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  1. RAMPAGE Movie

    Yeah... What you said isn't much better especially in today's social climate.
  2. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Best MRE's I ever had were the spaghetti ones and one called "buttered noodles". It's been 18 years but I'm still trying to find the buttered noodles ones again. I just haven't found anything like it in grocery stores.
  3. Robotech Visual Archive 2017: The Macross Saga

    They changed this back when they first launched the website in the early 2000s. It's not anything new. The miniatures game even used the SDF:M.
  4. ANIME Figures and Statues

    I don't know man there's something about when non Japanese artists and sculptors try to copy the anime look and can't quite pull it off that turn me off.
  5. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Here's the transcript from the HG v FASA lawsuit that spun off from the lawsuit FASA brought against Playmates toys and their Exosquad line, that they also lost. http://www.kaempen.org/alex/harmony_gold_v._fasa.html If you want I can provide context and background if you have any questions about the various lawsuits.
  6. ANIME Figures and Statues

    Oda Non has become one of my favorite erotic artists, right up there with Hiroki Yagami, Sei Shoujo, and to a lesser extent Shunya Yamashita.
  7. ANIME Figures and Statues

    Yes she comes with an alternate set of legs. At that point they should have just made it a separate figure.
  8. ANIME Figures and Statues

    Needs Shunya Yamashita's Poison figure to go with that.
  9. Venom - The Movie

    You're not missing anything, just what looks to be a behind the scenes pic of three dudes standing around a work table.
  10. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I just finished helping my 9 year old nephew build his first kit! A Petitgguy chocolate version.
  11. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    Oh god. They went full robotjox with it?
  12. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    I bought the toy of this thing. It has two left hands.
  13. You know what I would find hilarious? We find out Captain Phasma is Finn's mother in a big reveal during their duel and it's Grace Jones under the helmet. What? Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones and had a white guy under the mask.