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  1. They've screwed up on dates before and then just changed it to reflect the correct date. That doesn't mean you are wrong though, I'd say it's 50/50 until further notice. So I guess no one should feel too safe yet...
  2. cart jacked from ami, HS, and cdjapan. First time ever not getting any. Damn
  3. 1/60 Chogokin YF-25 Prophecy $170 shipped 1/60 YF-30 MISB $250 + shipping. That white part on the right side of the YF-30 box is not damage, it's the white of the right flap. These boxes are both minty fresh!
  4. Looking for a VF-25S Ozma Renewal box, styrofoam, and plastic trays. No valk or accessories needed. Lmk if you are willing to part with yours.
  5. Cool pics. I need to stop coming into this thread, makes me want to buy one of these.
  6. Nice! I almost bought it myself. Glad you took the temptation away. You must post pics when you build it!
  7. was thinking about getting that 1/2000, somewhat relieved someone else bought it. My wallet would've died.
  8. Be careful when buying from Mandarake Nagoya. I bought two items from them, 1 Macross and 1 Transformers. Both were listed as unopened. When the box came, both items had the tape cut, making them opened. The Macross item was fine so not a big deal, but the Transformers item I bought was messed up pretty bad. Most of the chrome was worn and its noticeable just by looking at the toy. I emailed them and they said the toys were always listed as opened. Sure enough I looked at the listing and it indeed said both were opened. I know for sure the listings said unopened cause I would not have
  9. Right back at Lazarus Gundam. Can't ask for an easier transaction
  10. Looking for super parts for Alto YF-29, or if willing, just the shield cover.
  11. Ugh. Smart on Bandai's part though, keeping that VF-25S carrot just out of reach..
  12. damn. missed it again. how long was it up?
  13. Looking for Sheryl in valkyrie costume and wedding dress secret figures. lmk if you have for sale. http://www.suruga-ya.jp/database/pics/game/601001133.jpg http://blog-imgs-46-origin.fc2.com/h/a/r/harumusyumi/1bankujimacrossfsu2.jpg
  14. hlj went up and now gone http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN985605/Sci
  15. amiami came back in stock. SNAGGED THAT MOFO!
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