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  1. anyone know where I can get the Megahouse Sheryl? The one in the removable concert uniform? I pre-ordered from a site and now they say they can't fulfill my order.
  2. so what happened with the 1/48 tv kakizaki? I haven't seen any pics of people who have it or any being sold anywhere. Was it cancelled?
  3. bravo5 was also a smooth transaction, very understanding as I forgot to initially send the micro missiles with the Fast packs I sold him
  4. Anyone know how to punch in the code on the lottery ticket for the second chance figures? Do you have to live in Japan to win?
  5. I recently bought a valk where the previous owner panel lined it with pencil. He did a good job but I rather have it without panel lines, any tips on how to remove the pencil panel lines without damage to the valk?
  6. I submitted the request mid October when I first saw this thread, and then I sent an email asking for confirmation they got the request and then they responded saying they got it. Might be a good idea to send them a follow up email.
  7. I submitted an order of about 7 pieces to Overdrive and within a couple days they sent an email saying they got my request, about a month later they said the parts came in, I paid and now I have the parts. Keep trying cause it's definitely worth it!
  8. Thinking about getting one, how's the QC on this? I heard there are shoulder problems on some of the other Zero valks, is everything ok on the Shin VF-0A with Ghost booster?
  9. Is the VF-0S that is being reissued the one with or without the Ghost Booster?
  10. I started building the VF-25 and it's going ok so far. The visor for the Battroid head is clear and not green? WTH! Or did I get a defect?
  11. I caved and bought a VF-25 model today. I've never built a model before, American or Japanese. I can read Japanese ok, how difficult do you guys think this is gonna be? Never used waterslide decals before either, am I in for a disaster?
  12. Need a C1 DYRL Hikaru VF-1S Heat Shield and R-W1 DYRL Fokker Wing (or just the clear plastic lights) Will pay good money for these, especially the lights
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