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  1. was there any difference in the first release alto renewals and the reissues?
  2. Because once it's shipped you can't cancel. They may have ignored you since a lot of people are cancelling and they wanted to keep your $$$
  3. In case anyone got an order acknowledgement but not a confirmation, it's not just the Ozmas. I ordered a mini revol Ninja and Nenoroid Solid Snake and have yet to get my order confirmation email that I placed right after I finished my Ozma order. So don't freak out, HLJ is probably having an overload of orders to process.
  4. They've screwed up on dates before and then just changed it to reflect the correct date. That doesn't mean you are wrong though, I'd say it's 50/50 until further notice. So I guess no one should feel too safe yet...
  5. cart jacked from ami, HS, and cdjapan. First time ever not getting any. Damn
  6. Cool pics. I need to stop coming into this thread, makes me want to buy one of these.
  7. Nice! I almost bought it myself. Glad you took the temptation away. You must post pics when you build it!
  8. Right back at Lazarus Gundam. Can't ask for an easier transaction
  9. Ugh. Smart on Bandai's part though, keeping that VF-25S carrot just out of reach..
  10. damn. missed it again. how long was it up?
  11. hlj went up and now gone http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN985605/Sci
  12. amiami came back in stock. SNAGGED THAT MOFO!
  13. when is preorder headache/madness/insanity/my life is over day?
  14. Does anyone else keep getting that HLJ sponsored link on facebook that shows the YF-29 with the tag they have over 60,000 items in stock? what a tease!
  15. This is the one I've been waiting for!
  16. maybe to deter people from refreshing their site all day eating up their bandwidth
  17. good job. I had a bunch of stuff running but I had to cut back because I'm camping out for Marvel Legends on amazon they also split chogokin into chogo-kin. Well played HLJ. What if it worked too well and no one found it? fools
  18. peeps such as myself! what was the price?
  19. Ugh! Why did they list it as YF-28?!!!!!!
  20. Thought I had it with the VF-4G, but nope! Every new release I must have and cannot live without.
  21. pikashoo

    Macross figures

    anyone wanna sell or trade me their extra Minmay or Sheryl?
  22. I actually got to click reserve before getting an error.
  23. what if they just start out at the inflated price? that'd suck
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