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  1. no but why would you want to cancel a below retail pre-order?
  2. i guess everybody got one then. 4 minutes later it is still up
  3. they refunded me back to my paypal account. it posted to my paypal account but not to my credit card yet. If they try to give you store credit raise hell.
  4. It's ok, one of my contacts is pretty sure he can get me a couple at a similar price so I'm good
  5. I accidentally paid the pre-order instead of using pay later and I asked them to refund me and I would pay in July but they cancelled the whole order instead.
  6. 2 of my altos got cancelled from NY so they may or may not show up for order soon
  7. nah, cant be. They were also up just a wee bit after otacute sold out earlier today too..... the timing is too perfect maybe they have minions getting paid commission by the amount of pre orders they get from other places
  8. YES!!!! that was far less stressful than Alto
  9. well to be fair I got them in the second batch of pre-orders so if you get it in the first you're probably good to go.
  10. yeah that's how I got my pre-order in from them. I wouldn't rely too much on Otacute though, I got my VF-25G and YF-29 pre-order cancelled by them.
  11. clicked the buy button, said my cart was empty, went back to the page and was sold out.
  12. somewhat OT. NY is weird as hell. After I placed my order I didn't do anything but look what is in my cart. I haven't even looked at the VF-4G page since the product was released
  13. did NY just crash or something, looking at the site now for me they don't have a single item in stock of anything
  14. you're right, second order doesnt exist.
  15. umm weird. somehow it processed 2 orders for me so I have two separate orders in my order history. they probably will cancel me out so heads up, 1 more is coming down the pike!
  16. so can anyone confirm if HLJ had theirs up at all yet?
  17. mayb that was the one you saw in that small window a few minutes ago
  18. who do they give it all to then? local shops? also does anyone know if amazon japan sells renewals? I order all my transformers from them and send it to a buddy in japan
  19. I didn't think so. What little gundam toys I've bought are usually readily available. I wonder what their rationale is for producing so little renewals. They could be making way more money
  20. does this crap happen with other Bandai products like their gundam stuff?
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