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  1. If you typically use SAL, using the private warehouse often is more expensive. If you only use EMS or Fedex, the private warehouse almost always saves money
  2. My friend was oggling my VF-25A. Need to get him a gift. Any place still selling it for cheap? Cdjapan sold out now
  3. pm sent but still looking in case someone else has one
  4. I don't why but I just can't seem to get a legit deal for one anywhere. Been looking for the last 9 months. Even the VF-X and Renewal Ozma was easier to obtain. Anyway I am looking for a SEALED Toys R Us Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime. If you have one for sale or trade please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Looking for the 1/3000 SDF-1. Not the assembly version. Also looking for both the Takara and Hasbro versions of MP-10 Optimus Prime. Sealed only please Looking to buy or trade Right now Macross wise I have a RVF-25, VF-25F and VF-27 renewals. I have a lot of other toy related stuff from other lines so let me know if interested in other things. You can also check my trade/sale in my sig Thanks
  6. bump. I have some SDCC exclusive stuff that I can trade for my wants if you do not have Soundwave
  7. I also have other Comic Con Exclusives for trade. pm me what you need, I might have it. VF-4G. $700 shipped in the USA. Brand New Unopened TRU Masterpiece Soundwave. Brand New Unopened Want to trade for 1 of the following. Must be Sealed and Unopened box: MP8 Grimlock Takara MP10 Optimus Takara MP10 Optimus Hasbro
  8. I'll give credit where it's due, very reasonable markup on the Luca and Michael Super parts and now this YF-29. Good job NY.
  9. some panic and some not so panic mixed in, but I finally got my haul in the mail from Japan today
  10. its up again now http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN960616
  11. If I recall correctly this is an exclusive of some kind. Will the usual stores like Amir and hlj carry these?
  12. Looking for the 1/60 fan racer with hikaru pilot figure. Pm if you have one you can let loose. Thanks.
  13. well what do you know! Just got my email from otacute! they even have some for sale
  14. so what's with otacute. They updated their facebook page but no word on RVF-25
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