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  1. Wonder Woman, in theaters Summer 2017

    Since we are long past the point of spoilers and nobody really answered the second half of your question I'll take a stab at it. The reason why it was safer for Trevor to explode the plane in the air is the wind will dissipate the poison gas the bomber was carrying and completely reduce its effectiveness. Had it exploded on the ground there's a good chance Trevor, his crew, everyone on the base, and Wonder Woman herself might eventually succumb to the gas. Remember not only is the gas highly explosive its also extremely corrosive. Gas masks would have offered no protection.
  2. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    That works for me if we end up getting more 1/144 scale GM variants.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    10 before the original series. Not 100.
  4. The old Bantam novels handled this well. In them he falls in love with a drug addicted slave working for the Hutt's spice processing racket. Thank's to Hutt factional in fighting he is able to free her, but she goes through withdrawal and leaves him ending the relationship badly. She later turns as a member of the rebel alliance and tries to recruit him to take down her former slavers on behalf of the rebels. Still heartbroken and feeling betrayed he only helps on the condition he gets paid. In the end she betrays him and takes all the money to fund her rebel group. Destitute Han takes the smuggling job from Jabba which fails and is why he has a price on his head in ANH and why he has no love for the rebellion. Having explained all that it pretty much brings to light a problem with the current disney canon. So much of the universe had been fleshed out already with many great ideas that Disney's choice to redo everything and cherry picking what they like is leaving us with poorly planned half baked stories that pale in comparison to what came before.
  5. Netflix Altered Carbon

  6. Jurassic World

    Why the hell did the Superbowl trailer look like something from the alien franchise?
  7. Without spoiling did any of the non Japanese ships like Prinz Eugen or Iowa show up?
  8. What the hell am I looking at? Whatever it is I like it...
  9. Let's see if I can explain this... The old expanded universe when it was under the publisher Bantam had some very good entries with things like Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and the Rogue/Wraith novels. Even Kevin J. Anderson's books while a little cliched were still enjoyable. The continuity was fairly tight too thanks to the relatively small circle of writers used and their willingness to work together. Then Bantam lost the publishing rights to Del-Rey who tried to mark their take over of the license by going all dark and edgy. They started hiring garbage Star Trek novel writers to write books, killed Chewie, and introduced a new big bad from outside the star wars galaxy to wreck everything. Who were these guys? The Yuzhan Vong, a species that doesn't exist in the force which can best be described as Cobra-La from the G.I. Joe movie mixed with sadomasochistic tendencies and a disturbing interest in body modification. They hate mechanical technology and all their stuff is bioengineered.
  10. The only mention Tannhauser gate got was when Soldier was unconscious and the doctor was reading the names off his tattoos and made it clear they were in reference to battles.
  11. This Mark Hamill thing reminds me of what happened to Shia Lebouf and The Crystal Skull. He was open about his distaste for it and was basically warned to shut up or else by Harrison Ford of all people.
  12. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    Sorry guys, I'm usually more articulate than that. It's peak season now and I'm putting in 60+ hours a week so the few times I've been able to post here have been when I'm on break or on the verge of falling asleep. Anyways this is the kit I'm talking about. I've built it and it's not very good. I do have to disagree with Kakarot that if you want a HG Strike Dagger you should get the 105 or Slaughter Dagger instead. The kits while being descended from the Strike have too many different parts, it would be like telling someone who wanted a HGUC ground GM before it was released to build the HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 01. Yeah its close to it, but its not it.