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  1. I thought I was the only one that had this problem but yes it can get real bad.
  2. I don't have anything against dogs technoblue. I think its my fault for not explaining things well enough. We aren't talking about dogs assisted by AI and advanced technology we have today or in the future. The argument was a dog flying those WWI era prop planes like in UP from start to finish. With the dogs handling the plane with steering wheels shaped like a bone and dogfighting (heh) like they did in the movie. I'll admit that with advances in AI, drones, and the like its probably more likely and useful to humanity for a dog to sit in a plane and fly it. But we're talking about a plane with all kinds of tech to allow the dog to pilot the plane with as little brain power as possible. But to have a dog fly those WWI era planes with free thought, strategy, and decsion making in an air battle? no bleeping way. And for the last time this is not about need or if anyone actually would make a transforming plane. I'm pretty sure I already said I admit there will never be a need for a transforming plane, nor is it likely anyone will ever try, the question is could it happen? And we've gotten pretty good responses as to why it could not happen. But saying it couldn't happen because of necessity is already moot since I already said there will never be a need or practical use for a transforming plane. If you wanna bring it up that's fine, I'm not the owner of this thread or board, but that point is not contested by me.
  3. Thanks for everyone who responded. My real goal was to see what the physics are that make a valk impossible right now. I think I have a better idea now. I still think the dog flying planes is absolutely ridiculous. Again most people seem to say that there is no need or demand for a transforming plane. I understand the need for a transforming giant robot plane does not exist and more likely never will. That's not the question. But anyway the only "proof" anyone posted supporting the dogs theory is that one poster said his dog figured out to unlatch doors and that video of the driving dog. While this shows dogs have some intelligence, those things don't support the idea they can fly a plane. As for the "driving" dog, with all due respect that dog is not driving at all. It was trained to move a steering wheel based on active prompting by his trainer. That's very different from actual understanding of what it's doing. If the only way I could drive was have my mom stand outside my car and tell me which way to turn the wheel the entire time no one would say I was "driving." And no one would issue me a driver's license for that. Someone can tell me how to draw all the kanji characters in the world, but that doesn't mean I can read and write Chinese. So learning how to move a steering wheel based on commands from a trainer is not driving. What really makes me thinks the dog thing is ridiculous is the brain function and cognizance that is required to fly a plane. Flying a plane takes many hours of training. There are humans who can't cut it. The dropout rate of pilot school is extremely high. If most humans can't even learn how to fly a plane, how is a dog supposed to? The amount of evolution required to have a dog understand what a plane is, what flying is, the capacity to understand the process of flying a plane, how to read all the instruments, the dexterity involved in their limbs to operate all those instruments, and other stuff I'm not even mentioning is far far away. Just getting the dog to understand the training program is so far beyond a dog's brain power, by the time dogs evolved to be able to understand such training program would probably make them not be classified as dogs anymore. I think all this is much more impossible than making a plane that can transform into a robot. And like I said before but I think got lost somewhere, its not a matter of whether anyone would build it, what the need for it would be, how useful it would be, whether it would look cool, or whether it would provide any type of military advantage, its just a simple question of could we do it. Ghost Train provided the best answer as to why we couldn't do it, and those obstacles seem far smaller than what it would take to get a dog to start up a plane, take off, fly and manuever it to take part in an air battle and fire weapons, and then land the plane like in "UP!" Oh one last thing I need to clarify because of the drone thing. The orginal argument was dogs flying planes and transforming jets are as they are in their respective series. So the dogs fly WWI era prop planes like in UP!, and the jets transform like they do in SDF Macross.
  4. I know it doesnt make sense to build a jet that transforms into a robot for money and tactical reasons, I'm just wondering what the physics involved are that would make it possible/impossible. you know not SHOULD we build one, but COULD we?
  5. So I have this long running debate with my friend. I was talking about how I gave up on UP! when the dogs starting flying those planes, and he said that I watch a show where jets turn into robots, so what is wrong with a dog flying a plane. Anyway our big discussion is on what is more likely to become reality in the future, a jet that can turn into a robot or a dog that can fly a plane. So I guess my question is since I am not an engineer, is what is preventing us from actually making a jet that turns into a robot?
  6. so are these prices the lowest it will get for this sale or does HLJ go lower as the days go past?
  7. got my preparation in progress email for the VF-25G and RVF-25 parts I ordered together!
  8. If you typically use SAL, using the private warehouse often is more expensive. If you only use EMS or Fedex, the private warehouse almost always saves money
  9. My friend was oggling my VF-25A. Need to get him a gift. Any place still selling it for cheap? Cdjapan sold out now
  10. I'll give credit where it's due, very reasonable markup on the Luca and Michael Super parts and now this YF-29. Good job NY.
  11. some panic and some not so panic mixed in, but I finally got my haul in the mail from Japan today
  12. its up again now http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN960616
  13. If I recall correctly this is an exclusive of some kind. Will the usual stores like Amir and hlj carry these?
  14. well what do you know! Just got my email from otacute! they even have some for sale
  15. so what's with otacute. They updated their facebook page but no word on RVF-25
  16. I would've liked to see the YF-25 instead but this is still cool. hopefully won't be another pre-order headache
  17. Otacute recently updated their website to say all preorders are still guaranteed so there's still a chance they will come through
  18. For those who have pre-ordered renewals from Otacute before, when do they usually send out their invoices in relation to release day?
  19. It is up at BiginJapan as well but they SUCK!!! It was 4200 yen and I placed an order and paid for it. Then a few minutes later I got an email refunding my money saying there was an error and they cancelled my order, asking me to place it again. I tried to place a new order and the price was 5200 yen now. There was no error, they just wanted to milk another 1000 yen off me. ____ those guys, NY is cheaper too at 3900 yen
  20. thumbs up for ifactorycdn. paid quickly right after the deal was completed no waiting at all!!
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