up big and strong John." The post credits sequence will be the old man of OCP looking out his office window. His skin ripples and turns silver for a second and he utters the words "Judgement day will come." Cue Terminator fanfare mashed with Robocops.
  6. renegadeleader1

    All Things Videogame Related: EXTREME VS!!

    What did you expect to get? The U.N. Spacy is a rapid militant expansionist empire that uses pschyological warfare to subvert alien cultures with their own and rule through rampant colonialism. Think about it. In the span of 60-70 years in the Macross timeline they went from a small ragtag group of around 30,000 survivors to imposing their rule on half the know galaxy. Anyone who opposed them were subjugated or put to the sword. The U.N. Spacy is just a fancier version of the borg that uses pop music to achieve assimilation.
  7. renegadeleader1

    Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Tatsunoko lost nearly half a million US dollars last year. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-06-28/tatsunoko-productions-takes-50-million-net-loss-in-2017/.133507 This is something to keep an eye on as it may have repercussions down the road especially if Tatsunoko sees selling the Macross license as the only way to stay above water financially. There could also be issues if Tatsunoko declares bankruptcy before the arrangement between them and HG runs out.
  8. renegadeleader1

    Star Trek: Discovery

    The Kzinti got mentioned in Star Trek:Beyond, which means a version of them exists in the main universe.
  9. renegadeleader1

    General TV thread

    G.L.O.W. season 2 is coming in about a week so I did a bit of a refresher of the first season. The show still holds up well, and I'm still amazed by how well the Ruth/Zoya character is portrayed. At best she is an idiot who seems to be completely oblivious to her actions and how they affect others or at worst she's a horrible self centered b!tch that continues to make the worst possible decisions over and over that she immediately regrets with the exception of when it comes to the wrestling. And yet we still feel for her and hope for the best even if those feelings do get strained by the end of the series. Then you have the Liberty Belle character. She comes off as cold and b****y for most of the series, but I really don't blame her. She stopped a successful acting career to have her baby, her husband is a scumbag, and her best friend sleeps with him behind her back... Twice. But she still manages to find a way to take back her life and reconcile with everything, including her scumbag hubbie who she utterly puts in his place by the final episode. I'm interested to see where season 2 goes with everything.
  10. renegadeleader1

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    They wouldn't be that small. Canonically they're taller than the F91 and Victory, and we already got those in HGUC form. If you want something real tiny take a look at the 1/100 scale RXR-44 guntank also from the F91 line. It's the same height in 1/100 as the 1/144 scale Jamesgun. That means in 1/144 scale it would barely reach the knee of regular RGM-79!
  11. renegadeleader1

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    All these new F91 kits do is give me hope for a RE/100 Heavygun, Hardygun, or G-Cannon. Actually I'd love them in 1/144 scale instead as the F91 ones would be the only GM's not to have ever had a release in that scale.
  12. renegadeleader1

    The Third Party Gundam Thread

    I'm guessing you mean the RGM-79[G] Ground GM? Those parentheses make a big difference between the Ground GM and the RGM-79G GM Command type.