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  1. Thanks for the insight. I'm definately leaning that way towards Pearl Harbor. In other news does everyone remember the photo I posted of the JU-87 Stuka that was being restored a couple pages back? It doesn't look like it's going to be finished anytime soon. The museum that was restoring it Paul Allen's Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum announced it's permanently closing. Officially it's because of the Covid crisis, but in actuality Allen's family has decided to cut funding to pretty much every museum he was involved with before his death. They also cancelled the expeditions into the pacific to rediscover sunken wrecks.
  2. Question guys. If you were me and had two weeks vacation in september would you go to Pearl Harbor, or tour London and Normandy?
  3. I can respect Maken-Ki. It knew what it was doing and where it wanted to go and did it very well. Still if you want to see a studio's true dedication to panties you should track down Agent Aika or Najica Blitz Tactics. ...(quietly adds uncensored version to watch list.) By the way since we are on the fanservice topic, anybody even know what happened to the US release of HxH Hybrid Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia? It seems like it got the Interspecies Reviewers treatment before Interspecies Reviewers were a thing.
  4. Most Trek fans could tell you the first black female Captain was the captain of the Saratoga from the beginning of Star Trek IV the Voyage Home.
  5. Currently watching Ulysses: Jean D'arc and the Alchemist Knight... Six episodes in and it's not that bad. I expected so much worse from something the Anime New Network viewer called the worst series of 2018.
  6. So the real question is are we going to get a series that's all grimdark, serious, and depressing with unfunny 50s satire like the Bethesda games, or are with going to get something closer to the original games who's lighter tone had more in common with Red Dwarf or Naked Gun?
  7. The pulse rifle props still circulate in hollywood. Last I saw them they were being used as tasers in Godzilla King Of Monsters with the grenade launcher removed.
  8. A lot of these have opening and closing cockpits, but do any of them come with pilots?
  9. You don't need reeducation camps when you can literally convert all future generations of subjects to your cause via forced genetic manipulation.
  10. That's kind of a halmark of the MuvLuv: Alternative franchise as a whole. Solid storytelling that is just plain brutal towards it's cast. It reminds me a bit of vintage Tomino Zeta and Victory Gundam.
  11. It didn't show them because it was too busy extoling the virtues of being a sell out collaborator to genetically superior elvish space nazis who hold a monopoly on space travel.
  12. "Do you really take me for an idiot? I know that's Ghidorah not Mothra!"
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